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Moon in Capricorn: What is real Wealth?

The Moon has moved into her final foundational phase of the lunar cycle:  the waning Third Quarter phase. Here the Sun makes the final square or point of tension with the Moon. The Moon is losing her power and light as She dissolves, letting go and reflecting upon her experiential journey through Pisces. Sun asks the Moon, “What did you learn about yourself? What dreams have come to pass? Are you ready to let go?”

The Sun has now moved into Aries at 0 degrees on March 20, 2017 at 8:58 AM PST. The Sun meets the Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn. Capricorn is the archetype of the Spiritual Father and the most removed from the Moon’s ruling sign Cancer (so it’s energy can feel pretty cold and distant). This is called the “Miser’s Moon” as Capricorn reflects upon her emotional rules around money, wealth, success and leaving behind a legacy.

Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.” – Kahlil Gibran

The square energy opens the door for Capricorn to go into the shadow to show you what lays in your subconscious around your emotional connection to money and wealth. Watch for shadow emotions this week concerning feeling too rigid, melancholy, brooding or skeptical. An antidote to this is to give to charity, make a donation to your favorite non-profit or give your extra change to someone in need.

As the Sun goes into Aries, a new Zodiac Year is born with the birth of Spring. Yay! This is the time of year to feel refreshed, set new goals and invigorate your physical self with life-force and passion.

The quick moving Moon moves towards the never ending T-square of Pluto in Capricorn who’s whole desire is to transform your old rules around authority, success, power, as well as the dilapidated patriarchal system. Juno, Asteroid Archetype of “Partner” joins Pluto to marry this transformation within yourself. Do you have a relationship of trust and surrender when you team up with the Spiritual Provider within? If not, make this your goal as you step over the portal into a new Zodiac Year!

What’s up with the other planets?

Venus is in retrograde experiencing her 40 days/40 nights descent into the Underworld. She aligns with Mercury to continue the conversation and retrieve those lost parts of her Soul that play victim, martyr and self-saboteur. Saturn in Sagittarius is now in exact alignment with the Galactic Center blasting you with a higher frequency consciousness upgrade. But first your internal hard-drive has to be defragmented. Use the last pieces of the Pisces cycle to dissolve old, old past life wounds and soul tears that keep you separated from the Source of Unconditional Love. Like Kaypacha say, “Let it go. Don’t fight the flow!.”

In Summary:

Take this week to align with the Moon in Capricorn reflecting upon your relationship to money, authority, success, ambition, rules, wealth, father, boss and discipline. Ask yourself what does true wealth feel like to you. Dissolve and let go of past hurts and wounds and surrender to forgiveness and self-compassion this week. As you let go, you make space for a new set of emotional rules based on Wisdom to set a strong, enduring foundation for your true wealth moving forward in your personal and the collective evolution.

The key to amplifying your connection to the Moon is knowing your personal Natal Astrology chart. This shows you where in your life the Moon is helping you to transform, awaken and evolve. You can order your chart and in-depth report here or better yet join us in the Lunar Ladies Club to get your chart and report plus personalized weekly guidance and support. Joining the club accelerates your transformation and strengthens your pivotal part in the making the world great again. Remember, the future is Female and Return of the Feminine is here. Together we rise and rebalance the planet for the good of All. Peace.

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