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Let Love Rule ~ Saturn RX 2021

Saturn goes into Retrograde at 13 degrees of Aquarius on May 23, 2021 at 2:19 AM PDT

Saturn stations retrograde on May 23, 2021, at 13 degrees Aquarius and goes into a review mode until October 11, 2021, at 6 degrees Aquarius. Over the next five months, you will experience Saturn reflecting upon the last 6 degrees. This energetic was put into play on February 8, 2021.

Saturn asks you to raise your consciousness to match the frequency of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self exists in your Crown Chakra. Do not fall for the “loosh” trap of the anti-life campaign hell-bent to destroy Innocence in the world. Wherever you see the lack of truth, beauty, and love – stop what you are doing and transmute that energy out of existence in the here and now. Your Higher Self is descending, make sure your body-mind temple is clear and clean to house such an important guest of honor!

Invisible Helper: Cupid

The cherub god Cupid descends into the 3D world to help humanity behind the scenes. Cupid’s gift to us now is, “It is more natural to trust than to fear.” This is a deep realization that can transform your life. Listen to your inner voice and heed the messages that are coming directly from your Higher Self. When you do, you will be led to your next level of life. Spirit is descending in 2021. Your Higher Self is desiring to make it Self known. Discern what is useful and what is not. New realizations and impulses are coming through the Soul’s grapevine.

Where Saturn is Taking You:

Saturn retrogrades back in time to 6 degrees Aquarius. To this degree, the Sabian Symbol that appears is “A child is born out of an eggshell“. This is an auspicious sign that Saturn is helping to rebirth humanity. Saturn is the ancient ruler of the sign of Aquarius. He is very comfortable in running the future of humanity. To the ancient astrologers, Saturn is the ruler of the Aquarian Age. Fast forward to modern times and we bring in Uranus, the Great Liberator of Freedom, to co-rule together.

Let’s Start Here:

Saturn begins his retrograde journey at the symbol of “A train entering a tunnel”. In this symbol, it is clear to see that the journey is going inward where the tunnel denotes a lack of light. Each one of us must go inward to discover the truth that lies within. Saturn whose gift to the world is “Chop wood, carry water” wants you to know that normal everyday life can lead you to the most exciting visionary outcomes. Your eagerness for new experiences expresses itself through expanding your social life. Isn’t everyone feeling the itch to get and travel as restrictions lift in the world? But Saturn is saying that you do not need to go far away to find what you are looking for. Right now, the energy of satisfaction that you are seeking is found right here in your everyday experiences of work, home, and friendships. I know, kind of boring right? But that’s Saturn’s way of helping you acquire mastery of Self.

The Alchemical Formula:

According to the Event Chart for the retrograde journey of Saturn in 2021, there are four secret ingredients that you can combine within you to receive the transformation experience that Saturn is offering during this retrograde.

Ingredient #1: Saturn YOD Mars. The simplest expressions of the heart can bring all facets of life into alignment. Focus upon your dream goals and add to your mastery everyday. Do not stray upon your spiritual Heart path. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Your dreams are nurturing your future.

Ingredient #2: Uranus YOD waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra. Tune into any voids you are trying to fill with material things. Your spirit finds balance from intuition, spirituality, and being of service. Discover what sings to your Soul and fill yourself up with that first and foremost.

Ingredient #3: Uranus and Mars YOD South Node and Juno. The world is an alchemical laboratory for the Soul. On Earth, you can discover the relationship between meaning and consequences or cause and effect. The Earth provides a cornucopia of nature’s abundance. But you must cultivate, care, and create with the Earth’s energy. Your Soul longs to do the great work which is evolution! Allow your authentic feelings to show you what you truly desire from your Soul. This is the path for you to follow.

Ingredient #4: The invitation of Cupid ~ When you listen to your Heart’s inner voice, deep realizations can appear that will transform your life. Invite the God of Love into your life. Hear your heart knocking and let love in. Or as Lenny Kravitz says, “Let love rule!”

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