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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Venus Retrograde will tell you All

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, tell who me is the fairest of them all.”

Venus journeys into the Underworld now as he begins her descent March 4 through April 15, 2017. The 40-day and 40-night experience is an archetypal journey of transformation. Every Hero takes one. Venus, the Goddess of how we love and express our love, invites you to descend into your depths to review, renew and reflect upon your Feminine energy in all its forms:  beauty, abundance, relationships, fierce, protective, power, creative and destructive.

Mirrors are symbolic of the Venusian vibration. Mirrors symbolize the unifying of opposites. The planet Venus is both the Morning Star and the Evening Star. She’s the energy that is looking at you and reflecting who you are at the same time.

Every 18 months, Venus makes her descent into the Underworld as she retrogrades in her journey around the Sun. The Earth and Venus connection is called a “synod” and aligns five times in a 8-year cycle. The term “synod” means “a place of meetings”. Earth and Venus align five times creating a pentagram or 5-pointed star as they circle on another every 8 years.

With this Venus Retrograde begins a brand new 8-year synodic cycle taking place in the Heavens at 13 degrees Aries. The number “13” is super-charged because it is a critical degree when in a Cardinal sign. “13” represents the Goddess-Vibration as well as the 13 moons that occur during one year. Aries is the energy of “I AM” spark of Life-force that infuses our spirits. Think back for a moment to 8 years ago in 2008, what was happening in your life at that time?

Now Venus starts her descent at the empowered degree of “13” in the vibration of the Spiritual Warrior. She invites you to see your reflection as a spiritual warrior of the Goddess. When you look at yourself in this way, who and what do you see? Take this next 40 days to go deep within your Feminine energy. As Venus travels through the Underworld she changes signs back into Pisces where she is an exalted Queen of the Sea. At the end of her journey at 26 degrees Pisces she meets with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. As you do the work reflecting and renewing with the Goddess Venus, Herself, you will receive a healing and blessing for your Soul as Chiron is dissolving the pain of the past and healing your Soul to move forward back into Aries with passion, power and purpose.

Take a spiritual retreat through April 15th and spend time gazing into your emotional Feminine mirror. Empower your spiritual warrior-self and embrace your internal Venus as she descents into the cosmic ocean to receive a deep Soul healing. Come back renewed, refreshed and reborn to take on the world in service to the Goddess. Sign up to assist in the Return of the Feminine by claiming who you are on a spiritual level. Blessed Be!

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