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Lion Roar

Leo Full Moon ~ Celebrate what is in your Heart

The Full Moon arrives in style with a “Roarrrr” on January 23, 2016 at 5:36 PM PST at 3 degrees Leo.  This Leo Full Moon is the “Wolf” Moon. It is called the Wolf Moon because in January snow gathers deep in the woods and the howling of wolves can be heard echoing in the cold still air. With a “Roar!” and a “Howl”, the theme song of this Full “Wolf” Moon is:  Understanding your true Power!

The Leo vibration is represented by:  creativity/artistic expression ● joy ● heart’s desires ● courage ● dreams ● intense love/romance/passion ● encouragement ● kindness ● enthusiasm ● fun/games/play ● self-confidence ● leadership ● taking center stage ● recognition ● pride ● drama ● extravagance

Have you noticed this frequency emanates from the Heart chakra? Leo Full Moon lights up our heart’s desires, what we value and love and how we have fun! To understand the fierceness of your desires, values and Joy, I like you to look at the symbol of the Lion in the Tarot card, “Strength”.

There are many meanings and symbolism in this card. To me, the Lion represents our heart and our emotions which fall into the larger realm of our Sub-Consciousness. The woman on the card representing the Feminine and has no fear of this sub-conscious power. The Feminine knows instinctively how to tame the Lion. Which when you do this, you have acquired true Strength.

Remember, following and connecting with the Moon taps you into The Feminine. Take this Full Moon week to check-in with your heart’s desires and become aware, acknowledge and accept that this is your true embodied Power. Appreciate that your Joy and Love is your greatest strength. Imbue your families, your communities and our planet with the power of your Joy and Love in alignment with the Cosmos this week!

AUMen …

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