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Let your Higher Self Choose: Gemini New Moon 2023

New Moon in Gemini at 26 degrees on June 17, 2023, at 9:37 PM PDT; 12:37 AM EDT- 06/18/23

Welcome to the third New Moon of the 2023 Zodiac Year in Gemini. This New Moon lunar cycle is occurring in opposition to the Galactic Center. The New Moon and Sun are conjunct Vulcan and Asteroid Juno. There is a new law coming down from the Galactic Center that asks you to live in union with the rules of your Higher Self.

The Galactic Center of the Milky Way Universe is the place in the cosmos that generates truth and higher consciousness. The presence of Vulcan with the New Moon inspires you to commit to living the truth of your higher awareness on a daily basis. Juno draws a sacred circle for you to step inside the ecstatic union of the Hieros Gamos.

Gemini is the zodiac sign of the Twins and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules the lower mind which is the working element of manifestation. The lower mind’s challenge is choosing what to focus on. Whatever you focus your lower mind on, is what you attract and draw to yourself. This lunar cycle is directing your attention to choose wisely where you place your focus. Be vigilant in paying close attention to your thoughts and remember where attention goes, energy flows.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, has finally emerged in his home sign of Gemini and at the time of the New Moon is 11 degrees. Mercury is empowering your right to be free and express your soul’s unique character that has been developing over many lifetimes in the material world. Mercury joins with the message of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”. This is your job right now.

Neptune squares New Moon: Enlightenment or Illusion?

This New Moon is square to Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces. Neptune joins the power of this alignment to help you discern fact from fiction and illusion from reality. Neptune reminds you that there is more beauty to be found in the most ordinary aspects of life. The true advanced spiritual seeker knows that there are more spiritual teachings found in observing a butterfly in nature, than you may find in an organized religious ceremony. Learn about life by studying the love and beauty that is found in the symbiotic relationships in nature. How can you form more symbiotic relationships with others in your life?

Neptune is preparing to go retrograde on June 30, 2023, where that sojourn will make a square to the Galactic Center for you to review what’s really going on within yourself and within the collective of humanity. The Galactic Center is generating a clarion call for you to truly understand that the ideals and values of all people truly fit together. This belief that we are separate as a human race is a lie. The ways that we all fit together is actually a beautiful mosaic pattern that is part of the collective tapestry of the sacred geometry found in nature.

Karmic New Moon of Destiny: 26 Gemini

A Gypsy coming out of the forest

We have found our proper place only when we spend our money and time enthusiastically.

The New Moon and Sun are urging your wild nature to bloom. This energy desires you to embrace more of your true nature. This is the inherent knowledge that lives inside you that knows how to live with the land. You know what to eat, what to grow, and what medicines heal and grow your soul. This way of life helps you to live free and secure that the Earth can take care of all your needs.

The Earth is in the opposite position and is positioned with the Galactic Center. The Earth is calling you to commit to self-mastery. The time is now to have a higher vision of yourself and commit to becoming that beautiful version. When you commit, your resolve and your vision become stronger. Your quest is to become so strong that your body becomes less flesh and more pure light.

Mercury and Jupiter appear as rulers of Gemini and Sagittarius to lend their expertise to help you on your journey. Jupiter is traveling through Taurus and is expanding your connection with Mother Gaia. Jupiter is helping to awaken your heart to be able to take an honest assessment of who you are in your life right now. This honest assessment is designed to help you achieve your greatest potential.

Take the time now, to step into alignment with all the wisdom pouring down upon you and put your realizations into daily practice that is true medicine for your soul.

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