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Merge with your Authentic Self – 3rd Quarter Cancer Moon Lunar Week

3rd Quarter Cancer “Widow’s Moon” at 17 degrees on October 9, 2020 at 5:39 PM PDT/6:39 PM MDT/7:39 PM CDT/8:39 PM EDT

The 3rd Quarter Cancer Moon appears to pull you inward and begin your descent back into the cosmic womb. During this moment, Cardinal Square forms between the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter to gift you the power of transformation. Wow!

In the cardinal square, the Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter in Capricorn to teach you the balance between Self and Other within the contexts of spiritual and material matters in your life. This action will give you a sense of authority over how your life plays out in 2020. It is time to serve from the wisdom of your heart and let your joy of doing that be your contribution to the world.

The Libra Sun wants you to realize that your destiny is to reconcile and heal both sides of you — the shadow and the Soul. Bring into balance what you reveal and what you hide. Do not be afraid of your hidden desires. Learn from them and allow them a voice without judgment. Be fair, honest, and socially just to yourself first and foremost. This is the inner balance to achieve if you wish to see that play out in the Collective. Let peace begin with you.

The Libra Sun opposes Mars retrograde. This is your inner Warrior in its purest form. Embody honor, courage, respect, and control of your emotions when dealing with others. Have self-confidence and seek only the desire to restore balance, harmony, and autonomy. The Warrior does not play the game of duality. Instead, realizes that he/she is the third option – the middle way. Practice neutrality to prepare for the other alignment – Mars square Pluto.

Mars squares Pluto, AGAIN! This next square experience activates your desires for self-fulfillment and your responsibility for personal growth. In order to grow, the Soul needs energy. Squares in astrology provide tension that builds energy to push through any obstacle. The North Node in Gemini holds the key to resolving the tensions. The expansion of Soul energy this week is found in the need for sanctuary. Find precious moments where you can retreat into your personal sanctuary. This sacred place will assist you to rebirth your inspired Self. Your sanctuary serves as a place for protection while you rebirth and as a place for regeneration. Merge with the power to grow your Soul by retreating within.

Finally, there is a two-lane highway of God’s YODS! Chiron RX and Venus and the Sun and Neptune RX. To embody this Light-coded energy this week. know that your spiritual teachers are here. Ask for their help. Use your sacred tools like Oracle cards, guided meditation, crystals, and power animals to resolve any shadows that are ready to be healed. Venus pours the power of love into your Soul through increasing your ability to adapt to any situation. Look upon your life as sacred, even the tough stuff. Practice acceptance that even spiritual growth isn’t always clean and tidy. Most of the time, it is a downright mess! Allow whatever happens to be exactly how Spirit has designed. Let go and let God this week!

Here is the overview of the Virgo Lunar Cycle 2020:

Moon and Sun Power:


Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels, and your Guides to assist you in feeling more supported. Reflect upon the Virgo New Moon, 1st Quarter Capricorn, and Aries Full Moon as your focus points this week. The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon in Libra next week!

“Widow’s Moon”:  Internal Nurturing

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your inward personal journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Cancer in this vibration is known as the “Widow’s Moon”. Let the power of the waning moon phase push you back into yourself. Move inward and seek support to connect to what needs to shape-shift within you. To transform and surrender with the Widow’s Moon, know that there will be times that life hands you a heavy burden to carry. The Cancer mothering Moon comes to a place where things can change abruptly and the lives we have been living can be taken away without warning or notice. The Widow archetype has lost the love of her life in the space of a spouse passing on. Cancer holds on to what She loves and family is the cornerstone of how deep her love goes. So when a cherished family member leaves, whether it is through death, divorce, or growing apart, the pain feels the same. This is the week to search for what is missing in your life. It is the time to mourn what has left to bring a connection into a healthy place of closure.

9th Lunar Mansion: “The Pitcher”

The 9th Lunar Mansion is known as “The Pitcher” and offers to help you heal this week. From a Pitcher, the Moon pours rich maternal waters to help you learn how to love yourself completely. The Great Pitcher pours onto the masses the power of nurturing Love. You are being called to LOVE so that you can be in Service to Others and fulfill your mission on Earth. Release all that no longer serves your greater good. Replace with the knowledge of who you wish to be. Let yourself be surprised by what the Universe deems the most joyous way to show you YOU. Bask in the light of the Moon that brings you home to you. Stand under the waterfall of the Great Mother Matrix pouring unconditional Love onto you all this week.

Human Design Gateway: #56

Book Review

The Human Design Gate #56 is known as “The Storyteller” or “The Wanderer”. This Gate is gifted with teaching and learning. We can learn a lot from the use of storytelling, parables, and archetypes to understand what is happening in our world today. What stories do you resonate with that teach you about the journey of being human on planet Earth? Maybe they are creation stories from your culture or religion? Rediscover the stories that have meaning for you. This week is a time to reconnect to the power of your Spirit. Let yourself use the power of stories to remind you of your divine connections to yourself and to the Universe.


“A hen scratching the ground to find nourishment for her progeny.”

The theme of this week’s lunar energy is: “Fulfillment comes when from pursuing the right path of persistently”. The 3rd Quarter Cancer “Widow’s Moon” is letting go of the past — all that you have loved and lost. Return to your inner world and ask yourself if what you are doing in your life is an authentic expression of who you really are. If what you are doing in life feels good, then you are on your right path. If it does not, then you need to reset your focus and reconnect to your true authenticity. Peace of mind will follow when you have initiated this change. Follow the path of the Moon and set that into motion next week with the New Moon in Libra. Your self-fulfillment depends on you finding your right path in life and pursuing it with commitment and passion. Learn discernment between what is meaningful and consistent and what is not. You can consistently feed yourself what you need to feel fulfilled and satisfied.


“Two men placed under arrest.”

The theme of this week’s solar energy is: “If you do not reconcile feelings with circumstances, there are serious consequences”. The Libra Sun shines a light on your personal optimization of your current life experiences. If you are not living your most authentic life, there are consequences. Look at what challenges you. It is in your challenges that you can see where you are inauthentic in your expression of Soul in the physical. When you live authentically, life gets easier. When you reconcile your inner feelings with your outer circumstances, you rebalance yourself. When you look back to the Chandra symbol for the New Moon in Virgo ~ “Dr. Jekyll drinks a potion.”, you see that you are destined to reconcile and heal both sides of you — the shadow and the Soul. This is how you purify your power and return to your authentic Self.


This week the Moon helps you rediscover the power of your authentic Self. You can let go of your old ways of being and let yourself be renewed. The solar light of the Libra Sun is here to reflect the power of reconciling your inner and outer worlds. The Cancer Moon says to do this through feeling and peace of mind will follow. Take time to reflect upon the true You and bring more of Her/Him out into the world.  

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