Spirit of Giving ~ Awaken with the Taurus “Earth Mother” Full Moon

Full Blue “Earth Mother’s Moon” at 8 degrees on October 31, 2020 at 7:49 AM PDT/8:49 AM MDT/9:49 AM CDT/10:49 AM EDT

The second Full “Blue Moon” happens on All Hallow’s Eve in the sign of Taurus. The Full Moon and Sun make a 180-degree opposition. There is a great reunion in the air as the Full “Earth Mother” Moon reunites with Uranus, the Sky God. The opposing forcefield of the Scorpio Sun merges with the great Goddess of Marriage, Juno. This spells of a transformation of the Soul as the Veils part… Ooooo!

The Taurus Full Moon is known as the “Earth Mother’s Moon”. Beloved Gaia, Herself, merges with the power of Uranus in retrograde. Will the Earth shake, rumble and roll? Watch for undersea volcanic activity and the great Yellowstone. Send the Earth Love on a minute to minute basis. Trust and roll with what comes. Take nothing for granted. Do not be a pawn in the wizardry. Instead, be in your Casual Body and be The Witness. Realize that most of the goings-on are not even your game to play. Watch from above, high… Read More

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