Earth Mother “Panchamama” Full Moon frees your mind to awaken the 5D Eco-Frequency

Taurus Full “Earth Mother’s Moon” at 19 degrees Taurus on November 12, 2019 at 5:34 AM PDT/8:34 AM EST/1:34 PM UK


The Full Moon in Taurus awakens your lower mind to perceive the glory of the Higher Mind. Mother Earth “Panchamama” shifts you into 5D Eco-consciousness. The 4th Lunar Mansion pulls the Sword (Higher Mind) from the Stone (ordinary mundane world). Uranus is supercharging the electromagnetic field of the Earth to shift you into higher ground. Venus, ruler of Taurus, reaches the same 13th degree of the 1st Quarter Sagittarius “Seeker’s Moon”. Venus seeds your “Earth Mother’s Moon” experience by helping you bloom towards finding ways to feel lighter and more free. Let go of logic and free your mind. This frees your heart which frees your feelings – your Shakti creative POWER!

Realizations are your great wealth this week. What are you ready to foster and cultivate? It all starts with the powers of Mercury at the quantum field of your Mind. Expand yourself and get into action with the Pleiadian Line-up starting November 17th!

Mars, ancient ruler of Scorpio, accelerates feelings of inevitability of the momentum that is building and is here this week. Take…

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