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Inner Transformation Inspires Revolution: Leo 3rd Quarter Usurper’s Moon

Waning Third Quarter “Usurper’s Moon” at 8 degrees Leo

on October 31, 2018 at 9:40 AM/12:40 PM EST/5:40 PM UK


The Veils thin during this sacred time of the year. Indigenous People through time and space recognize this as the season of “The Crossing”. Your Ancestors make their way to visit with you. Take time now to offer gifts and make sacred space to spend time with them. Scorpio Sun vibrates the energy of transformation. Invite your “Well Ancestors” across the Veil to heal the wounded trauma that sits in your family’s lineage. Leo Moon wants to mend broken hearts and heal your Inner Sun Child.

Venus arrives at this sacred place of The Crossing on Samhain (Halloween) to re-enter into her home sign of Libra. She is karmically cleansing your relationship vows and reviewing your sacred Soul contracts. The Third Quarter Moon arrives to remind you that it is time to slow down and reflect upon your Libra lunar cycle. Make time to rest and renew in this place with Venus as she arrives at the threshold with gifts from your Ancestors.

Third Quarter Moon Dynamics:

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing and Forgiveness. This lunar stage pushes you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished or neglected you. If you see this energy occupying your emotional body, also ask where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty the Self and allow the Universe, or your Angels and Guides, to assist you to feel more supported. 

“Usurper’s Moon” ~ 3rd Quarter Leo Moon

The Leo “Usurper’s Moon” wants you to look at who or what has broken your heart, stabbed you in the back or betrayed your Inner Child. The energy of this Moon is like a sneak attack upon your innocence and naivete. Leo energy is royal in nature and brings the images of a King. The 3rd Quarter Moon opens the wounds from the outside as the King’s energy turns autocratic. This Moon can take down a despotic King. This is the classic tale of a “Fall from Grace” and the story of ultimate Hubris. What expands to its fullest point must contract. Look to the house that Leo rules in your Natal chart. This is where outside, external influences could be snapping back or contracting to show you what needs to change.

Diamond Activation Empowerment continues …

A 0 degree potent Fixed Grand Cross offers the next level of empowerment from Gaia’s Full Moon. This is POTENT POWER of letting go of the old to clear space for initiating transformation in the Collective. The Third Quarter Moon is timed perfectly to help you powerfully let go.

The Fixed Grand Cross is a Diamond in the Sky allowing Uranus to continue sending YOD lightning bolts of galactic Living Library awareness to his younger brother, Mercury now at 0 degrees Sagittarius. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, flies into the Upper World to receive the next chapters of Cosmic Truths for you and delivers them to your lower mind. Uranus is the Elder Brother of Mercury and together they come to train you in the Law of One from the Book of Truth. Check your Sagittarius-ruled House to see exactly where in your life to tune in to receive these spiritual gifts from Uranus and Mercury.

Sabian Symbols:  Training Tools for the Psyche

The Leo Moon at 8 degrees transforms into the image of:  “GLASS BLOWERS SHAPE BEAUTIFUL VASES WITH THEIR CONTROLLED BREATHING”.  MESSAGE: Involve your spirit and heart-chakra energies to produce beautiful creative new forms.

Your breath is your connection to the power of Spirit within you. Spirit is the animator and creator of all living manifestations. The glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels. This becomes a perfect symbol of how your creativity must involve your total Being. The fire of Spirit — your creative inspiration — comes from your deeply felt emotions of Love and Joy. Beautiful works of art involve both the “breath” and the “fire”.  In order to transform what needs to be shifted in your life this week, you must allow both your Spirit and Love to take over. This is the technique of successful transformation and is fueled by CREATIVE INTENSITY.

The Leo Moon draws in the final gift of the Leo North Node’s last 18 month journey. The karmic gift of the Lunar Node is brought to you through the image of:  “BLOOD RUSHES TO ONE’S HEAD AS VITAL ENERGIES ARE MOBILIZED UNDER THE SPUR OF AMBITION.” MESSAGE: An eruption of biophysical energy into your field of consciousness.

Alchemist use the power of three kinds of “Fire”: Electric fire, Solar Fire and Fire by friction. These three forms of Fire are found in the three Fire signs:  Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries Fire is the ‘descent’ of the spiritual energy of the Creative impulse “I AM!” and shows up as electricity. Leo represents the Sun’s Solar Fire, the energy of radiating consciousness of happiness and joySagittarius is the fire by friction. Friction happens from the polarization of consciousness and your search for Truth (head vs. heart). The “blood rushing to the head is Leo’s heart energy rising into Aries’s head energy.  This process is a potentially dangerous or combustible if the head doesn’t understand what the heart is doing. The heart is the window of pure crystal cosmic light of the Universe. Temper your fire with the waters of emotional awareness so that your heart and head can be in communication from a higher realm of Love. The North Node brings you this final gift to open your Heart chakra.

And now for the Sun:

The Scorpio Sun at 8 degrees transforms into the image of: “A DENTIST AT WORK.” MESSAGE: How to overcome the negative effects of social conditioning and desires of the Ego.

This is a strange image until you look more deeply at the meaning of your teeth. Permanent teeth appear around the age 7, when Saturn (“Inner Teacher”) makes his first square to your natal Saturn. This is when your personality – the ego- is first formed and crystallized. Teeth bite, chew and tear down food so your body can digest and assimilate the nutrition. Social conditioning from family, culture and country create habits around eating, and desires for unwholesome food ~ like sugar, salt and fried foods, aka The Standard American Diet (SAD). These foods create tooth decay and can destroy the health and longevity of your teeth. What is really happening is society and cultural conditioning create needs for having to repair the damage done. The effects make you have to come up with inventive ways to rebuild better ways to live. In a strange way, you are hurting yourself only to learn how to improve yourself. Look deeper within and ask “How am I hurting myself only to figure out the importance of taking good care of myself?” Hmmm… interesting!

This power Symbol brings in the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto who vibrates in Capricorn which rules the bones and teeth. The Great Alchemist, Pluto continues holding the space for your Accelerated Growth. You are being asked to go beyond what you feel you can do. Be strong. Be tough. Be resilient. Understand that what is happening in the Collective, especially the negative decaying behaviors, is secretly teaching you how to be more inventive to rise above it and create better solutions to move society forward.

The Power Continues …

You have higher dimensional Starseed energy to empower your journey into your internal Universe. Starseed Help arrives from Pleiadian Chiron “Wounded Healer” as he aligns with Pallas Athena to heal your Soul with compassionate Wisdom and wellness. Goddess of Marriage, Juno and Jupiter join forces to transform and raise you up from your old ashes of the Underworld of your deepest emotions. Andromedan Mother Ceres, Goddess of Nurturing, heals and nourishes all your relationships bringing them into back into balance. She does this by harmonizing your cellular matrix of advanced consciousness that has been laying dormant. As you go within this week, you meet with Ceres to reawaken your long-forgotten “Stardust” memories.

Next week:  Scorpio New Moon

The Third Quarter lunar week slows you down, helps you release and creates the space for you to reflect upon your entire lunar cycle experience. The energy is about finding your support circle, your network of friends who have your back no matter what. In the Lunar Ladies Club, this supportive atmosphere is created and designed specifically for understanding how to let go of limiting beliefs and open you up for your divine destiny. Come check out the 411 on potent power happening in the INner Circle.

This Third Quarter Week activates the Lunar Nodes shifting Zodiac signs on November 6-7, 2018. The Leo Moon powerfully sets up an alignment for an 18-month tidal wave of Spiritual Parenthood in the Cancer-Capricorn axis. All of this is happening next week as the New Moon in Scorpio appears simultaneous with the Primary Elections. “Daughters of the Revolution” are expanding into their power and greatness while “Secret Meetings of Powerful Mean” are dwindling and losing their right to exist in the new paradigm of Freedom.

Are you ready for a revolution?


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