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Lucky Libra New Moon

Lucky Libra New Moon Lunar Cycle Begins with Jupiter!

Lucky New Moon in Libra happens Friday, September 30, 2016 at 5:11 PM PST! The first sign of Luck is this is a 2nd New Moon in September making it a Black New Moon. The second sign is Jupiter, planet of Benevolent good Fortune is conjunct the Sun and Moon! Hooray!

You may be wondering what all the hoopla is about. When Jupiter shows up, this awesome frequency E X P A N D S everything it shines upon. So with the New Moon lunar cycle starting in Libra, Jupiter gives a big boost to all Libra themes. A word of caution, if you are misaligned in Libra’s shadow, Jupiter will expand that, too! So stay in your awareness and choose the lighter side of Libra this month.


Libra is a Cardinal Air sign in the zodiac, meaning that Libra is the leader that initiates action within the element of Air. Libra is very social, loves community, beauty and connecting with others through ideas, relationships and authentic interactions.

Libra is represented by the scales of Justice and seeks to find balance through harmony in all relationships. The scales balance duality:  light and dark, good and evil. When one is out of balance, the other has to go into an extreme to shift the energy back to harmony. The Goddess Justice is blind so it is with our heart of connections that we “see” and feel the truth. We can learn so much about ourselves and our relationships through Libra.

Libra loves connections and the coming together of shared ideas – like its sister Air sign, Aquarius. Libra likes to socialize and get to know people through conversations – like it’s brother Air sign, Gemini. Hopefully you are getting to know the Air element much better.

Libra holds the truth that the power of Connections can overcome any inequality and injustice. Libra gains strength through solidarity. The idea of “Divide and conquer.” is a very real discordant frequency when it comes to Libra wishing to bring people together. Strength in numbers is Libra’s antidote to separation. It’s interesting that Libra’s opposite – Aries, when in the shadow would definitely be all about dividing to conquer!

Libra teaches us to respect the rights of others. A betrayal of human rights is a crime against ALL life. It’s not random that #BlackLivesMatter is happening. We are seeing that our society is divided, human rights are being violated, people are being murdered because of fear and hatred. This is the extreme shadow of the Libra-Aries axis. When the extreme shows up like this, it is a “Call to Action” to rise up together in solidarity. Strength in numbers is how we overcome adversity. Power of Connections can overcome injustice. Power is in the hands of the people when they are in union. Never forget that!


During this Libra lunar cycle, Pluto in Capricorn will square, or create tension, with the New Moon, Sun, Jupiter expansion. Pluto goes direct on 9/26/16 and we are poised to take our power back and transform old dilapidated structures and institutions that do not server our collective good. Pluto is the planet of power and transformation. When power shifts, it can come with volitility, violence and/or disruptions. Pluto is volcanic in nature and to transform, Pluto needs to blow things up!

Tune into where Libra is in your personal Natal Astrology chart. What house does Libra rule for you? Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th House of Relationships. Libra invites you to seek balance, harmony and equality with the house that it rules for you personally with this lunar cycle. The New Moon begins 9/30/16, the Full Moon expands into fullness on 10/15/16 and ends with the Balsamic Moon phase in Libra beginning on 10/27/16.

The secret to balance is focus. Pay attention to what it is that holds your focus. If it is negative and not serving your highest good, shift your focus to what does. Gaze upon the Half Moon pose above. In order to find your strength in this pose, you must first find a focus and align into the pose. Let this pose guide you this cycle.

Collectively, this lucky Libra lunar cycle helps open expansive possibility of living in a world that is based on high-frequency Libran themes:  balance, harmony, equality, justice and peace for all. Address what keeps us as a collective out of balance. Acknowledge the abuse of power in our world and connect to Mars going into Capricorn during this cycle. Mars is cool-headed, calls the shots, is in charge and sets his goals with the courage to see them through.

We can do this through the power of Connections, Solidarity and standing up for Justice for All.

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