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Medicine Woman, Know Thy Self ~ New Moon in Virgo

What a wonderful, healing Lunar Cycle now comes your way!

A new Virgo Lunar Cycle follows the Healer’s Full Moon in Pisces. The wellness New Moon in Virgo happens at 17 degrees Virgo, on September 9, 2018, at 11:01 AM PST/ 2:01 PM EST. In the second decan, the Sun-Moon connection carries a twist of Capricorn leadership to open opportunities and public achievements. This is your time to align yourself with the energetic vibration of the Rise of the Feminine.

Virgo’s lunar energy desires to give birth to you as a woman whole unto her Self. In an optimal state of wellness, your body, mind and Spirit are in harmonic balance with your eternal truth. The Goddess as Maiden is preceded by her Self, as Venus, transforming into Persephone, at 2:25 AM PST, for a 3-month sojourn in the Underworld waters of Scorpio. Venus goes retrograde October 10th, back into Libra, and finally leaves Scorpio on January 8, 2019!

And guess who follows Venus into a new state of being? Mars! He goes back into Aquarius on
September 10th to continue his journey as huMan 2.0!


Persephone Unchained

Venus and the New Moon in Virgo are twins this Lunar Cycle. The Queen of the Underworld holds court with your deepest intrinsic values and how you commune with Love.  Venus dives into the underworld to transform your shadows of disempowerment and victimhood as Persephone. To heal Persephone, ponder whether she was kidnapped by Hades or if it was her rite of passage from Maiden to Creatrix Queen Mother.

Persephone is connected to the Pomegranate. It is through eating of its fruit that she is “condemned” to live part-time in darkness as a possession of the masculine. But the Ancients regarded the pomegranate as a holy fruit, symbolizing life, fertility, prosperity, and the perfection of the Soul.

Begin to rewrite Goddess mythology from a place of power and choice so that you can begin the transformation of your inner Feminine energy.


Medicine Woman, Know Thyself

As I tuned into this beautiful Lunar Cycle, the Chalice Well of Glastonbury Tor rang in my inner ears and wouldn’t stop until I followed my Soul’s shoulder-tap. The Chalice Well is a sacred place for the Goddess. Known as the “Red Well” because of its iron deposits, Chalice Well flows from the base of the Tor (underworld dwelling of the Fae) and is guarded by two Yew trees. Because of its red color, the nature of the sacred well’s energy is the container for women’s Blood Mysteries. Ancient Celts revered the Chalice Well as the Holy Grail which offered healing and transformation.

The Chalice Well is adorned by the sacred geometrical symbol Vesica Piscis.  The Vesica Piscis is the symbol of balance and creation. This is the form that gives birth to all forms. The deeper meaning surrounds the truth that creation is the effect of pure Love and Consciousness. Creation requires a perfect balance of male and female energies. This powerful symbol is found in many ancient traditions as the union of heaven and earth, the root element of the Flower of Life, the vagina of the Cosmic Mother, and the merging of the God and Goddess.

The Vesica Piscis is the shape found in the center of two interlocking circles. The first circle is God/Creator and the second circle is the splitting of Consciousness. The center is the perfect creation when the circles are symmetrical and balanced. In physics, masculine energy is like the positively charged proton and feminine energy is like the negatively charged electron. When they come together, they seek equilibrium. But when out of balance, it is the female electron that leaves to find her energetic match.

The greatest lie is that women are weak and possessions for men. 

The truth is that women are magnetic forces of creation!


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New Moon Energy 101

New Moons are the time of new beginnings. This is your invitation to set your intentions along with Mother Nature and put into conscious motion your next 28-day and 6-month dreams. New Moon Time is about consciously growing as a Soul.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact the same degree in the heavens. The New Moon is the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully set your intentions. Just like Nature, you have natural power to harness all you need for your personal growth.

Go for it, Wise Woman!


Symbols Speak! ~ Fem-Align Time

The Sun and New Moon(*) are born at 17 degrees Virgo. The Sabian Symbol appears as the image of a”OUIJA BOARD“. This image symbolizes your inner Guidance and your connection to your Intuition, reminding you that: You have the ability to contact deeper recesses of your Unconsciousness by being sensitive to your psychic feelings. 

The Ouija Board is an ancient instrument used for divination. Your inner-knowing consciousness is stimulated by use of divination tools. They help you reach passively into open states of the Unknown. Venus in Scorpio is here to teach you to trust your INNER GUIDANCE during this cycle.

The New Moon and Sun are both ruled by the energy of Mercury at 6 degrees Virgo.  Mercury’s message comes as the symbol of “A HAREM” symbolizing: A fateful subservience to the desires of your emotional nature.  This symbol offers an observation of a group of women experiencing life as only the emptiness of waiting. What are they waiting for? The Sultan to choose them? Or to not be attached to the outcome of external forces? How do you as a woman use your beauty and charm to attract the attention of what you want?

This image wants you to contemplate whether you are addicted to an unconscious, adrenal rush from living your life on an emotional rollercoaster. Mercury reminds you that your thoughts have power and that thoughts create emotions. Purify your thoughts so that you can finally get off that rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs.

You are NOT at the mercy of external forces beyond your control. You create your reality via thoughts and emotions.

*NOTE:  So interesting that the Sun and Moon are now opposite Neptune like on the Healer’s Full Moon on August 26th. This New Moon is a past reflection imprint from two weeks ago. Neptune brings karmic resolution when you are inspired by Spirit. Neptune reinforces your connection to your Inner Guidance, too!


The Earth Trine, of Material Power, draws in Venus

An Earth Trine of harmony forms as the Sun and Moon join together in perfect balance. This material trine is created through the energy of “2”. All three planetary forces align at 2 degrees: Goddess of Wisdom, Pallas Athena at 2 degrees Virgo ; Saturn, Inner Teacher, at 2 degrees Capricorn; Uranus, Great Awakener, at 2 degrees Taurus retrograde.  Venus at 0 degrees Scorpio guides this beautiful essence as the Kite’s Tail.

Pallas Athena brings Two Guardian Angels – calling on assistance and strength comes from within. Saturn brings desire of the Human Soul to seek the embodiment of new experiences. Uranus brings the sweetness of natural fulfillment.  Ahhh, so divine!!

Venus aligns with the energy of your sacred Dharma bringing the serenity of “A CALM LAKE BATHED IN MOONLIGHT” for your Soul’s transformation. This activation is initiated by a revelation, rising from the deeper recesses of your Psyche, of the future state of human evolution.  Wow!

And a few more pieces of Soul-food for you journey: Venus forms a perfect YOD to Chiron, The Wounded Healer. Your desire to expand into heightened states of awareness and experience needs to be spiritually grounded into healing Chiron’s impulse to be as the great “I AM”. Pallas Athena YODS to Lilith and the South Node in Aquarius. Lilith, Keeper of the Future reveals to you an image of a “Hindu Yogi demonstrating his healing power” who informs you to focus on your spiritual energy now. Their clarion call proclaims that it is time for all human beings to take transpersonal responsibility for the greater Good.


Lunar Ladies Club ~ VIP Wellness Program

Being in tune with your power and aligned with energetic vibration is paramount. During this Lunar Cycle, the Lunar Ladies VIP Members are focusing on the Blood Mysteries. Using our MoonDials, we are going to track our daily energetic flows. We are going to recalibrate our Earth-Spirit energy.

When you join the VIP Club experience, you get access to the Lunar Ladies Library, new monthly masterclasses and the archives, research and insight into your Natal Chart Blueprint, weekly guidance, and group support from the VIP Community.

Sign up for the Lunar Ladies Club experience and receive body-mind-Spirit medicine to heal what ails you.

Join us in the Inner Circle, now, and align yourself with the energetic vibration from the Rise of the Feminine!


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