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Jupiter in Pisces 2021 ~ Empathy & Success

Jupiter enters Pisces at 0 degrees on May 13, 2021 at 3:37 PM PDT

Jupiter enters into Pisces on May 13, 2021 at 3:37 PM PDT. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is the ancient ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered in 1846. Jupiter is very happy in his ancient home of your spiritual beliefs.

Jupiter brings his benevolence and joy to the Mutable Water Element to uplift the spiritual happiness of what is possible in the Collective when we unify and love together.

Jupiter carries the frequency of Harmony as he expands into the first three degrees of the Pisces. Jupiter reminds us that Life is all about dynamic balance. Harmonizing with life’s events requires a need to balance opposing forces in a natural, flowing way.

The expansiveness of Jupiter in the cosmic vibration of Pisces flows easily into the mysteries of the Universe. Mysticism, self-sacrificial compassion, intuitive knowledge, and total confusion are all examples of this level of consciousness. Jupiter will be felt as an aspect of the whole, a gateway into the cosmic realities, and a subtle feeling of recognition of a part of you rarely identified with much clarity.

According to Marc Edmund Jones, “To find out how to bring harmony to any potentially conflicted situation, we need to tune in to both sides without preference or judgment. We all have plenty of opportunities to practice this – in the marketplace and at home, with large groups, and in our family units. It takes a certain ability to hold emotional tension – where two sides are vying for empathy – without needing to become resolute either way. Sometimes two sharp attitudes can only be brought to softness by a third agency, and then all three positions are improved.”

The Third Option:

To resolve conflicts that arise in a 3D world, knowing how to find the third option is the key to finding your way out of duality. Gemini teaches that life is more than “this or that”. Life is “this AND that“. Jupiter enables us to expand our reach and awareness by giving us the confidence to grasp opportunity when it crosses our path.

Here are three messages from Jupiter’s 2021 Transit into Pisces:

  • Commerce in this world is an arrangement of reciprocal benefit that makes conflict less likely
  • When risk exceeds potential gain, it is wise to be very cautious
  • Standing firm or projecting forward – do we fear or do we trust?

Jupiter Square Venus: “The Work”

Jupiter comes into a 90-degree square with Venus, the exalted Ruler of Pisces. Venus appears at her Goddess degree of “5” in the sign of the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. Jupiter brings the frequency of “Reciprocity” and Venus brings the frequency of taking a risk. To Venus, the risk has to match her values and as she is working with Pisces energy with Jupiter, she exemplifies your spiritual values. Jupiter supports your opportunities by making sure that both parties are in a harmonic, reciprocal agreement. The opportunity for spiritual growth is occurring in the actual process itself. This is the true reward available for you.

What is the spiritual success that you are truly seeking now? Are you ready to take a risk in your life to receive it?

The Crescent Moon in Gemini whispers that your Soul achievement is measured by your awareness of self and the empathic appreciation of others. Take a moment to share with those you love, especially siblings, how much you do care. Write a letter, send an email, buy a card or a small, simple gift. These acts of love and kindness will come back to you as blessings of success now and in 2022!

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