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Reset your Wisdom Body: Taurus Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse STARSEED Full Taurus “Earth Mother’s Moon” at 27 degrees on November 19, 2021 at 12:57 AM PST/ 1:57 AM MST/ 2:57 AM CST/ 3:57 AM EST

The Scorpio New Moon transforms with “Lunar Alchemy” into the Taurus Full Moon. This alchemy conjures a Lunar Eclipse to bring into fruition the Taurus New Moon from May 11, 2021. During that time, Venus was Phosphorus, the Morning Star. Now during the Full Moon, Venus is Hesperus, the Evening Star. In essence, your day has turned into night. What is that you desire to free yourself from?

The Scorpio Sun and Taurus Full Moon brighten the night sky with “STARSEED LIGHT” to powerfully push forward with multiple planetary energies. Together they open a portal of opportunity to allow your inner Feminine light to be filled with ancient, old wisdom.

The Taurus Full Moon draws forth the wisdom of the landscape through ritual and ceremony. Take a moment to connect with Mother Earth and infuse your physical body with her blessings. Reflect upon all the physical incarnations or bodies that your Soul…

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