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Invoking the Earth Guardians! 1st Quarter Moon in Cancer

This is a VERY SPECIAL Moon of change! The First Quarter Moon is in her home vibration of Cancer fueled by a Grand Cardinal Square. This is the time to truly take charge of your life via your Feminine Power! First Quarter Moon is 14 degrees Cancer and happens at 11:39 AM PST on 4/3/17.

Grand Squares have sacred geometric potency! Grand Squares offer a solid foundation and a structure and strength that can be a tremendous resource. Finding how to connect to the gift of this powerful energy can be a little challenging – but not for a Lunar Lady! The key comes from finding balance between the two opposing forces in the Square. In Cardinal signs, they have the potential to ignite massive leadership.

Cardinal signs focus on the question of self, identity and actions. Find the balance between: 1) How do you impulsively express yourself (Aries)? and 2) How are your social and professional relationships connected (Libra)? On the other side of the square, find the balance here:  1) How are you emotionally nurtured (Cancer)? and 2) What is your identity to your material manifestations and ideas of success (Capricorn)?

The waxing Moon in Cancer faces off with the Sun in Aries to trigger the First Quarter lunar phase. This is the phase when the Universe blocks the flow of Qi and a build up of energy happens to create an abundance to support breakthroughs and victories. Hooray! The Moon in Cancer has the help of the asteroid, Vesta, offering her support as she shines in Cancer as the Divine Mother High Priestess.

The Sun now teams up with Eris and Uranus in Aries prompting you to really get into and liberate your Female Power. What contrasts are showing up in you that are helping to clarify what you need to improve? Contrast and resistance this week are your friends showing you what you really want and where to put your attention.

Resistance is the name of the game but with the Moon is in watery Cancer. The secret is to be like water and “follow the path of least resistance”. If life gives you many “No’s” this week, that’s ok. Just stop what you are doing and find your “Yes” or where the doors open naturally on their own for you.

Help from Planetary Allies:

Vesta, the asteroid archetype of the Goddess as High Priestess, aligns with the Moon to empower your inner sacred Wisdom and intuition. Find your devotion this week.

Connect to the deeper harmony of Pluto and Juno in Capricorn. Marry how you are transforming your gifts, skills and talents so that you can increase your opportunities for more success.

Mars, your Ancestors and Earth Guardians trine Pluto and form a “Yod” to Jupiter (Retrograde) in Libra. Karmic release happens when you make a spiritual connection to how your relationships wish to transform. The Earth Guardians are here to direct and empower the transformation. The YOD energy says find the spiritual meaning of your relationships, especially those that feel contrary.

Key to your Long-Term Success:

When you need to get in shape, you hire a personal trainer. When you need encouragement, you find a group of like-minded people. That’s what Lunar Ladies Club does for you — personal training in living with the Moon and the planetary cycles and “out of this world” support for achieving your goals and dreams learning among a group of wise, like-minded women.

Take the opportunities this week to break through obstacles and break free of limitations, especially those pesky “self-imposed” ones! Join our Lunar Ladies Lifestyle public Facebook Group to support you as you get into action!

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