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Make The Wish New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

What an incredible opportunity you have to dissolve past life karma to “Make The Wish” of your cosmic dreams come true! This New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 6:58 AM PST is like winning the lottery. What you are winning is the chance to come into alignment with Universal wealth in the form of Love, Peace and Compassion.

The Sun and Moon join together to open a portal of “new beginnings” starting a new lunar cycle in Pisces. The Solar Eclipse represents “endings and beginnings” and Neptune, the spiritual planet of higher dimensions, both align with the South Node, past life karma, to bring a new hope for a brighter future.

The New Moon in Pisces is called the “Dreamer’s Moon” and with Neptune, ruler of Pisces in Pisces conjunct the Sun and Moon, just blows this amazing energy out of the cosmic waters! You now have the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality by drawing upon your Soul gifts and talents. The key here is knowing how to align with the energy. Are you ready to see how? Here are the keys.

Mars and Venus are both in Aries and they are supercharged to take action and move from passionate Love. This is your time to be connected to your free will of Spirit and love who you love, live what you love and play in love as much as possible.

Saturn, the Great Teacher, is advising you to focus your thinking on Love, Peace and Compassion. This is your heart-centered Anusara yoga practice this month. Saturn is now 1 degree from the Galactic Center of 27 degrees Sagittarius. So as you focus your attention on positive thinking, you are aligning your mind and emotions with the center of the Universe!

Relationships succeed at this time by staying humble and grateful to those people in your life, especially who are bringing you karmic, soul lessons (Jupiter is retrograde in Libra now). Give thanks for those who even drive you crazy because they are serving a higher purpose in getting you to focus your mind on the higher purpose they are serving in your life and vice versa.

Ask yourself how do you rise above physical and material limitations? The answers at this time are found in aligning your heart and mind towards empathy, compassion, intuition, sensitivity, emotional healing and creating healthy boundaries.

The biggest trigger will come from Pluto in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. Many of you are coming alive and donning your Freedom Fighters suits to take action in the current revolution. There’s “resistance” energy afoot but remember this Cosmic Law:  Spiritual growth comes from feeling at One with others and all of Life.

Ceres, “Great-grandmother”, is here to help you. She is in sextile with this Uranian passion. She asks you to remember your Ancestors and acknowledge the wisdom, gifts, and talents they have passed on to you. Connect with your Ancestors this lunar cycle. Build an altar to honor them. Connect with the Earth and honor the Indigenous Ancestors of your land, as well. There is great power, wisdom and strength to receive from this energetic field of consciousness.

The potential for creativity is through the roof with the Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon lunation. If you are an artist, musician, poet or creative there is so much creative inspiration available now. The world needs your artistry and creative self-expression! Connect, align, and attune to the power of the Arts and bless the rest of us with your gifts of inspiration!!

Lunar Ladies are riding this wave of inspiration because they know how to commune with the Moon and Her lunar frequencies. Find your Pisces-ruled House in your Natal Chart to pinpoint exactly where this energy is soaring for you. Not sure? Sign up for a reading or better yet, join the Lunar Ladies Club to find out more. Subscribe to our Lunar Newsletter and Like us on Facebook to get the best up to the minute news on the vibrational happenings around the world and throughout the Cosmos. AUMmmm out!

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