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Leap into the 2023 Lunar New Year with Aquarius Super New Moon!

Lunar New Year of the Rabbit + Super New Moon in Aquarius at 1 degree on January 21, 2023, at 12:53 PM PST/3:53 PM EST

The Aquarius Super New Moon arrives one day before Uranus goes direct. At the same time, the Aquarius New Moon activates the “point of no return” when Pluto enters the Aquarian Years on March 24, 2023. (Sidenote: Mars empowers this time by finally leaving Gemini and entering Cancer. This is big energy!)

When the Aquarius New Moon occurs it heralds the time of Pallas Athena. This is due to the Aquarius New Moon being known as the “Father’s Child Moon”. The goddess Athena was born out of the head of her father. The asteroid Pallas Athena is transiting through Cancer at 14 degrees. She reminds you that all true spiritual paths always include abundance and prosperity. This way of life is your divine inherited right. Make prosperity one of your goals during the gentle Yin time of the Year of the Rabbit.

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