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Align with Your Higher Self

Natal Charts and Intuitive Astrological Counseling with Shannon

The Annual Holiday Sale is ON!

Sitewide sale on Intuitive readings and Charts & Reports happening now through 12/31/22. Stock up for 2023 ~ no expiration date! Scroll down to find the savings. Watch for BOGO specials to grab a great deal on courses for $99 each starting 11/27/22! A bundle of 3 courses is available now! Check out my signature On-Demand Courses here.

All Holiday sales will benefit Lyra’s Fundraiser! Thank you!

ZIP is available to make purchases with 4 interest-free payments! Other payment plans are available – send me a request.

Understand Your Soul Power

Take a quantum leap in your evolutionary growth.

Charts, Reports, & Oracle Readings

The Oracles offer soul-enriched insights into who you are and why you’re here.

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