Tale of Two Wolves: Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees Leo on January 20, 2019 at 9:16 PM PST/ 12:16 AM EST and 5:16 AM UK on 01/21/19


The Super Full Moon is the Blood Moon eclipse guarded by the Cold Wolf Moon. The Tale of the Two Wolves echoes throughout the Cosmos as this 6-month window of time carries the potent power of Royalty energy. Zero degrees of the Sun and Moon open the Zero Point Field of creation in your life now. The beautiful, big Blood Moon is aligned with the Sun’s bright light on the collective future to expand the wisdom of your Soul expansion plan now through 2020.

The Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes to end the Pisces-Virgo shadows of the patriarchy timeline of the past 2,100 years. This powerful dynamic ends an old cycle so a new cycle of creation can begin. The Moon’s Leo energy opens a portal to the Aquarian Age. This portal desires to show you the power and joy of communal living with your Soul’s Tribe. It’s time to awaken the Rainbow Warriors on the planet! Get a Lunar Ladies Club membership¬†or the latest Mini-Course to support your awakening!


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