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Mercury Retrograde breaks the Spell of Duality: Head + Heart

Mercury takes you on a fiery sojourn through the spell of Duality. Now is the time to renew your “I AM” Presence to attune you into the fire of your Heart Chakra. Basically, out of your head and into your heart. The Retrograde journey begins at 5:19 PM PST/8:19 PM EST at 16 degrees Aries. This journey will take you from 16 degrees Aries to 4 degrees Aries on April 15, 2018 ~ New Moon time!

Mercury Retrograde is a regular cycle occurring three or four times a year for about 24 days. increases the potential for communication and technology snafus, breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. But Mercury retrograde is so much more than the external world of delays. The delays on are purpose, they help you to slow down. Ssshh, the secrets to a successful journey over the next 24 days are as follows:

Secret #1:  Slow down. Plan for extra time to get to where you are going, especially when traveling. Forget rushing around or trying to get anywhere fast. You will just feel thwarted and frustrated! (Remember this is in Aries ~ hot-headed, fiery tempers!)

Secret #2:  Reflection. Mercury is taking a sojourn from your left brain dominant way of looking at the external world into the right brain ~ how do you perceive reality through your feelings, senses, knowingness and intuition?

Secret #3:  Review and Renew. Go over anything that is bothering you. Reconnect with people or situations that need to be renewed. You will be given the gifts of depths and your power back when you reconnect to anything or anyone left undone.

Venus shines Her Morning Light:

This Mercury Sojourn is taking Venus along for the ride. Venus is Aries is Cardinal Fire sign and Her energy  means more of your thoughts and communications will turn to matters of love and affection. Venus at 19 Aries is: “A Young Girl feeding birds in the Winter.” Transmutation of Life into Love . This is your beautiful ability to help those in need of help, provide safety, emotional support.  Provide those who you feel called to be of service to with a safe harbor. This act of kindness and love will bring rewards. Nonjudgement, sharing and caring can help others find their way back to Trust. Take time out for others by first serving the Divine within.

Here’s your OMwork:  Take Mercury to the Next Level

Saturn/Lilith and Mercury are duking it out. Saturn at 8 degrees and Lilith at 14 degrees Capricorn. Saturn is “An Angel Carrying a Harp” Keyword: Attunement and Lilith is “In a Hospital, a children’s ward is filled with toys” Keyword: Tender Care. With these two symbols, allow your Angelic Self to arise and become your Inner Teacher/Muse. Music, especially the stringed instruments, will help you access this vibration. As you do you connect to Saturn in this way, you will ease any mental and emotional distress. Next, Lilith “Wild Feminine” will invite you to extend this Angel presence to those in need by offering them your tender care. If you feel called to visit a Children’s Hospital, do so!

Venus square Pluto so it is with what you spiritually value that will help you reclaim your inner authority. Let’s see the Keycode of Pluto at 21 Capricorn “BY ACCEPTING DEFEAT GRACEFULLY, A GENERAL REVEALS NOBILITY OF CHARACTER.” Keyword:  Inner Strength. This Symbol is about how to “Accept” that things are not working and to be able to let go of what no longer work for you. What’s the point in fighting a losing battle? It is the valor that will be remembered. How gracefully can you handle “defeat”? You are learning to recognize actually what are your own victories. You are opening up to the truth of your inner worth.

The Journey:

Mercury travels from 16 degrees to 4 degrees Aries. Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol Story. Aries 16 degrees is “Two Dignified Spinsters sitting in Silence.” The Keyword is:  Inward Withdrawal. Quiet withdrawal might be just what the doctor ordered now. Be careful of too much isolation and puritanical idealism. Trust your quiet knowing that comes from deeper within. Resolve issues around stuffed emotions to release blockages. Let go of social expectations and an old, outdated identity. Look for opportunities to open up to new possibilities from what you discover from you inward withdrawal.

Mercury ends His retrograde path at 4 degrees Aries. The Sabian Symbol is “A Triangle with Wings.” The Keyword is:  New Dimensions. Lift yourself above the ordinary mind by using your natural gifts to find a new perspective and expand your awareness. Focus on this image and ground it in your body by utilizing your Imagination. A Triangle with Wings is a strong spiritual symbol nature of mental purity, and inspirational zeal. Feel uplifted by your sacred creative expression. Call upon your favorite Angels and transcend lower mind to Higher Self “I AM” declarations.

In Summary:

Mercury goes direct on 04/15/18 but does not leave the shadow zone until May 4, 2018. Look back to when Mercury was at 4 degrees Aries (on March 9, 2018) ~ this is when this Sojourn began and will repeat itself on April 15th. What was going on then? Write down what was happening for you on March 22, 2018, too. You will revisit this on May 4th.

Oh yeah! Give your electronics a little extra love by sending them your gratitude and how they make your life easier. If you are attuned to Reiki, now is the time to employ Reiki healing in every area of your life! Reiki energy is especially potent now!

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