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Pyramid Peace Power! Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Super Full Moon completes Eclipse Season at 3 degrees Capricorn on June 24, 2021 at 11:40 AM PDT/ 12:40 PM MDT/ 1:40 PM CDT/ 2:40 PM EDT

The Summer Eclipse season comes to an end with a powerful Super Full Moon in Capricorn known as “Grandmothers Moon”. Full Moons intensify the collective mood and with a Super Full Moon, the energy is ramped up even more. Capricorn is a sign that is uncomfortable in the Moon because Capricorn is furthest away from the Moon’s home sign of Cancer. But the Sun warms up the surface of the Moon and brings you the divine wisdom of your grandmothers.

The Super Full Moon brings into fruition the New Moon in Capricorn of January 12th. The theme then was the power of renewal by nourishing yourself with a silent retreat. Look back and reflect upon what your highlights have been from the last six months. You can release what no longer serves your highest good with this powerful Super Full Moon, especially around your vocation, jobs, and your Externalized Self.

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