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Let Truth and Justice Prevail! Mercury Retrograde Libra 2022

Mercury goes Retrograde at 8 degrees Libra on September 9, 2022, at 8:38 PM PDT/11:38 PM EDT

Mercury continues his retrograde journeys in 2022 with his third descent happening on the 9:9 Gateway. The third Mercury Retrograde and the “3-6-9” energy are guiding you towards harmonizing something worldwide. This happens just hours before the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th. Mercury begins in the sign of Libra and backtracks to his home exalted sign of Virgo. Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees Virgo on October 2, 2022.

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Truth and Justice play a major role over the next 6 weeks. Mercury opposes Jupiter Retrograde in Aries. Mercury inspires the power beauty and wisdom in your life pouring Libra balancing energy into your relationships. Jupiter expands your authentic nature to be in the right relationship with the meaning of your very existence! Jupiter teaches you that to be without the gift of knowledge, your life’s experiences exist without meaning. In order for your life’s path to be brightly lit, it has to have meaning, truth, and inspiration to keep you moving towards a better and brighter future.

Three Masters: Sun, Venus, & Mercury

At the time of Mercury retrograde, the Sabian Symbol is, “Three Old Masters hanging in an art gallery”. When I look at the Synastry chart of Mercury Retrograde and Mercury Direct, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury form conjunction by degrees. The Cosmos are pointing to the masterpieces that were created during the Renaissance in Europe. The commissioned paintings at that time also contained hidden messages and clues. Look to the beautiful art of the Renaissance period to see which ones speak to you. Do you already have a favorite painter? I do! I love Sandro Botticelli and many Italian artists who were sponsored by the Medici Family of Florence.

Mercury is telling you that through art the past and present come into union. Mercury loves partnership and duality. When partnership occurs, birth happens. As Mercury aligns under the Sun with Venus, what is being given birth to in your life? Look to The Birth of Venus for clues.

Venus begins the Mercury Retrograde journey at 6 degrees Virgo. She pulls Mercury home to Venus with her vibration at 6 degrees. The Lovers Card is the 6th Major Arcana, too. At 6 degrees Venus embodies the Sabian Symbol of “A Harem”. When the Divine Feminine appears in this energy, Her power is constrained. But when a group of restrained people joins forces, they create a bigger forcefield that empowers each individual. The Cosmos warns not to focus too much on what is constraining the group. The focus is to find comfort and camaraderie together. Within this container, the group can move forward towards healing with the power of community love. The group’s power comes from seeing what is needed to be free and imagining the release. Imagining together quickens the timeline for liberation.

The Sun brings you towards experiencing more safety and security in your life. At 17 degrees Virgo, the Sun is sending you light-encoded messages. Pay attention to your inner voice and intuitive knowing. Your insights are being empowered to help move your healing forward. Sun is investigating what is real and what is an illusion in your life. Stay practical and grounded. Mercury slows you down so that you can get your daily routines for your overall well-being in place. Allow logic and spirituality to combine together and give birth to a new understanding of reality within you.

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