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Lightning Strikes! 1st Quarter “Rebel’s Moon” Liberates your Soul!

1st Quarter Aquarius “Rebel’s Moon” at 11 degrees on November 4, 2019 at 2:22 AM PDT/5:22 AM EST/10:22 AM UK


The “Lightning energy” continues from last week’s Scorpio New Moon. SHAZAM! Here is the Rebel’s Moon arriving at 11 (Master Healer number) degrees Aquarius ~ electric Air. The 1st Quarter Moon gets you into action and you are receiving a Shamanic initiation from the North Nodal wave in Cancer. Even the symbol for the Rebel’s Moon is “A woman struck by lightning”! Yes, I can’t make this up!

Uranus, the Sky God and ruler of Aquarius, is super activated too this week. Uranus now traveling through Taurus, aligns with Venus (Taurus’ ruler) in a YOD lightning formation. Venus seeks her religious freedom and liberation as her Gypsy Soul is turned on in Sagittarius. Definitely dream, plan, and initiate a long-term dream or bucket list journey! Where does your Soul crave to go? For me, it’s Ireland, Scotland, and Wales – just sayin’! The retrograde motion of Uranus reminds you this is karmic in nature to help resolve old, old issues in your life. Venus’ Azoth Symbol is “A city constructed to reflect and emanate universal harmony.” Look to your Taurus and Sagittarius ruled Houses in your Natal chart to see how you are building this futuristic city of Light!

11:11 Vortex strikes again!

The 1st Quarter Aquarius Moon is 11 degrees and happens during the 11:11 Vortex on November 11th when Mercury transits the Sun! WHAT??!! I love Mercury RX’s appearance as Uranus, his Elder Brother and Sky God, lords over this Aquarian-Uranian week of powerful changing of future timelines! This leads up to the Pleiadian Line-up, aka “Starseed Christmas” coined by my good friend and colleague Irma Kaye Sawyer of Brightstar. The Earth Mother Full Moon/Gaia Moon cometh on November 12th bringing forth the crescendo energy of the 11:11 Vortex. Stay tuned for live events in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group!



1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Aquarius Moon (with a twist of Gemini AIR energy) forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Scorpio 2nd decan Sun (adding a twist of Pisces WATER energy). This waxing square builds FIXED universal Qi to increase your power. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar Fixed energy gives you the power to stabilize and attract your future wishes and hopes with Universal Qi energy through your week.  This force field is strong and ignites your inner Leader. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive rather than creative in nature with this type of energetic focus. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I free AIR and WATER to SHIFT old patterns to breakthrough my obstacles this week!”

Rebel’s Moon:  1st Quarter Aquarius Moon  “We Ain’t Gonna Take it!”

The Rebel’s Moon is ready to leave consensus reality and individuate. This Moon’s vibration will have you thumbing your nose at the mainstream and shrugging off all those “have-to’s” and “should’s”. Your inner Venus wants more freedom now so she is egging on the Rebel Moon to liberate you! The Rebel gives society the bird along with some Twister Sister that says, “No! We ain’t gonna take it!” This week will inspire many to become so annoyed and disgruntled that they bust out and demand something different. Uranus rules every Aquarian Moon phase and offers you the power of lightning to make quick and powerful changes. The Moon’s maternal nature reminds you to always check in to feel if that level of rebellious change is truly needed. Be inspired to step outside the box ~ more so to seek a better way and more advanced solutions!

25TH Lunar Mansion:  “The Butterfly Star”

Guarded by Saturn and Mercury, the 2nd decan Aquarius Moon aligns with the 25th Lunar Mansion this week. The 25th Lunar mansion carries the “Butterfly effect” and appears to help you emerge from the deeper state of the Scorpio Underworld waters. Like a butterfly, you are working on metamorphosis. This week, energy stirs for you to break free of any chrysalis state you have been stagnating in. This stagnation can be rooted in a fear of truly being seen for who you really are. The 25th Lunar Mansion has an inward or internal quality so take your time emerging from this chrysalis state. Slowly and with feeling, emerge newly born. Connect with your inner well of deep wisdom and like the Water Bearer of Aquarius, dip into this beautiful consciousness. Spend time this week visiting your Akashic Records and your Higher Guides to help you connect with your well of wisdom. It is your job now to share this ancient wisdom with others. Shower them with what you have uncovered in your chrysalis state. Drink from your well of eternal Soul and ascended mastery. Practice the fine art of protecting this sacred place, too. For this is your internal and eternal source of nourishment.


Moon vs. Sun

: — : MOON : — :

The 1st Quarter Aquarius Moon at 11 degrees moves through your blocks with this image:
“A woman struck by lightning is miraculously unharmed.”

The 1st Quarter Aquarius Moon manifests an energy of protection for you from almost anything!  All you need to understand is that it is one’s own karma that can be dangerous (meaning that you don’t understand its true nature) and not anything outside the self. When you clear your karma, you protect yourself by clearing negativity from your life. Life is always supporting your process of evolution! When you attune to your greater reality from your Soul’s perspective, you naturally come into the pure joy of your being.

North Nodal wave of Destiny is currently radiating at 10 degrees Cancer. This energy sends lightning into the Moon this week. The North Nodal wave appears as “A hidden treasure waits to be found.” Destiny wants you to know that it is normal to experience anxiety that something is missing in your life. Is there something you need to be doing with your life now? The Rebel Moon liberates you to not be afraid! When you tune into what might be missing, this is a good thing. Why? This means you are ready to evolve and ready to free yourself from old (past life) burdens. Know that you will find your treasure. Have patience and know that it is already yours.

Where is this happening in your Natal chart?


: — : SUN : — :

The 2nd decan Scorpio Sun at 11 degrees appears as
“A woman with a collection of rocks shaped like hearts.”

The Scorpio Sun is helping you find a repeated pattern in your everyday reality to help you heal past sorrow. Your pattern will show up as a synchronicity. Ooo! You are certain to find it this week, says the Sun. The question you need to answer is, what does the pattern mean to you? When your unhealed heart is cleared of past pain, the everyday reality of your life becomes extraordinary. Pain shows up as places in your heart that have hardened – follow those places until they yield their secrets to you. Let the Spirit of Love transform them, even if it feels arduous. It’s worth it!!

Mars, ancient ruler of Scorpio, twins Isis at 20 degrees Libra. He appears as “The sea as still as a mirror.” Mars and Isis power your mind to be still. The vast depths of your consciousness want all external emotional turbulence to subside. You are invited to experience Nirvana. You are going much deeper into every aspect of your conscious awareness this week. Clear your mind and you will exude a personal energy that is transcendent and healing. Find this serenity within, even if it is only experienced for a few moments.


Wrap Up:

Lunar Ladies ClubThe Scorpio New Moon rages to free your inner Child from past oppression. The 1st Quarter Aquarius Moon takes that energy and liberates your Soul with love and lightning! Follow the path of the pieces of your broken heart to find the pattern that heals you. Still your mind to experience Nirvana. A hidden treasure awaits your dedication and devotion to your Soul’s evolution. Take full advantage of the energy available to you when you follow the Moon and put your Natal chart into action. Take quick action, like a lightning bolt, and apply to join the  Lunar Ladies VIP Club this week. Take action and jump into the Inner Circle. Apply to join today to see if it is feels right for you at this time in your life.

The 1st Quarter Moon in the Scorpio lunar cycle is asking you to take action for your future. What does your heart wish to leave behind so you can capture the spirit of Love to fast forward you?  Knowing your chart reconnects you to the memories of when you signed up to live your best life on Planet Earth in the 21st century. And believe me, it was a great plan you created. Now it is time to enact it! Right here and right now!

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