7 Day Virgo Dream Moon Challenge + Giveaway!

Virgo Dream Moon Challenge Giveaway: 

September 16-24, 2018

For the 1st Quarter lunar week (09/16-24/18) Lunar Ladies is presenting you with a 7-day Dream Moon challenge! Woohoo! Using your free gifts ~ Dream Journal and the Virgo MoonDial ~ take on the challenge to learn about your Natal Moon and the power of your dreams!  Using the hashtag #VirgoDreamMoonChallenge you can share your dreams and “aha’s” via social media and a winner be chose on the upcoming Aries Full Moon to will get a Dream Moon Makeover Intuitive reading with Shannon Isn’t that awesome?!  


Dreams are the Language of the Moon:

  • Dreams reveal how to nurture and know how your Inner Child feels
  • Dreams connect you to your unconscious beliefs and Soul memories
  • Dream awareness dives deeper into Intimacy and your ability to trust yourself and others


7 Day Dream Moon Challenge:  Guidelines

The Challenge:  Record your dreams for 7 days Share on your social media platforms your awareness and “aha’s” Use the hastag:  #VirgoDreamMoonChallenge With each post, you will be entered into the drawing for…

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