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Love 2.0: Virgo Full Moon Spins Fate and Heals

The first Full Moon of the Lunar New Year happens at 11 degrees Virgo on March 1, 2018 at 4:51 PM PST/7:51 PM PST. This is the Spinner’s Moon of Fate ~ a turning point for Humanity to pull it together! South Node in Aquarius “the Human Community” must make a spiritual connection to this Fated Moon. Who’s listening? Who’s dreaming of a better future?

Remember there is no future when you are not present to the Now. Focusing on the “have not’s” of the past continues to repeat the disharmony of the past. History dares repeats itself. Why? Because you are not present in the Now to create the Future you truly desire. You are The Creator of your Reality. Reality begins in the quantum field of Thought fueled by the power of emotions. What you think and feel ripples out into the Universe. What are you creating? Hmmm….

Full Moon Energetics 101:

The Full Moon’s energy is about release and celebration.  As you journey and merge with the Moon’s power, you have multiple opportunities to release what no longer serves your higher Good during each lunar cycle. Each Full Moon you can clear and cleanse your energetic space. The more you do it, the clearer your vibration becomes. As you clear, you strengthen your Auric field. The more clear you are, the more you want to celebrate. So if you are clearing and cleansing with each Full Moon, you will soon be celebrating and rejoicing with the magnetic joy the fullness that the Full Moon truly brings.

Healing through the Mirror:

I kept getting the “feeling” to look to the Sun with this Full Moon’s energy. The Sun’s vibration feels so important now. The Moon does not emit its own natural light. It merely reflects and mirrors the Sun’s light as She travels through the phases. When the Moon is full, She is reflecting the fullness’ of the Sun in that moment.

When the Full Moon is in Virgo, She is reflecting the fullness of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac wheel and governs compassion, joy and kindness. Pisces is the portal to the 5th Dimension of Unity consciousness and Love 2.0. The Sun and Moon move into their 180 degree relationship at 11 degrees. “11” is the Master Healer number and carries the  power of dissonance. Eleven represents “all one” energy and dissolves discordant patterns of separation

Sabian Symbols Story:  Sun & Moon

11 Virgo: “AFTER THE WEDDING, THE GROOM SNATCHES THE VEIL AWAY FROM HIS BRIDE.” KEYNOTE: The penetrating and unveiling power of the trained mind. Physical action with spiritual overtones. In ancient cosmologies Woman is the element of nature. Nature is fulfilled by transcending her through spiritual meaning. The “training of the mind” is a symbolic marriage ritual. The teacher-guru is here the priest who has performed the ritual. The Masculine is the dynamic positive part and the Feminine is the dream realized. The Keyword is UNVEILING. There can also be an unveiling of mysteries, long protected by secrecy.

11 Pisces Sun: “IN THE SANCTUARY OF AN OCCULT SISTERHOOD, NEWLY INITIATED MEMBERS ARE BEING EXAMINED AND THEIR CHARACTER TESTED.” KEYNOTE: The ever-repeated challenge presented to the individual by the group in which he has claimed acceptance — the challenge to prove himself and his ability to assume responsibility effectively. Life demands that you stand up and own one’s self. The “initiate” has found her place, and must prove herself. She has become a part of an integral Whole. She has the opportunity to prove her worth. KEYWORD:  QUALIFICATION

Steering the Energy in your Favor:

Earth Trine Kite with the Pisces Sun as the Tail. Let the Sun be the guiding force of the is Full Spinner’s Moon. The Sun is super important now. Find the Pisces Sun in your chart. What House does Pisces occupy for you? Release the shadow of Pisces:  victim, martyr, escapists, addict and sacrificial lamb energy. As you do, you steer the Earth Trine of harmony in the material world. Yes, that is the future you want to create now! That’s in alignment with Gaia’s essence:  Abundance, Service to the Divine and Legacies of Love.

There are three Yods ~ “Hands of God” in this Full Moon alignment. What you want to do to stabilize and ground this electric spiritual energy is make a connection to the divine truth of  the relationships of Aquarius South Node (Soul Pattern) to the Virgo Full Moon, Leo North Node (Soul Expansion) to the Pisces Sun and Uranus in Aries (Who am I now?) to Jupiter in Scorpio (Primordial Self). Make spiritual connections between the patterns found in your community and within your culture to its current emotional nature (is it reacting from fear or responding from truth). Expand your Heart chakra to be a channel of unconditional Love and forgiveness. Awaken your true Soul identity by connecting deeply to your primordial origins. Piece of cake right? Always grab your Natal chart to see what Houses these Yods are appearing.

Power Puja Prayers:

The nature of the Full Spinner’s Moon in Virgo, invokes the power of the first Doctor, the Medicine Buddha. Lunar Ladies resident Tibetan retired Lama, Lhakpa Sherpa offers a Medicine Buddha healing circle to release obstacles and increase your healing energies. Offer your energetic exchange between $5-20 to complete the Circle of Prayers. 10% of donations will be given to Two Dog Farms Korean Jindo Dog Rescue. Your donation include your name and the names of 11 others to be added to the Puja Fire on the Full Moon. You may send your donations to:  Power Puja Circle and email your names to:

Join us Live in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group for insights and tips on drawing down this Spinner’s Full Moon in Virgo. Participate live and receive the blessings of the Medicine Buddha Puja, too, on March 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM PST.

Tashi Delek!

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