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June 2024 Forecast

Welcome to June 2024! There is a lot of movement of planetary activity in airy Gemini this month! Jupiter and Sedna are now moving through Gemini, gearing us up to Uranus transit in 2026. Gemini is the power of multiplicity as The Twins rule over this mutable Air sign. Jupiter expands truth. Sedna makes you accountable for your actions. Uranus brings fast forward your future liberation.

The sacred power of alchemical transformation is empowered by Pluto’s transit in Aquarius. Gemini and Aquarius are friends doing the mutable and fixed work for the Air element. To change your life quickly, you must adhere to the power of Gemini: learn to control your thoughts, words, and deeds. Throughout this year, focus your attention on your digital identity, presence, and activity. Clean it up and make sure you understand the hidden rules of the digital world. What needs to shift so that you are protected and own your digital self?

June’s Astrological Look Ahead:

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