Letter from The Muse ~ Clarify, Purify and Harmonize your “I AM” Presence under Libra Full Moon

2nd Libra Full Moon @ 29 “Karmic Destiny” degrees on April 19, 2019 at 4:12 AM PST/7:12 AM EST/12:12 PM UK

Dear Homo Sapien becoming Luminous,

You are in a deep recalibration period to purify the original essence of your divine blueprint. I bring to you a 2nd Full Moon in Libra to complete the March 20th’s Spring Equinox “0” degree Super Full Moon. Behold the powers of DESTINY as you experience the recalibration of your true Self, your “I AM” Presence to return to the higher vibrations of Christ Consciousness. (experience this lovely prayer by Patricia Cota-Robles.)

I, The Muse Full Moon, align with the Fixed Star Izar “The Veil”. Ancient groups of people, especially in Africa and South America, revered this as a star from which their ancestors had first come to this planet. Let this be your notice that “The Veil” is lifting!

Venus is the ruler of my Libra essence and she is currently at 28 degrees Pisces dancing with the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades. I, the Full Moon, form a YOD to Venus. This alignment forms a Trapezoid with Pluto and Juno, Goddess of Sacred Contracts, (now in Gemini) at the karmic degree of Destiny. Pluto kisses Venus…

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