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Life at the Crossroads: Past or Future? You Decide with Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon ~ “ The Father’s Son” ~ at 4 degrees on January 24, 2020, at 1:41 PM PST/2:41 PM MST/3:41 PM CST/4:41 PM EST


Are you ready to set your next 10 years into motion with the current fast forward momentum of the Universe? The Sun and Moon align to wake you up to the current energetic state of your lifetime. Right now, you are being activated by the Cosmos. The Cosmos are directly connecting you to your deep KNOWING that all is ultimately for the purpose of furthering evolution and fostering the good. You and all of humanity are being called to seek the Garden of Love. How can this really happen?

There is a crossroad present – it is the place where the roads of the past and future meet. At the crossroads, you can choose to continue to repeat your unconscious past or be here NOW to create your awakened future. Know that you are always in the act of creating whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously. When you awaken to your powers to create, you can take your power back to initiate cause and effect of that which is “light-filled”. This is the karma of Merit. In this ego state separated from Soul, we are all sleepwalkers, being actors in each other’s dreams – until we all enter the perfect awakened state of Nirvana.

There will be an awakening of Christ Consciousness in the future. Be the energetic field that creates this possibility!

Awakening the Inner Masculine and Feminine:

The “Father’s Son Moon” is rebirthing the inner Masculine vibration. Your inner Masculine is healing the loss of things. The loss of anything valued in your life can feel like a tragedy. But loss clears the way for something different to appear and has a valuable message that needs to be listened to. Allow yourself to absorb the messages that come to you through “loss”. Perceive how that which is stripped away opens the space to invite higher consciousness to fill that void. What the Universe desires for you to learn is “non-attachment.”

The Inner Feminine is working simultaneously with the Inner Masculine now. Your inner Feminine instinctively knows that there is no end to the knowledge of the Universe. You can experience infinite understandings from any event or situation in your life. You are reconnecting to the knowledge that the Universe is holographic, meaning that its completeness is found in fractals; the smallest parts. From the universal point of view, there is no beginning and no end. It is more a hologram of continual taking in and assimilating the wisdom that each experience offers.


WTF! – What the Frequency?

WTF – What the Frequency is the planetary playbook of available energy being created by the cosmic Gods and Goddesses for this New Moon cycle. Find out more by subscribing to “WTF?! What the Frequency”, the premier Lunar Ladies podcast.

As I look around to see the patterns of the Cosmos playing out in our world, I find it interesting that the current fad is for young people to dye their hair gray. The Aquarius New Moon speaks to this unconscious pull by the Universe that is playing itself out in our current culture. The symbol of the Moon’s polarity point is “A seemingly young person, but with gray hair.” The teaching here is that there is an innate desire to evolve one’s Self towards a more whole state of consciousness. Parts of ourselves are developed (the gray hair) and parts of ourselves are underdeveloped (the young person). What is being asked of each person is to grow and develop both sides of Self: Heart and Mind. When you love more, you actually become wiser and more intelligent.

What needs to grow within you in 2020? Where in your life can you love more?

** Mercury will be the first planet to go retrograde during this lunation after five weeks of direct motion, on February 16, 2020. Mercury will be teaching you how to maintain a cheerful and joyful attitude no matter what the outer circumstances of your life may be. See the potential good in everything. As you do, you will have enough Light to counter times of darkness and uncertainty. You will aide in uplifting the spirits of others.

** Saturn and Uranus are being called to work together. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and Uranus is the modern-day ruler since March 13, 1781. Saturn appears as “During a ritual, a living woman is wrapped like an Egyptian mummy.” This degree innately realizes that sometimes it needs to completely let go of an old way of being and be reborn anew. The problem is, that old energy from a past existence, if not cleared sufficiently, will come back to limit and oppress one until it is cleared away. This process of death and rebirth may have to happen multiple times until the clearing finally occurs.

** Uranus squares the Sun and New Moon in the first decans of the Fixed energy of Aquarius and Taurus. Man and Bull are helping you create change in your life. Are you ready to be done with unfulfilling situations? You have to find ways out of old, set patterns so that a higher vibration can be attained within you. Your work now requires a whole new level of consciousness. Trust your instincts to guide you to energies that can help.

**Venus rules Taurus. The Goddess Hathor was known as the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, joy, and love and is directly connected to Venus. Hathor, Venus, and all the Goddesses associated with cattle, deeply believe in the abundance of nature. You are remembering that when you allow yourself to be receptive to what life is offering you, you can draw to yourself all that you need. What enhances this energy in your life is sharing this knowledge of the forces of nature with others. This is what helps humanity to get back to pure spirituality and unearth the temple of the New Moon symbol (below). **Side note: Mercury will retrograde on Venus’ New Moon degree. This is important as they are telling you they are working together for you in your life. Merge with your inner Feminine and your lower mind during this lunation. Venus will retrograde in Gemini from May 12 to June 24, 2020.



~ Time to Break it ALL down! ~

New Moon Dynamics:

New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions and put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul free from ego attachments.

A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact same degree in the sky. The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater creative forces of the Galaxy. Find your Aquarius-ruled House in your Natal chart as well as your Natal Saturn and Uranus to be your guides. Also, look to your 11th House to see what is happening there. Apply to join the Lunar Ladies Club to support your personal development and acceleration. Discover the power of the Father’s Son Moon to level up and merge with your Future Self in the next 10 years!

“Father’s Son Moon”:  Rebirthing your inner Masculine

The Aquarius New Moon is called the “Father’s Son Moon” and the planetary power is rebirthing the inner Masculine frequency into a higher state of creation. The “Father’s Son” Moon” carries the hope of the future utilizing the wisdom of the Higher Mind intelligence. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is Father Sky and draws forth a new cycle of future innovations, pioneering efforts, and new consciousness into you in the Year of the Rat. Here the Divine Masculine is given new opportunities to upgrade your consciousness to fit the hopes and dreams of the Collective Soul of humanity. This brings our world into a recalibrated state of being; one that is filled with hope and promise of a global community family. The 2020s decade is merging with the harmonic balance of both the Feminine and the Masculine in their original, core vibrational essence.

Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Aquarius-ruled House. Feel into what this new 10-year cycle feels like. What does your future look like? What is the mission of your life’s work? What promises did you make with Source before this incarnation? Connect with Shannon when you remember the truth of who you are and why you are here on planet Earth at this time. Shannon offers very empowering personal 1:1 Coaching. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to experience supportive and safe group coaching with other women who are desiring to live from their Souls. Sign up for a free Discover Call chat here.

Moon & Sun in the 24th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Star of Good Fortune”

The Aquarius New Moon passes through the 24th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic mansion is guarded by Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. The traditional image of the 24th Lunar Mansion is a mother breastfeeding her child. This is the energy of peace after birth. As the tumultuous energy swirls to break apart that which no longer serves the Greater Good in the collective; peace, joy, and new life are on the horizon. As the mother and child are free from the labor and pangs of birth, the flooding of endorphins and oxytocin fills the body with euphoria. The medicine of this Mansion gives you exactly what you need to feel whole. The 24th Mansion signals it is time to begin to dream again after a long period of feeling like you have just been surviving. Watch for elements of the old, traditional ways of being to counteract the Aquarian way of busting out and being unique and different. Reflection will help you rectify how both ways can benefit you as you dream a new world, a new life and a new you into Being.


“Gradually the wind unearths a temple buried in the sand.”

The Aquarius Sun and New Moon open up memories from long ago. Another time, another world. Thought processes can obscure knowledge by twisting it, misreading it, and shifting it. This has been part of the negative programming on the planet for thousands of years. In order to dominate and control large groups of people, you have to redirect attention and focus away from what is most important. The Aquarius New Moon carries a frequency of profound wisdom. This wisdom is to be found everywhere: in the rocks, the sand, and ancient monuments of antiquity. Your job this lunation is to clear away the debris of meaningless details and ignorance that have been buried in the depths of your mind. The Aquarius constellation wants you to know your truth. Seek the purity of divine essence amidst the current malaise of negative programming in your modern-day world. Be persistent to find your truth and the Truth.

The polarity point of the New Moon is 4 degrees Leo. This energetic point leaves an imprint in the Universal frequency that your Soul understands. This point’s energy has a burning desire for you to know what is at the core of things. You are being guided to understand the hidden aspects of reality. This energy is emanating from the Leo constellation which is pinging your Heart chakra. “To thine own self be true.” ~ find the hidden aspects of yourself. Your curiosity can lead you to many places – internally and externally. Let yourself go beyond the known. Don’t worry about making a plan, just let yourself go wherever you sense Divine Truth is leading you.

Little Brother Mercury has a message for his Aquarian Elder. Mercury appears as “In a pyramid a dark passageway filled with scorpions.” Mercury communicates that you could become afraid to progress at all if you spend too much time with fear-based trauma programming of the mainstream media. The media is engineered to trip you up and leave you in the dark. Instead, go lightly, carefully and intuitively into your own fears (Shadow work) for the purpose of clearing them. Call upon your Power Animals to meet your fears with confidence and spiritually protected. My favorite Power Animal journeys are with Shaman KK and her Shamanic Journey Circles and private healing sessions.


Wrap up:  Know your True SELF

The Aquarius New Moon lunation puts your future into fast forward motion. The deeper Soul message is to understand that certain aspects of you are far more developed and wise. You are being asked now to pay attention to the undeveloped part of you. This is required as you continue to evolve. Tune into these two aspects of Self and make strong intentions to grow and love your fellow human beings more fully. Your total Self can give freely to others the joy and wisdom you have.

By understanding your Astrology chart, you can see your gifts and what you are developing as a Soul. Working with Shannon, you will see what you have been working on for lifetimes. Your Soul gifts free you from limitations and propel you forward on your path. This is extremely joyful and liberating. It is your sacred work to know your true Self. When you think critically, ask questions, and explore what makes you, You; you change the world for the better.

Take the“Fantastic voyage” in the Soul Purpose Series in 2020 to unravel your personal DNA Soul blueprint. Then after you have traveled through your past timelines and dimensions, call your Soul energy back to be fully present as a badass Wise Warrior. Put yourself into cosmic action with the help and support of the Lunar Ladies Club and their topnotch energy power tools. The best investment of your time, money, energy, and Soul to jump in and never look back!

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