Ground, Assimilate, Repeat: 3rd Quarter “Merchant’s Moon” in Taurus

3rd Quarter “Merchant’s Moon” at 19 degrees Taurus on August 11, 2020 at 9:45 AM PDT/10:45 AM MDT/11:45 AM CDT/12:45 PM EDT

The 3rd Quarter Taurus Moon gives you a boost from Uranus as she harmonizes you with Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn this week. Meanwhile, the Leo Sun generates a “lightning bolt” YOD to Jupiter retrograde at 19 degrees. Neptune retrograde joins this spiritual party and sends a boomerang YOD back to the Sun from 20 degrees Pisces. This week of reflection should be very powerful!

Uranus and Mercury are in a Fixed square position at 13 degrees Leo and 10 degrees Taurus. Chiron retrograde offers a fiery harmonic trine to support Mercury’s alignment with Taurus. This boosts Mercury’s energetic power to match with the energy of his elder brother Uranus. Expect awakenings and surprising “aha’s” as you merge your higher and lower minds together to align with a higher form of logic to understand your current life experiences.

Mars and Lilith co-join at 22 degrees Aries with Eris holding the door open for their power to join with hers. Eris sits… Read More

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