Understand Your Soul Power

Take a quantum leap in your evolutionary growth.

There are so many aspects to being a woman in today’s patriarchal society and we are constantly subjected to more masculine rhythms and expectations. The Moon is the expression of the feminine with its own rhythms and insights.

Tune into the moon and discover how it impacts your:


Hormonal Cycles


Unconscious Behaviors



Living by the Lunar Cycle will bring greater ease and happiness into your life!

Meet Shannon

Shannon received the vision of Lunar Ladies when swimming with the wild Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. While in deep study of their culture, behaviors and communal living, she asked how they did this so well. They showed her that it is by living with the lunar cycles that they are able to live so efficiently and well.

Shannon has a unique talent bridging science and spirit; she sees patterns between the two and is able to articulate them like no one else.

Shannon is a conduit of information from multiple realms with instant recall for anything the piques her curiosity. Her friends call her Shannon-pedia and relish her insights which she gladly brings to Lunar Ladies each week.

Our Offerings

Our programs are designed to provide easy-to-use tools and information that will empower you to live by the lunar cycles you were meant to. Join us for an in-depth online course where we break down how and why to embrace living by the moon.

You Will Learn

You will learn how Lunar Living allows you to:

  • Develop your emotional yoga practice
  • Increase self-awareness, mindfulness and intuition
  • Allow for more ease and less stress
  • Bring more harmony and increased energy into your life

Get to know the moon like never before! We cover:

  • What the Moon is
  • Energy states of each Lunar Phase
  • The Moon’s natural energy
  • History of how our ancestors connected with the moon

The New Moon begins the Lunar Cycle. Leverage this time of stillness and reflection and learn with us:

  • What the New Moon is
  • Energy State of the New Moon
  • How to Approach Life with New Moon Energy

Embrace the power of manifestation of the New Moon phase with these tools:

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Plant Your Seeds of Intention Infosheet
  • New Moon Dos & Don’ts

The First Quarter Moon gives you energy to take action on your intentions. We break down:

  • What the First Quarter Moon is
  • Energy State of the First Quarter Moon
  • How to Approach Life with First Quarter Moon Energy

Harness the energy of the First Quarter Moon with these resources:

  • Break Through Inertia Worksheet
  • First Quarter Moon Dos and Don’ts Infosheet
  • First Quarter Moon Energizing Playlist

The Full Moon expands your intentions and celebrates your success. Learn the ins and outs of:

  • What the Full Moon is
  • Energy State of the Full Moon
  • How to Approach Life with Full Moon Energy

Expand and celebrate with these tools:

  • Fullness of Realization Worksheet
  • Full Moon Dos and Don’ts Infosheet
  • Full Moon Meditation

The Third Quarter Moon invites you to rest, relax, reflect and release. We cover:

  • What the Third Quarter Moon is
  • Energy State of the Third Quarter Moon
  • How to Approach Life with Third Quarter Moon Energy

Release and reflect with these resources:

  • Completing & Releasing Worksheet
  • Third Quarter Moon Dos and Don’ts Infosheet
  • Third Quarter Moon Reflection Playlist

For those who want to experience Lunar Living on a whole new level, the Lunar Ladies Club is for you. We use the astrological framework as a point of reference to highlight how the Moon is affecting you personally. This allows you to utilize Lunar Living for accelerated personal growth and increase greater ease and happiness than ever before!

And, by the way, it’s really fun and interesting!

As a Lunar Lady, You Will Receive

Log in any time to find out what’s happening for you personally, access resources and your personal natal astrological chart and report.

When you sign up to be a Lunar Lady, we create your personal astrological chart and a in-depth (20+ page) report. Access your chart and report anytime in your personal dashboard.

Based on your astrological chart, we provide weekly personalized email readings showing where the moon is currently flowing through your chart. The information provided is easy to understand and apply in your life. Lunar Ladies report unprecedented accelerated personal growth just by being aware of what’s happening every week!

Every New Moon, we provide a recorded reading analyzing what is happening astrologically as it relates to you and the global community. Each lunar cycle begins in a different astrological sign with its own set of characteristics, lessons and opportunities. We break it down in an overview recording to provide an over-arching view of what’s happening.

Every month, you will receive a customized New Moon recorded Meditation based on the vibration and energy of that Lunar Cycle. Use this meditation to focus on the opportunities for growth and manifestation unique to that Lunar Cycle. Some meditations also include instructions in specific meditation techniques to enhance all of our personal meditation practices.

Easily apply the recommendations and overviews to your life with our ever-expanding resource library. Our infosheets are specifically designed to assist you in easily and powerfully living a Lunar Lifestyle.

Learn in community with other women by accessing our private Facebook group just for Lunar Ladies! We provide a safe space for all questions and breakthroughs. We want to hear from you!

Our online sanctuary is more than a resource—it’s a great place to make new friends!

As a Lunar Lady, you will enjoy full access to our Intro to Lunar Living e-course. The e-course includes many tools and resources that are designed to be used every Lunar Cycle for ultimate manifestation and growth.


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    • Personal Astrological Chart with In-Depth Report
    • Weekly Personalized Email Readings with Recommendations on How to Leverage the Lunar Lessons
    • Monthly New Moon Readings
    • Monthly New Moon Meditations
    • Access to the Lunar Ladies Club Private Facebook Group
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