ReConnect to Humanity with Full Sturgeon Moon’s “Soul Tribe” Love Vibe!

Aquarius Full “Soul Tribe” Moon at 22 degrees on August 15, 2019 at 5:29 AM PDT/8:29 AM EST/1:29 PM UK


Welcome to power of shifting timelines and changing your future! This power does not come from taking bold steps forward; this power emanates from deep inside your Core Soul Self. The Future itself is creating through you. This is the future of Humankind:  reconnected, resilient and restored. The Cosmos are reporting that this is the “Age of Namaste” ~ where the God in me bows to the God in you. The Aquarius Full Moon shines bright on a 8 Wizard day repeating the frequency of the New Moon at 8 degrees Leo. What comes around goes around and this “8” vibration marks the presence of Infinity higher consciousness.

Humanity is now embarking on a journey of reconnecting to Spirit which is the radio station for attracting your Soul Tribe love vibe into your life. In each of our personal journeys as you reconnect to the Spirit of Love in yourself and all things great and small, you begin the process of “Reorienting” towards living in alignment with Service to Spirit. You are being called to be in service to…

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