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Seek and Ye Shall Find – 1st Quarter Sagittarius Lunar Week

1st Quarter Sagittarius “Seeker’s Moon” at 21 degrees on September 13, 2021, at 1:39 PM PDT/4:39 PM EDT. Lunar week: 09/13-19/2021

1st Quarter Sagittarius Moon amplifies the New Moon energy to assist you to take action and make change. The New Moon’s symbology centered around creating a healing talisman. The Sagittarius Moon takes action with your healing talisman to seek and find the power of Truth within.

The 1st Quarter Sagittarius Moon is known as the “Seeker’s Moon”. What do you most need to seek after in your life. The Moon squares and the Sun opposes Neptune making the illusions of Maya are thick. You must develop your own way to see through the fog. When driving through thick fog, you go slow and focus on the road right in front of you. The energy of the Trickster is alive and well this week. Make sure you banish being told what to do by the controlling elite class. Instead follow your own inner Truth because we are all divine royalty!


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