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Align with Your Higher Self

Natal Charts and Intuitive Astrological Counseling with Shannon

Buy one reading and get a second for free! Shannon’s “Two for One” Birthday sale happens from June 20-24, 2024. Birthday Special includes New & Full Moon Oracle reading, New Client 1:1 reading, and Chart-Check-ins.

Try this:

  • You and a friend pool resources to buy one reading and get the second for free.
  • Stock up and have an extra reading whenever you need it.
  • Buy a reading and give the second one as a gift.


Join a small, intimate group session to learn how to align your personal astrology with the current cosmic conditions.

Two sessions happen twice a month to help you understand and navigate issues in your life with astrology. Gain clarity and discover an action plan to generate more calm, peace, and surety.

* Special-priced Oracle Readings *:

Oracle Readings & Astrology Charts + Reports

Oracles are a quantum leap in your evolutionary growth

Payment plans are available – send a request.

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