3rd Quarter Judge’s Moon Declares “Love and Forgiveness for All” in 2020!

3rd Quarter Libra “Judge’s Moon” at 26 degrees at January 17, 2020, at 4:58 AM PST/5:58 AM MST/6:58 AM CST/7:58 AM EST


Welcome to the ending of this Capricorn stellar lunar cycle. The 3rd Quarter “Judge’s Moon” in Libra declares an end to the imbalances in the world. The Cosmic Court issues a proclamation that “Love and Forgiveness shall reign for all in 2020″. Isn’t that nice? Take this last week of the lunar cycle to wind down and let go of all that is unnecessary in your life. The energy that is stirring inside of you is the energy of 2020 and beyond! Next week’s Aquarius New Moon sets your sails for 2024 when Pluto changes signs into Aquarius. Now is your most powerful time to:

1) Know your Natal Astrology

2) Put your Soul Self first

3) Join others who are on the Soul Purpose fast-track

When you join the Lunar Ladies Club, you will get the tools to find your True Self. Shannon says, “When you find your True North, you will never feel lost.”  Searching inside for your highest Truth will recalibrate your relationship to Self and…

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