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Maiden’s Moon Gives Birth to Venus: New Moon in Virgo

New Moons are a time for “New Beginnings”. Now is the lowest energetic emotional subconscious point in the lunar cycle. It’s the “Zero Point” of Potential where anything is possible. Plant your seeds in the rich, fertile Earth on the New Moon Virgo September 19, 2017 at 10:29 PM PST.

Maiden’s Moon Gives Birth to Venus:

The New Moon in Virgo is called the “Maiden’s Moon” and this lunar cycle starts the ascent of the birth of the Maiden through all her phases to the Old Crone. It’s a time of wholeness, well-being and serving the Goddess within.

At 27 degrees, the New Moon is in the 3rd decan of Virgo.  This is Virgo with a twist of Taurus for good measure. Practical Virgo with Mother Earth is the sign of the Earth Healer Medicine Woman of the Tribe. She roots deep into the Earth to discover her worth, security, values and connections to Abundance in the material world.

Vesta is traveling with the New Moon and Sun at 0 Libra and makes any sacred ceremony in service to the Earth especially potent during this lunar cycle. Earth healing ceremonies will be super Powerful! The secret to accessing and aligning to her power is in taking care of oneself on a body, mind, Spirit level or within the sacred vibration of AUM.

Sabian Symbol Story:  The Power of the Will

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Virgo is “A Bald-Headed Man who has Seized Power”. It has its meaning here – “The Universe calls for the necessity for decision and transformation. Existence is motion. No static formation. Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL ” — Align your personal will with the Divine Will by being attuned to cosmic synchronicity. Timing is everything.

Pay Attention to Uranus:

Fire Trine with Uranus (R) at 27 Aries sends a lightning bolt YOD to the Sun and New Moon. The Sabian Symbol Story for 27 Aries is “A Large Audience Confronts the Performer who Disappointed its Expectations”.  This symbol asks you to look within and see how you handle yourself when you fail to meet expectations of others or you didn’t measure up as promised. Do you run away and hide? Or do you confront the perceived “failure” as an opportunity to grow? What you choose and decide upon will control your growth and possibilities. Try simply thanking the mirror of those showing disapproval and grab the lightning bolt to understand how to improve your future!

Focus on Jupiter’s Tail:

Jupiter is at 25 Libra and is continuing to steer the Solar Eclipse Grand Fire Kite. The Sabian Symbol Story for 25 Libra is “An Eagle and a Large White Dove Change into Each Other”. This image shows what happens when the frequency of a love relationship accelerates. The harmonic spin is so fast that their energies merge and become One. The Oneness is a consciousness that exists beyond this world of duality. As this is now the Tail steering the Great Grand Fire Trine of Spiritual Consciousness, how can you accelerate the love of your relationships to the point of transcending duality? When do the two become One?

Collective ~ Listen to Saturn:

T-square to 21 Saturn from Sun/Moon and Chiron (R) in Pisces. The Sabian Symbol Story for 21 Saturn is “A Chinese Laundry”. T-square alignments have great power when you focus your attention upon the focal point. The focal point is Saturn 21 Sagittarius “A Chinese Laundry”. In Saturn’s current story you are asked to observe the roots of culture and how it differentiates one group of people from another. How do you maintain your personal integrity within a cultural set of agreements and outside of the culture? The key to accessing Saturn’s gifts is to be self-contained and have a good sense of humor. Be like The Fool in the Tarot and dance upon your spiritual pathway happy go lucky!

In Summary:

The Maiden’s Moon brings forth spiritual fire with the 1st Quarter Sagittarius Moon and Aries Full Moon. The Sun moves into Libra at Fall Equinox shifting the energies from mutability to cardinal leadership power. Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Jupiter changes into Scorpio and Mercury travels fast through both Libra and Scorpio. Promises to be a very full “Moonth”of reshaping and refining who you are so you can dive much deeper into the Great Mystery of Rebirth and Transformation….Ooooo!

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