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Love Letter from Soul ~ Leo 1st Quarter Moon

1st Quarter Leo “Actor’s Moon” at 29 degrees on May 19, 2021, at 12:12 PM PDT/4:12 AM EDT. Lunar week: 05/19-25/2021

The 1st Quarter Leo Moon returns again to assist the ending of the Sun’s journey through Taurus. The Sun in Taurus roots the Spring energy into the Earth to produce beauty and bounty. This is Part 2 of the Leo “get into action” power that began its journey on April 19th. This week Sun moves through the Pleiades as the Moon opens your heart to let your inner child come out to play. During this Pleiadian lineup of the week of May 15-19th, how have you been dancing with the Seven Sisters?

The Moon ignites a second layer of emotional fire within you this week that was started on April 19th. Now begins a week of karmic destiny unfolding from the last four weeks. Your emotional body is bringing into resolution something that your Soul has left for you in another lifetime. This time Jupiter brings you a deeper harmonic understanding from Soul to counterbalance your lunar experience this week.

Again, the 1st Quarter phase of the Leonine energy breaks through old, stuck, and sometimes negative, emotional patterns. Use the Sun and Moon’s energy to uncover where resistance, adversity, and procrastination is in your life. See these moments as opportunities to shift, change, and grow. This lunar energy is known as the “Actor’s Moon”. This is the time to remove masks and become aware of any roles you are playing that are in conflict with your true Self. Look for anything that is going against your nature or gets under your skin. These are areas that you will have the greatest victories this week.

Making it Fit your Personal Power:

Check your Leo and Taurus-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart for taking these cosmic insights and personalize how this energy is showing up in your personal life. Join the Lunar Ladies Astrology community or join the Inner Circle to experience group guidance on how to do this. Take the “Decoding the Secrets of your Astrology Chart” course and join the Astro Practice Lab for even deeper results.

Sedna – Sun Conjunction:

The Sun forms a conjunction with Sedna to bring back into focus that your self-conscious awareness is invited to look at your Sedna wounds. This moment, at 29 degrees Taurus, is a critical pause for karmic reorganization. The Sun says to seek answers from within, even if it goes against the status quo. Sedna says to in order to optimize your own goals and joy, you need the wisdom of others to enhance your totality of being. There will be many public voices touting this or that. Tune into the wisdom of your own body to feel whether or not their voices are actually sharing the truth.

Consciously or not, each one of us struggles to develop our own set of highly personalized values. Examine your highest aspirations with eternal, universal truths. Check-in with your own laws around morality. Turn within and bring your mind into a relaxed state to allow your Heart chakra to speak to your surface mind. In this higher state of awareness, the vibration of love filters out the noise and you can truly come into a serene state of your total essence as a Spirit taking on human form. That’s the Sedna-Sun power to heal this week.

Planets at Play:

Let’s look at Mars’ current relationship to Saturn and the Moon’s relationship to Pluto Retrograde this week. These two aspects are preparing you for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse that starts the summer Eclipse season where Jupiter and Mercury reign surpreme.

Mars feels that whatever you pretend to be is really what you yearn to become. Saturn gives you a structural foundation to build this version of your passion for your future. Saturn receives this desire and teaches Mars that normal everyday life can lead you to exciting visionary outcomes. What is your everyday life teaching you?

The Moon enters into your Heart chakra at this critical moment to reinstate that when you maintain a high measure of spiritual integrity, you will have confidence in life. It is this confidence that will support Mars’ yearning to be. Pluto, the Lord of Karma, gifts you this retrograde time to transmute patriarchal, authoritative programming in your life. Pluto reminds you that the seeker of the ultimate realization of Self must hold to the path with resolute steadfastness. 2021 is no joke. Take heed and listen to the wisdom of the Cosmos. Change your ways so that you are in alignment with how your Higher Self is calling your lower self into being.

1st Quarter Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action
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“I feel EARTH and FIRE to CHANGE old patterns to breakthrough my obstacles this week!”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Phase: First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! The waxing Leo Moon square builds FIXED universal Qi to increase your power. 
  • The Actor’s Moon Part 2
  • 12th Lunar Mansion “The Fall”
  • #29 Human Design Gateway “Perseverance”
  • Hint:  look to your Leo-ruled House for your answers. Get your Natal Oracle or join us in the Lunar Ladies Club for personalized support. 
  • To get the full Cosmic downloads, join the Lunar Ladies Astrology club and sign up for the “Your Soul Blueprint Guide for the Cosmos” introductory Astrology course.


: — : 1ST QUARTER PHASE : — :

The 29 degree Leo Moon moves you through resistance: OPTIMISM

An unsealed letter with vital information”

Spiritual integrity generates empowering confidence.

The Leo 1st Quarter Moon invites you to be the power of living with spiritual integrity. This is happening in your Leo-ruled House in your Natal Chart. Together with the Taurus Sun, the Leo 1st Quarter Moon wants you to purge who you are associating with. Look into the mirror to see how much you really trust yourself. What is the way that you trust yourself? For me, I listen to what my heart and my gut say. It is up to me if I follow my own internal ways of wisdom. Once you feel empowered and confident in your ability to trust your true Self, then you can more easily recognize who and what to trust in your external world. Take action to clean up your space. The contents of the letter in the Sabian Symbol’s image is the wisdom stored in your sacred Heart’s intelligence.

What needs to be purged within you so that you can listen to your heart more? Like an actor on a stage, will you play a part or will you have the confidence and courage to be the real you? Find the continuity between your being and your doing. Identify what needs to manifest as an evolved behavior so that your true Self can be realized. As you do this, you create a very stable personality that allows for your greatest personal potential.

The wisdom being shared by the Moon and Sun plus the accompanying planetary players will support you to be very successful in your life this week! Be confident and grow with passion and play!

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