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Lift up your Voices! Leo Full Moon 2023

Leo “Queen’s Moon” Full Moon @ 16 degrees ~ February 5, 2023, at 10:28 AM PST/1:28 PM EST

The Leo Full Moon is known as the “Queen’s Moon”. This Full Moon lifts you up to see how you create as a divine being. This week your Aquarius New Moon plus your Leo New Moon intentions from July 28, 2022, are coming to fruition. During that time the Cosmos set into motion the power of your perception. Jupiter went retrograde bringing an expansive ability to see at a microscopic level.

In 2022, the Leo lunar experience has taken you from 5 to 16 degrees. This is calculated by the Leo New Moon and the Leo Full Moon. The Moon has moved from the first to the second decan of Leo bringing into the mix Sagittarius energy. This coincides with the power of Jupiter being brought to fruition in your life. Jupiter went retrograde at 8 degrees Aries last year. During the last two weeks of the Aquarius lunar cycle, Jupiter will finally exit the shadow of its RX journey on February 16th. Now Jupiter expands the energy of Draconic Uranus from the ancient past. Jupiter’s message is, “In order to liberate your Soul, follow your own path and act of your own free will!”

Uranus Time-out! T-Square Power

Uranus is the focal point of the Full Moon’s astrological alignment with the Sun. Uranus is in a T-square to the Sun and Full Moon. This energy is known as a “Time-Out” from the Universe. The underlying energy of Uranus is prompting you to make a choice to be all the way in or all the way out. Uranus says, “Half-hearted warriors die on the battlefield of life.” To liberate yourself to enjoy the greater opportunities that Earth school has to offer you, you must be connected to your “Game on!” energy. Uranus wants to help you be fully engaged with your Soul Purpose passion in 2023-2025. The reason for this is that your Soul’s journey is not about the outcome or the destination. Your Soul’s journey is about the experience of moving from here to there. It is all about your process. It’s not so much purpose as it is your passion with which you do your purpose. Take a time-out to get realigned with your passion so that you can be fully present to live your life at the moment making the best possible choices with each breath and each heartbeat!

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Full Moon + Sun Medicine = Scorpio Power

Uranus is the T-square focus point to the Full Moon and Sun. This 3-pointed alignment is enhanced by an invisible force. That force is Scorpio. Scorpio is the hidden aspect of this powerful T-square. Being hidden is how Scorpio energy works the best! Scorpio holds the polarity point of Uranus. Let’s take a look at the midpoint degree of Scorpio. It carries the nurturing energy of Cancer as it is the 2nd decan of Scorpio at 15 degrees.

The midpoint of Scorpio points to the power of inner happiness. One of the greatest secrets is that no one or nothing can move you from your center of being if you are connected to your inner joy. When you are emanating from your personal peace, you come into a deeper alignment with the nature of the world. This combined connection is an agreement between you and Mother Earth to magnetize and draw to you everything you need to sustain your inner happiness. Give it a try, smile from the inside out, and see what happens to the world around you!

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Venus and Mars: Square Dancing

At the time of the Full Moon, Venus enjoys her sojourn through the heavenly waters of Pisces. Venus assists you to call upon your Council of Ancestors to lift you up so that you can fulfill your sacred incarnational promises. Their combined message for you is to utilize the power of the traditions of your family tree. What time-honored ways have been passed down to you from ages long ago? Connect with this energy under the light of the Full Moon and through Venus’s passage in Pisces.

Mars is strengthened by the exaltation of Venus. She sends a rainbow from Heaven to realign Mar’s power and strength in your physical body. Mars is helping you understand the power of faith in your life. Faith is the power behind how manifestation works in the material world. Where is your faith now? What are you grateful for? This is a key for you to know what you have faith in.

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Neptune: Ancient Memories of the Future

Neptune sits in the Sun’s Aquarius position in the Draconic chart of the Full Moon. This means that the Sun is highlighting ancient energetics from the past. Aquarius is the sign that typifies the time of Atlantis. Neptune, the Great Mystic of the Cosmos, is reminding you to step into your Soul’s light now rather than the personality of your ego. Who are you as a Soul? Were you incarnated during the time of Atlantis?

The Draconic Sun appears at 8 degrees Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol is visualized as “An Angel carrying a harp”. The angelic frequency is synonymous with Neptune or Soul energy. The inherent message of this symbol states that worldly success is achieved via spiritual attainment. At the time of the Full Moon, call to yourself your ancient memories from the past, especially if you were alive during Atlantis.

Tarot Lesson: Strength and the Sun

In the Tarot, Leo and the Sun are represented by the Strength and the Sun cards in the Major Arcana. The Strength card is the Leo card. In this card, strength is personified by surrendering to a more superior strength that comes from within. The woman in the card is the Divine Feminine that knows how to tame the lion through gentleness. The lion is the symbol of your subconscious. Your subconscious is tamed through care, softness, and commanding confidence in your own power to control your mind.

The Sun is the card of the Sun, the ruler of Leo. The Sun is the Divine Child of light that is the true nature of your Soul. The Sun brings happiness and joy. The Divine Child knows beyond a measure of doubt that you are blessed and beloved. To embody the Leo energy is to embody your divine right to be born of Love by Source creation. Allow yourself to feel your divine essence and from this place of gentleness and joy can you tame the power of your divine Mind.

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“I feel FIRE and WATER to RELEASE the power of my divine Heart!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions to fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On July 28, 2022, was the Leo New Moon at 5 degrees ~ healing your emotional Soul and body. Has your life transformed since then?
  • The Leo Full Moon is the “Queen’s Moon“: February 5-12, 2023
  • The Leo Full Moon passes through the 11th Lunar Mansion ~ “Great Fortune”
  • The Leo Full Moon passes through the 7th Human Design Gateway ~ “Self in Interaction”
  • Hint:  look to your Leo and Aquarius-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Sun and Uranus, plus your 5th and 11th Houses for your answers.
  • The 3rd Quarter Scorpio “Raging Moon”: February 13-18, 2023
  • Next New Moon in Pisces: February 19, 2023
  • To personalized support: New Client Session or 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.
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“A volunteer Church Choir”

The prayerful act of chanting is spiritual communion beyond self-surrender and self-proclamation.

The Leo Full Moon shines emotional light on what can happen when a group of souls gathers together in the name of love and joy. This is how goodness and grace enter into the Collective Energy (C.E. = Current Era). The time of the Full Moon is a powerful time to celebrate. The Aquarius Sun cycle loves to bring people of like mind and heart together. The symbol of the choir denotes the power of voices singing in prayer together to make the song more potent. Lift up your voice with others and sing the praises of love and joy for all to hear! (I remember when I was young, the Catholic nuns told me that when you sing, you pray twice.)

The Leo New Moon reminds you that perception is everything. What you perceive, you can conceive in the material world of manifestation. Practice integrating the past with the present to reformulate a brand-new future. Learn from your past to see what you can change in the now to widen your perspective. How can you bring more happiness to your life?

The Aquarius Sun is helping you create healthy boundaries and understand how to protect those boundaries at the same time. It is easier to instill healthy boundaries with like-minded friends who support you to be your best. Allow yourself to gain confidence in setting up your healthy boundaries and defending them with those you love and trust. This will help empower you to defend your boundaries with those who do not have your best interests at heart. Take this time to gain strength and build your inner confidence.

Get ready for the New Moon in Pisces happening on February 19, 2023!

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