Heal your Inner Masculine with Sagittarius Full “Wizards Moon” *MAGIC*

Sagittarius Full “Wizards Moon” at 25 degrees at June 17, 2019 at 1:31 AM PST/4:31 AM EST/ 9:31 AM UK


The Sagittarius Full Wizards Moon comes to heal the Divine Masculine. It’s time. As the Feminine Goddess energy rises, the Masculine energy is activated to shift, change, and grow, too. They are eternally connected. The bigger picture that the Sagittarius Full Moon energy brings is that the Return of the Goddess is the Restoration of the divine inner Masculine-Feminine vibration. Together this frequency restores the balance on Mother Earth/Spaceship Gaia.

: – : Full Moon @ Galactic Center! : – :

Eagle’s wings fly, outstretched from Antares, to greet the Wizards Moon as he gazes into his crystal ball to see a bigger picture of Life on Earth from the Galactic Center. Through the lens of the Gemini Sun onto the surface of the Sagittarius Moon, can you see what needs to be seen? Look to what is, what has been, and what desires to come into your life. There is a 3-day event happening during the Wizards Moon appearance. Neptune clashes with Jupiter the day before the Full Moon. The Full Moon opens up the Galactic Center…

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