Reimagine your World with 3rd Quarter Aries Moon

3rd Quarter Aries “Survivor’s Moon” at 21 degrees at July 12, 2020, at 4:28 PM PDT/5:28 PM MDT/6:28 PM CDT/7:28 PM EDT

This week the Moon and Sun form a waning 3rd Quarter square and bring the Cancer lunar cycle to completion. The Moon finds her home in Aries this week, while the Sun moves through the last decan of Cancer. These signs are Cardinal and move through the Fire and Water elements. The 3rd Quarter Aries Moon is known as the “Survivor’s Moon”. It’s your time to be brave, courageous, and bold. You have the power you need within you.

Moon and Sun Power:

The 3rd Quarter Aries Moon merges with the shadow of the Black Moon Lilith. The Moon is a sandwiched between Lilith and Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Together this trio shows you the shadows and chaos of the outer world from an inward perspective. Detach from the shadows of the world to transcend them and allow yourself to have a higher perspective. Give yourself the experience of two levels of being: human and Soul. One is wrought by limitations… Read More

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