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Messages from Spirit: Libra Solar Eclipse 2023

Solar Eclipse Libra New Moon at 21 degrees on October 14, 2023, at 10:53 AM PDT/2:53 PM EDT

The Libra New Moon is occurring as an annular Solar Eclipse in the South Node sign of the Nodal axis. This is a super new beginning by first addressing what has occurred in the past. This Eclipse is designed to clear old patterns, especially in regard to your relationships. Mercury tags along preparing for a Superior Conjunction with the Sun on October 19, 2023. What you set into motion now will be activated by Mercury and the Sun in five days.

Libra Lunar Cycle: Next 2 Weeks

  • New Moon at 21 degrees Libra Week: 10/14-20/2023
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion – 16th: “The Door”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A child giving birds a drink at a fountain.”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in Capricorn “Miner’s Moon”: 10/21-27/2023
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion 24th- “The Lucky Star of Fortune”
  • Full Moon (Exalted) in Taurus: 10/28/2023

The Mercury-Chiron Harmonic

Mercury opposes Chiron (Retrograde) during the Solar Eclipse. This is a deep harmonic frequency designed to heal the warrior within. Chiron is helping you heal opposing forces that exist within. Divine energy is freely flowing and creating continually. What blocks super creativity is the energy of conditioned responses. This is old, outdated, and habitual energy that can run your life without you really knowing how deep it goes. Mercury is healing your habitual patterns by instructing you to reconcile your feelings and your circumstances. Inquire how your conditioned responses are directing what happens in your life. Purge your life of this stagnant energy that must shift in order for you to experience more of what you desire.

Venus, the Power Player

Venus is the ruler of the Solar Eclipse in Libra. She currently is in the hardest Zodiac sign where she is in her fallen state. As she travels through Virgo she meets Lilith, the Goddess of the Dark Moon. Venus, the ruler of Relationships and Values, feels the most lonely in Virgo. At 5 degrees, she wants you to look at your repeat relationship patterns where you end up feeling all alone. There is something within how you unconsciously view yourself as not good enough or lacking in feeling deserving of better. Venus is opposite to Saturn in Pisces. Saturn offers structures of a spiritual nature to heal these patterns. Create simple structured routines that support your spiritual growth. You deserve to have more love and more communion with others. Together, both parties add more love to the collective dream of humanity living in joy.

Mars, Supports the Queen

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is traveling through Scorpio, his ancient home in the Underworld. From this ancient place, Mars is renewed by facing its shadow side. The asteroid Lucifer points to the weakness in the Solar Eclipse chart at 11 degrees Aries. This energy is pointing towards where your relationships have lacked meaning. When have you shown up in life where you have not given your best? When did you show up in life where you gave 100 percent? Your spiritual liberation is found when you are giving your best at 100 percent. Tap into this within yourself to strengthen Mars as he supports his Queen, Venus.

The Sabian Symbol Story

A child giving birds a drink at a fountain

The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse is bringing in the energy of innocence and stewardship. The New Moon is helping you reformulate more friendly relationships with the world at large. The more you can give from a place of life, the better your life will be both spiritually and physically. Birds in the spiritual realm are the messengers of the Divine. When you place your heart and soul on the birds in your area, you will also be placing yourself in direct alignment with receiving your messages from Spirit.

The Earth is traveling through the Aries constellation. At 21 degrees, the Earth-ship is broadcasting the energy of new experiences. When you try something new, especially something that you desire to experience, you get revitalized. The Earth is nurturing your soul by activating your curiosity and your need for new adventures. Make a list of what you are curious about. Let this list serve as a guide to lead you into new experiences. Allow yourself to have faith and be led by the messages that are coming from the spirit right to your doorstep. The birds will assist and increase the “wow” factor as the spirit loves to surprise and take care of you!

See you in 2 weeks for the exalted Full Moon in Taurus on October 28th!

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