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Relaxation is Key – Libra Full Moon 2023

Libra “Artist’s Moon” Full Moon @ 16 degrees ~ April 5, 2023, at 9:34 PM PDT/12:34 AM EDT- 04/06/23

The Libra Full Moon is known as the “Artist’s Moon”. This Full Moon brings the spirit of community to your table. The Artist’s Moon guides you to bring beauty and balance to how you live your life. This week your Aries New Moon intentions from March 21, 2023, plus your Libra New Moon intentions from September 24, 2022, are coming to fruition. This Full Moon is the precursor to the Lunar Nodal shift on April 20, 2023. The karmic energy shifts from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra for the next 18 months. Part 2 of this Aries lunar cycle takes place with a solar eclipse on April 20th.

Look back to March 2006 when the Aries-Libra Lunar Nodes were last happening!

Since September 2022, the Libra lunar experience has taken you from 2 to 16 degrees in your natal chart. This is calculated by the Libra New Moon and the Aries Full Moon. The Moon has moved from the first decan to the second decan of Libra bringing into the mix Aquarius energy. This coincides with the future of Pluto in Aquarius ignited on March 23, 2023, to 2044.

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra Under this Full Moon, Venus returns home to dance with her Sisters of Light in the Pleiades. At 24 degrees, Venus embodies the community spirit showing how group joy brings each individual spiritual gifts. Mars is the ruling planet of the Aries lunation. Mars is in the “fall” energy as he travels through the watery sign of Cancer. As luck would have it, Mars is part of a Grand Water Trine to help lift up his spirits (see below).

Uranus YOD the Full Moon

Uranus sends a lightning bolt of awareness to awaken your inner core Self. At 17 degrees Taurus, Uranus brings to you the energy of making every day, and every moment, sacred. What can you do in your daily life, that makes how you experience it more profound and meaningful?

A YOD, or 150-degree angle, brings instability between the planets. Uranus creates instability in the Full Moon’s vibratory field. Pluto, now in Aquarius, lends support to Uranus and the Full Moon to ground this awakening energy in your bones. The weakness of the Full Moon chart is found in the Asteroid Lucifer at 12 degrees Pisces. Uranus and Lucifer can work harmoniously together to support the Libra Moon’s influence for bringing balance into your relationships. Over the next two weeks, the key is to enforce healthy boundaries for yourself. Have firmness and resolve when it comes to feeling victimized by others. Look to your family traditions or ways where you feel most strong and supported by the world for assistance.

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Lunar Nodes + WATER Trine of Harmony

A beautiful Grand Water Trine forms between Saturn in Pisces, Mars in Cancer, and the South Node in Scorpio. The Grand Water Trine turns into a Kite with the presence of the North Node in Taurus. The North Node becomes the rudder to guide this harmonic energy in your life. At 4 degrees Taurus, you are most empowered when you take control of your emotions and turn around how you respond to difficult situations in your life. This takes practice.

Mars is the weakest vibration in the Grand Trine due to his “fall” vibration in Cancer. Mars wants you to take care and nurture yourself instead of taking any angst energy and fighting others with it. Use Mars’s low energy now to tune more deeply into your emotional body and get the care you need. Rely upon your community, too. If you need to find your soul community, make intentions and burn your prayers to the Full Moon to have your true community show up in your life.

The Full Moon’s power is most strongly experienced in a community that supports you.

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Libra Tarot Lesson: Justice and the Empress

In the Tarot, Libra and its ruler Venus are represented by the Justice and the Empress cards in the Major Arcana. The Justice card is the Libra card. In this card, Justice is about accountability, fairness, and balance. Look for any relationships or situations where you are experiencing dishonesty, lack of balance, or unfairness. This is where you need to apply the wisdom of the Justice card. The Empress is the card of Venus. The Empress is the great Mother archetype and embodies the power of nurturing, creativity, sensuality, and passion. Look for any areas in your life where there is a lack of love, feeling unnurtured, or where your creativity is blocked. This is where the Empress can come into your life to give you sustenance and help you regain the crown you are meant to wear.

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“I feel AIR and FIRE to RELEASE the power of my relationships with myself and the world!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions to fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On September 26, 2022, was the Libra New Moon at 2 degrees ~ when a new day was dawning. Has your life transformed since then?
  • The Libra Full Moon is the “Artist’s Moon“: April 5-12, 2023
  • The Libra Full Moon passes through the 16th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Door”
  • The Libra Full Moon passes through the 57th Human Design Gateway ~ “Intuition”
  • Hint:  look to your Libra and Aries-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Venus and Mars, plus your 7th and 1st Houses for your answers.
  • The 3rd Quarter Capricorn “Miser’s Moon”: April 13-19, 2023
  • Next New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse – Karmic Part 2!: April 20, 2023
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“A retired sea captain”

Learn to relax.

The Libra Full Moon shines emotional light on your need to know how to fully relax your body, mind, and soul. Where in your life do you need to retire from stress and anxiety? Take time-outs and look for new ways to replenish yourself on a daily basis. The Sabian Symbol of “a retired sea captain” guides you to ponder what your life experiences have taught you and helped you to grow in your wisdom. Make a list of ways that you can retire from life and learn what are the best ways that you can relax. Make sure to help others by reminding them of the benefits of relaxation and living a more stress-free life.

The Aries Sun complements this direction to bring more relaxation into your life. The Sabian Symbol is “an empty hammock”. This denotes taking time out from the frenzy of life but also reminds you to not linger too long. To have a healthy balance requires both action and inaction. The Aries Sun prompts you to stay in your presence to know what you need at any given time. Contemplation is the root of inspiration. Focus on your breath and tune into when it is time to slow down and when it is time to take emboldened action. You will love the feeling of being in this healthy state of balanced awareness!

Get ready for the karmic New Moon in Aries Part 2 on April 20, 2023! The Lunar Nodes shift to Aries and Libra. Look back in your life to the years 2006-2008 – this is when the Lunar Nodes were last in Aries/Libra.

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