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Resilient Human Soul -Capricorn Full Moon 2024 Part 1

Capricorn Full “Grandmother’s Moon” @ 1 degree ~ June 21, 2024, at 6:08 PM PDT/9:08 PM EDT

The Capricorn Full Moon comes in two parts. On June 21st, the Full Moon arrives just in time to celebrate Summer Solstice to square and build power with Neptune. On July 21st, the Capricorn Full Moon arrives again with the power of Pluto. In the Tarot, this looks like The Hanged Man meets Death. Part One invites you to reflect upon your life. Part Two will bring you the power to change and transform what is needed. Take this opportunity over the next 30 days to take full advantage of the cosmic sage wisdom!

This week your Gemini New Moon intentions from June 6, 2024, plus the seeds of your Capricorn New Moon intentions from January 11, 2024, are coming to fruition. How is your 3D everyday life going?

Since January 2024, the Capricorn experience has taken you from 20 to 1 degree in your natal chart. The Capricorn New Moon and the Capricorn Full Moon calculate this. The…

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June 2024 Forecast

June 1 – 30, 2024 Astrological Look Welcome to June 2024! There is a lot of movement of planetary activity in airy Gemini this month! Jupiter and Sedna are now…

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