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Mandala Mind Maps ~ 1st Quarter Counting Moon in Virgo Repeats

The 1st Quarter Moon in Virgo is a “Re-do Moon”! The Super New Moon in this Gemini Lunar Cycle gives you a second chance at a Karmic Dance with a repeat of the Counting Moon from May 19, 2018. Your Inner Priestess began her Path during that time. Where do you find yourself now, and what breakthroughs do you feel coming next? Also, during this phase, Mandalas are providing you a Mind-Map to help concentrate your energies so that you can break through your next set of old, outdated blocks!

As a review, 1st Quarter Moon energetics help you with breaking through old, stuck patterns and the negative self-sabotage from subconscious blocks. The waxing (building) Moon forms a 90 degree angle, or square, to the Sun. This angle creates a buildup of Universal Qi (vital life force), and the resulting “tension” forces change in the form of energetic velocity! Time to get into action during the 1st Quarter lunar week and push through with the help of the Sun and Moon’s Qi power.

~ Karmic Destiny is Yours! ~

But take note, this Counting Moon is much different than the last one because the Sun and Moon are at the Anarectic Degree of 29 – and that means Karmic Destiny is at hand!

This powerful week begins June 20, 2018 at 3:51 AM PST/6:51 AM EST. Rewind: the last Lunar Cycle’s Counting Moon was at 1 degree Virgo opening this portal of moving through your blocks. Now: the Moon and Sun close the cycle, moving through the last degree, to the tune of your Karmic Destiny!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is the “Conquest of Illusion”.

Mercury, again, is the absolute Star-of-the-Show, ruling the energies of both the Sun and Moon, and, in turn, the Moon blesses Mercury as the Gemini Twins travel through Her domain of Cancer. Mercury travels with Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, as the divine messenger of the Mother. Divine Mother wants her child, Mercury, to focus his concentration upon the integration of his personality, and Pallas Athena offers you gifts of Wisdom to nourish your mind and fulfill this responsibility, becoming a socially wise adult.

Question: What form is your mind taking?

During this lunar phase, utilize the power of Mandalas to help you focus your mind. Mandalas, intricate circular artworks symbolizing the Cosmos and Divine Wisdom, create a sacred container in which to place your attention, and Mercury really loves them now! Use Mandalas to help you when you feel stuck, thwarted or helpless. Allow your Inner Child to shine with a Healing Mandala Coloring Book. Enjoy! And go with gusto this week!

~ Hey! Don’t forget about us! ~

A Grand Fixed Square is here to help you with even more tension now. This extra Universal Qi build-up is designed to push you through to the Other Side. Any “Dark Night of the Soul” energy is ready to be transformed. The Grand Square is in Fixed signs: Leo (North Node and Venus), Aquarius (South Node), Taurus (Uranus) and Scorpio (Jupiter Retrograde). The secret to wielding the power of a Grand Square is

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… to harmonize the opposing forces so that you can open up the octave of higher consciousness.

The opposing planets are:
1) Venus (creative expressions of values and love) and the North Node (Soul expansion of the Heart Chakra) with the South Node (releasing a Soul pattern of detachment and exile).
2) Uranus (awakening emotional security) with Jupiter (expanding deep emotions of desire and trust). Wield this energy with Love, Wisdom and Power this week!

~ SABIAN SYMBOL STATS: Moon, Sun & Mercury ~

Spend time with the powerful, channeled images of the Sabian Symbols. They will help open up your subconscious mind to receive answers from your Psyche.

~ Moon is at 29 degrees Virgo ~


KEYNOTE: The total concentration required for reaching any spiritual goal.
This symbol shows how “Individualization” is manifested by allowing no outer voices to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Mind – listening only to the Soul. The Priestess stands before the sacred Pyramid. She is ready to take her culminating step. She has arrived at this place of initiation as the result of many small choices. Still a shadow of distraction is always, ever present.

What is distracting your attention from being fully present in the Now? What voices from the past are rising up? Your perception and thought must be focused, so your Soul can complete its CONQUEST OF ILLUSION.

~ Sun is at 29 degrees Gemini ~


KEYNOTE: The setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition.
The Sun shines through this symbol of a patriarchal society’s sets of acceptable cultural standards for women. The Moon and Sun are banging energetic heads to get you to make a choice between society or Soul. What does fame, perfection and being-it-all mean to you? The Sun is completing a process of exteriorization of what is deemed valuable in society today. Does it fit with your sense of excellence on a Soul level? The Sun is showing that the 1950’s-Show is Over. Fulfillment of the Soul leads to new demands upon your individual consciousness. Now comes the hour of decision. Seek the Moon’s message to realize the choice you need to make now.

~ Moon and Sun Helpers ~

Pluto and Lilith chime in to help your lunar energy Self. Pluto brings you “dynamic interchange” to develop group consciousness. Lilith brings the beauty of cultural works of art throughout the Ages to your Wild Feminine. Allow art and transformative group dialogue to help you keep your focus during this week.

Verte and Part of Fortune are the Ascended Master energy to help the Sun. Verte, your connection to Divine Truth, brings inner assurance that the spiritual forces are always around you. Part of Fortune energy brings you intelligent foresight by releasing the confusion of too many potentials. Sometimes on your spiritual path, you are flooded with so much consciousness all at once that you can be blinded by the Light. If this comes up for you, just enjoy the wonderful lightness of feeling this brings after many months or even years of darkness.

~ Mercury, Star of the Show, is at 15 degrees Cancer ~


KEYNOTE: A deep concern with problems raised by the process of personality integration.
After a person decides to follow a new path, the behavioral, emotional-cultural and individual-mental parts of your personality need to be stabilized to attune to this new way of being. This is the process of personality integration. The Mandala is a sacred container that is both psychological and cosmic. Tibetans, Vedic scholars and Carl Jung, all believed in the power of Mandalas. The Mandala can help you form a solid basis of understanding, yourself, through a study of an inward-turning of your attention. The profound and stabilizing sense of form, which the healing power of Mandalas create, help you stabilize your base of perception through Concentration.

Watery Jupiter and Neptune are here to help your assimilate your Mercury mind maps to integrate your personality. This week is designed to take you to your next level of awareness. Jupiter brings the desire to establish new channels of emotional communication. Neptune resurrects Christ Consciousness throughout the Collective. Both planets are in retrograde motion meaning that it is time to resolve issues that are ready to be redeemed. Remember: It all starts in the quantum realm of Thought, and you can change your reality through your powers of concentration. Mercury is the Star this week, so focus your attention and let your mantra be:


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