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You are NOT alone ~ Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon”

Full Moon Aries “Warrior’s Moon” at 27 degrees on October 20, 2021 at 7:57 AM PDT/ 8:57 AM MDT/ 9:57 AM CDT/ 10:57 AM EDT

The Libra New Moon transforms into the Aries Full Moon. The Libra Sun and Aries Full Moon brighten the night sky with “STARSEED LIGHT” to powerfully push forward with multiple planetary energies. This is a major moment to shift your attitudes! Always remember that you are not alone.

The Aries Full Moon draws forth a powerful wave of releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Chiron sits opposite Mercury to take back your “I AM Presence” power. Mercury and Venus are working together with Uranus to shift your mindset from fear to Love. This mental shift will heal your physical body – guaranteed!

The Libra Sun’s starlight codes are coming from the Angels. The Sun shines a light on where you may be feeling distraught and alone. This is an initiation point where you are challenged to reach out and ask for help. Talk to your guardian Angels and call upon them for assistance now. Mars has fallen…

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