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Recreate Your Self under the Virgo Full Moon 2024

Virgo Full “Spinner’s Moon” @ 5 degrees ~ February 24, 2024, at 4:30 AM PST/7:30 AM EST

This week your Aquarius New Moon intentions from February 9-10, 2024, plus the seeds of your Virgo New Moon intentions from September 14, 2023, are coming to fruition. How is your health these days? Did you make positive changes to your wellness routines over the last six months?

Saturn and Uranus are the rulers of this Aquarius lunar cycle. The key is when the lunar cycle comes to fruition at the Full Moon, to focus your attention on the ruling planets to help guide where to place your intentions. The Sun has moved into Pisces, and this means that Mercury rules the sign of the Full Moon in Virgo. Let’s add Mercury to this mix, too.

Since September 2023, the Virgo lunar experience has taken you from 21 to 5 degrees in your natal chart. This is calculated by the Virgo New Moon and the Virgo Full Moon. The Moon embodies the first and third decans of Virgo bringing…

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