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Medusa Liberation! Priestess Power Draws Down the Wesak Scorpio Full Moon

Wesak Scorpio Full “Priestess Power” Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on May 18, 2019 at 2:11 PM PST/5:11 PM EST/10:11 PM UK


The Full Moon in Scorpio is called the Priestess Moon and is celebrated around the world as the Wesak Moon. The Wesak Moon celebrates the birth of the Buddha. As the Buddha rebirths, so do the primordial original goddesses (O. G. Gangster Goddess Medusa). The #21DaysofTara Challenge is connecting you too, to the Mother of all Buddhas, the great goddess Tara. This Goddess alignment within the Full Moon, Sun and Fixed Stars tells a very ancient story. The Taurus Sun is exact Sedna and both are in alignment with the Fixed Star, Algoth – The Head of Medusa. Sedna, is the Goddess of the ultimate Feminine wound ~ betrayal and abandonment of the Masculine. During this Full Moon week, Sedna helps Medusa rear her head to shine light on reigniting and liberating your Priestess Powers by first understanding how they have been cut off. It’s time to heal the ancient wounds of the Goddess. You can do this first by … Opening your Crown Chakra and remembering you are a powerful Priestess who knows how to draw down the Full Moon. Ready? Let’s go!

Wesak Celebration

The Full Moon in Scorpio is celebrated as Wesak, the annual celebration of the birth of the Buddha. This is the time of the year when the Spiritual Hierarchy releases Divine Grace and Mercy onto the planet. This Grace showers onto and into everyone, everything and impregnates the Earth Herself, too! The Wesak Festival Celebration is an acceleration of your inner strength and a quickening of your spiritual development that penetrates the minds, hearts and Souls of all people.

Fixed Stars:  Ancient Stories

What is so very fascinating about the degrees of the Sun and Moon during the week of Wesak 2019, are the Fixed Stars that are aligning with it. The Full Moon is centered near the fixed star Toliman which is the left hoof of the Centaur. Chiron is the first-born Centaur. Chiron is now in square to the ancient ruler of the Scorpio Full Moon, Mars. Chiron comes to heal the divine masculine as Mars sits with the Divine Mother, Cancer. Chiron appears as the Chandra Symbol “The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.” Chiron shows you what happens when the accumulation of love – each kiss – gradually accumulates as a focal point of spiritual light in the world. When the hardness of the stone statue meets the softness of a devoted one’s kiss over time only the fragrance of divine love remains as a healing balm to all.

Mars, your inner divine Masculine, receives this pure blessed healing when you are able to place your consciousness beyond the usual conditioning of the world. Stay intensely focused on feeling super connected to the power of Love to dissolve the hardness of the physical world. Your inner Self-reliance can always find a way to overcome any obstacle. Be nurtured by this. Trust and believe.

The Taurus Sun and Sedna combined with Mercury sit with the fixed Star Algoth, the head of Medusa. This Fixed Star tells the story of her being as slain by Perseus, son of Zeus. Being that this is the Priestess Moon, I go back in time to revisit the primordial Goddess records. I am directed to find Athena’s shield that bears the head of Medusa. In order to uncover the truth given to us this week from Isis (see below her octave), we must rediscover the true origins of Medusa.

Medusa – Who is She really?

The Pain of Medusa, Goddess of our enlightened Wisdom — Severed head. Severed shakti. Cut at the throat (Taurus-ruled). No voice. No external presence. Studies show that women energetically show up in a group of people when they say their names out loud. The ancient agenda was:  Sever their heads, cut their throats, and let no voice be available to speak themselves into existence.

It is time to change that. The Full Moon power of the Priestess receiving her light from Algoth, Medusa’s head releases all that turned into stone (Chiron the Wounded Healer’s symbol), or got stuck in that time loop. Let’s start with Athena. Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, carries upon her shield the head of Medusa. The image of Medusa is from a time before patriarchy. Medusa is the Minoan snake goddess. Snakes are symbols of divine wisdom. Medusa is the granddaughter of Gaia and was originally one of the guardians of the cave of Gaia. Medusa means ‘queen’ or ‘mistress’. She protected the entrance to the sacred goddess’ mysteries from the uninitiated. She was one of three Gorgon sisters but the only one who was mortal. In order for the Primordial Goddess to be possessed and suppressed, Medusa had to be killed and severed from her Shakti, thus leaving the cave of Gaia unprotected.

According to the patriarchal story of her birth, she sprang forth from the head of her father Zeus. But to the ancient Yogic understanding of her, She was born from the crown chakra and was endowed with perfect wisdom and insight from birth. A purely formed Virgin Goddess – whole unto herself. The snake is the symbol of the kundalini which, in the case of Athena, has already travelled to its destination – the Crown Chakra. From this vantage point she guides the destinies of her followers.

Full Moon is on a 10 Serpent Day according to the Mayan calendar!
“10 Serpent = the maturing vitality of you undulating Light Body!”

As the Patriarchy took over, to take away Goddess Power, Perseus, son of Zeus, slays Medusa by cutting off her head – her Crown chakra, her wisdom and her connection to her Godhead Self. This severing of her head also cuts her throat and quiets her voice. The voice is the echo of the 2nd Chakra where the seat of the Goddess resides – her creative holy Womb, deep dark Void of the Universe.



Venus conjuncts Uranus at 9:17 AM PST to liberate the power of Medusa’s Shakti. This alignment for the Feminine prepares Priestesses and Wizards around the world to draw down the Moon – old school ancient style. This conjunction initiates a new language of Light emanating from the Heart and Crown chakras. You can become a vehicle through which the spiritual light speaks this week. The question is, will anyone understand what you have to say? And the answer is, everybody will understand something different. No matter what you say – the * Light * works in mysterious ways! – Join the Lunar Ladies Club VIP group Soul coaching program to understand how to work with Light, ignite your Soul Purpose and activate your Priestess Goddess Medusa powers!

What is Light Language? Channeled from Archangel Metatron: “The frequency of Light Language creates the geometries that are needed spatially in a person’s Light body. Like a solar flare, it is a powerful burst that bypasses all other transductions because it immediately hits the energy field without having to be broken down into other formats – like an understanding or an emotion. It immediately interacts with the Light body.” – Jayme Price

: – : Let’s put the Puzzle together! : – :
FULL Moon Dynamics: 101

The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Taurus intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your intentional power. Believe that your intention is “out there” in the Universe. Time is gathering the material needed to 3D print your goals and dreams. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. Keep in mind that in six months, the Taurus New Moon will become the Taurus Full Moon and will be in the same House and sign in your Natal Chart as it is this lunar cycle. Keep your faith intact because it may take six months for your bigger intentions to fully actualize.

The Priestess Moon:  Full Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Full Moon is called the “Priestess Moon”. Invoke your inner Priestess to feel and birth your power. Scorpio rules the Sacral Chakra so connect deeply to your Shakti energy. This energy is a healing elixir. Allow yourself to move into a calm and balanced state. Deep breathing, prayer and rhythmic dancing help you receive the blessings of Heaven now. As you move into the depths of the Scorpio Full Moon, you will discover great truths. In the deep darkness of Scorpio, your power lays in wait, sleeping while awaiting your return. As you reconnect and touch this ancient part of you, you fulfill a promise to the great Original Goddess to draw her light down into your the sacred womb of Gaia to rebirth all life on the planet. At this moment you become a Keeper of the Mysteries, a Guardian of the caves of Gaia. You return Medusa to her rightful place of protecting the sacred mysteries of the Goddess.

19th Lunar Mansion:  “Two Paths”

The 19th Lunar Mansion carries a warning of loss through negative, obstructive behaviors. Mars and Mercury are guardians of the 19th Lunar Mansion. Both planets can carry destructive behavior when their energies are not understood. The raw Fire power of Mars matched with the destructive power of an undisciplined Mercury mind can let things get out of control, quickly. Both are super powerful elements of magic and Alchemy. When experiencing yourself through the 19th Lunar Mansion, you must be very aware of your thoughts, your feelings and your motives. The original image of this Mansion was a woman covering her eyes and bringing on her menses. The power of the Menses is primordial. Women could bleed and not die. Rather they could bleed and bring forth life! When the masculine overtook the feminine, the menses were made to be dirty, evil and diabolical. This was instigated to take away the power of the Goddess. Because the power is so raw and real, you have to know thyself – your thoughts and feelings at your most core true self. This power is also seen in Medusa, too!


Moon Octaves the Sun:  Full Moon

: — :  Scorpio Priestess Moon  : ~ :

27 Scorpio Moon: “A woman who speaks only in meter and rhyme”

The Scorpio Full Moon receive communication gifts from Mercury this week. The Priestess Moon turns everything into poetry by lifting all experiences to a higher level. How? By finding the beauty in it all. Be consciously aware of this transporting, revealing and cosmic phenomena. The Moon’s degree has a gift of “reconceptualization,” – the ability to rethink and rebuild things. Allow your Soul to express. Return to the impulses that give rise to all life. Clear your consciousness to see with clarity all the subtleties of the Universe all around you. Saturn retrograde carries the Fulfillment degree for the Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn and for Mercury (who’s with the Sun now). The symbol appears:  “A host of angels in conference”. This is the time to allow all of your communication to be infused with beauty. You are in attendance with the Angels to synthesize and harmonize with the forces of the Universe. Make this your focus and a disciplined practice. Your mind will heal and your emotional Soul will be nourished.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Now at 23 degrees retrograde in Capricorn, Pluto appears as the image of “A woman being interviewed for a position as Priestess.” Wow! That’s cool! The power trio of Pluto, Saturn, South Node continue to release of the patriarchal past  They’re influencing the Scorpio Full Moon as Pluto is the ruler and the trio is in a waxing sextile of synergy. This shows you that this unwinding of the past is benefitting you on multiple timelines. Remind yourself that it is safe to be seen as the powerful Wise Woman you are in 2019 and the Divine Mother is calling you to rise and be free.

: ~ :  Taurus Sun : ~ :

27 Taurus Sun:  “A woman channeling a set of degree symbols.”

The Taurus Sun intuitively understand how energy works now and helps you perceive the overall patterns in your life. You may find it difficult, though, to enter directly into this experience. That is okay. If you can’t decide where or how to jump in, put aside thought and act spontaneously – even if it means at times stumbling. Let Mercury’s influence with the Sun ease your mind.

Mercury appears as “Bees returning to their hive.” Mercury’s degree helps you sense the oneness with all life and upgrades your mental energy to join the Hive Mind. All thoughts working together for a common good. The Hive vibration fosters connectedness, inclusiveness and acceptance. The Hive works together and shares the load. At the 25th degree of every sign there is a cosmic awareness that is so high and pure its difficult to translate into ordinary reality. Make this your attempt to do so, because it is worth your every effort. It will help the collective consciousness start an evolutionary step forward!

Earth Trine:  Sun and Mercury to Pluto, Saturn, South Node’s message: “If you keep moving forward, guiding and helping forces will reach out to assist you. Other forces may attempt to stop you, but this is good. It gives you the chance to confront any shadows and understanding yourself in a more complete way. Be highly sensitive to anything which may thwart you or encourage you. Both are here to help you reach your destiny – a purified Self.”

Jupiter Retrograde shoots a YOD to the Mercury-Sun alignment, just like He did last week to the 1st Quarter Leo Moon and Isis. Jupiter delivers the same message to your external self to awaken your ordinary mind. This brilliant lightning bolt of energy shows you new methods of working more efficiently. Your solutions are found in those brilliant moments, so open your eyes to take it all in.

~ ‘ ~ Wrap-Up ~ ‘ ~

Find your alignment with the second octave that has this “full moon” effect. This belongs to our good friend and Divine Mother, Isis. She forms an octave with Verte, “Divine Truth”. Isis engages with your Heart chakra to attune you to Spirit in a consistent and patient way. Allow yourself to radiate an aura of peace into the world. This way of working your Light helps to imbue the people around you with harmony. The more you do this the greater your effect will be. Verte says this is the Truth! Let this energy bubble up within you and around you. Practice and get good at returning back to the present moment with a jolt. This energy is waiting to come forth. It flows like water and is part of the Collective evolution.

The Taurus Sun forms an octave with the Scorpio Full Moon to liberate your Priestess powers and reinstall Medusa’s voice. Mercury aligns with the Sun to bring you a message from you inner core to your outer self. Sophia, goddess of Wisdom, karmically appears to assist your process. She brings Athena’s presence to the forefront to proclaim your Shakti is being freed. She brings you wisdom while you sleep, in the form of harmonic dreams to recalibrate your astral body. Sophia’s messages speak of relaxing and letting your emotions flow. Be refined by attuning to them. This will help you become more and more sensitive to the needs of others, thus fulfilling part of your mission on Earth as a Lightworker. – Do you know your Soul’s Purpose, yet? Get Shannon’s Soul Purpose Blueprint to be in harmony with your destiny now because 2019 is the Year of Preparation for Lightworkers as you will be called into service in 2020.

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