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New Moon in Leo

Invoking your Inner Lioness:  New Moon in Leo

Welcome to the next lunation in heart-centered Leo! The next lunar cycle begins with the New Moon in Leo on August 2, 2016 at 1:44 PM PST. Leo is the energy of love, courage, leadership, charm and recreating Joy in the form of play. Leo’s energy is the energy of Fun! Lunar Ladies, it’s time to invoke your inner Lioness!

This Leo lunation harmonically aligns with Saturn and Mars in its fiery cousin, Sagittarius. Saturn is currently in retrograde phase, meaning that is has slowed down compared to the rest of the planets moving faster in forward motion. During this time, tune inward around Saturnian themes like:  structures, foundations, limits, focus, contraction and discipline. Add to this the themes of Sagittarius:  big picture, higher mind perspectives, truth seeking and adventures!

The Sun/Moon trine matches your Saturn’s longterm vision. Saturn in Sagittarius is restraining the ego and creating structures from your Higher Mind. It offers you an lucky opportunity (Sagittarius) so that what happens is within our control and results are tied to our devotion to making an effort (Saturn).

Mars going into Sagittarius – 0 degrees changing signs from deep life force and transformation (Scorpio) into higher spiritual perspectives and truth seeking. Mars will give you more “get up and go!” energy now. Mars will help you channel your inner lioness and feel more trusting and fearless about your path, purpose and destiny.


New Moon in Leo is going to energize your soul and heart centers so you can move forward with courage, grace and ease. Ask yourself:

What do you want to create for yourself? How can you bring fun, child-like wonder to that area of your life? What can you do to better shine? Where do you need more courage and commitment in your life? Is your “Will” or Solar Plexus blocked?

Because Leo rules the heart, your Heart chakra will receive a healing and cleansing with this lunar cycle. If you have been feeling heavy hearted, now is the time to allow the energy to move. How you do this is to listen deeply to the wisdom of your Heart. In this space, you feel the Truth and can be more fully embraced by Unconditional Love.

Leo is the sign of courage, entertainment and leadership. Ask yourself, “What would LOVE do?” It is also a fiery sign that craves stability, routine and order. Put some conscious effort into your the House Leo rules to reorganize and revitalize. You will start to shape and create the tone for the rest of August. (As well as 6 months from now when Leo is the Full Moon). Not sure what house Leo rules in your personal Astrology chart? Book a reading with me here.


Uranus goes into Retrograde motion July 29-December 29, 2016. This is a time for Inward electrical reflections of your “I AM” Presence. Connect to the interpersonal electrical currents within you that are your Divine life force currents. Also tune into the GOD ENERGY that is available in the skies this lunar cycle. Jupiter in Virgo YODS Uranus Retrograde as Mercury goes into Virgo. Moon/Sun YODS Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Look at your personal chart to see what Houses Uranus (in Aries) and Neptune (in Pisces) are flowing through your chart. Hint:  look at your Aries-ruled House and your Pisces-ruled House).

Take advantage during this first week of the lunar cycle to reflect and listen to your inner Wisdom. Right now, all the outer planets are in Retrograde phase:  Pluto/Capricorn, Neptune/Pisces, Chiron/Pisces, Pallas Athena/Pisces, Uranus/Aries and Saturn/Sagittarius. It’s a transpersonal time for each of us individually and collectively to look deeper within. There is a lot of help from energetic alignments to evolve yourself at this time. Tune in and utilize these frequencies for your own highest good and the highest good of All.

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