Gemini Full Moon Sings the Story of You. Let your True Self be Heard on High!

Full Gemini “Storyteller’s Moon” at 19 degrees on December 11, 2019 at 9:12 PM PST/10:12 PM MST/11:12 PM CST/12:12 AM EST – 12/12/19


Welcome to the week of the Full Moon! You are being blessed by the light of the silvery Storyteller’s Moon. What melodic hymns do you hear? The Universe is teaming up with Saturn and Pluto to flood the world with unexpected change, renewal, and regeneration. Massive creativity is getting released into present time reality where this masterful energy can be used to shift, flow, and transform. Remember this:  “Nothing is set in stone.” Our world is a dynamic, fertile, and powerful place fully capable of being reworked and refined. When energy has become too rigid, too dogmatic, and too resistive to change — it has to be freed. You are here to help break apart the old, stagnant patterns, to free the creative Universal intelligence to move again.

Without further adieu, let’s venture into the multi-dimensional puzzle of the current Cosmic Puzzle. This is where you take out your Natal chart and follow along finding where the Universe is aiming to expand and release your creative energy this week. Ready? Let’s go!


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