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In the Quiet Study of your Soul: Neptune Retrograde 2018

Neptune shifts into reverse moving into Retrograde motion from June 18 through November 24, 2018. A 6-pointed Merkaba Star forms to deliver you and The Collective to a higher place within your Souls. This 6-pointed Star is created by Water and Earth Grand Trines. The auspicious nature of Grand Trines heralds ease, grace and flow. The Water and Earth elements signal the glory of creation and life of upon Gaia’s fertile Self. But you must first take a journey into the deeper layers of your Psyche and the quiet study of your Soul.

The planets joining forces are Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury with Pallas Athena “Goddess of Wisdom”. Together they align to open your path wide for a spiritual adventure of feelings, dreams and transformations. Neptune rules the Third Eye chakra and activation of the Pineal gland. Guided visual imagery is key to receive your psychic roadmap from the Cosmos for your journey.

Neptune Rx 2018:  The Journey

This Neptune in Pisces Journey will take you from 16 to 13 degrees. The last time Neptune was 13 degrees Pisces was February 9, 2018. Look back to see what was happening in your life then. This will be part of your journey’s theme to review now. The Moon is the tail to the Neptune Rx Water-Earth Kite, and She is steering your Neptune journey.

Look to the Moon’s Message:  The Moon’s energetic imprint is at 6 degrees Virgo. The Sabian Symbol is “A Harem.” This image shows yourself with a number of other individuals all seeking or being subjected to the same type of experience or fate. This symbol asks, “Are you addicted to the merry-go-round of emotions of mainstream culture? Have you become a slave to the hope of receiving the leftover crumbs of the patriarchy?” The Moon expands your emotional awareness to what lies deeper in your Unconscious. Through the EMPTINESS OF WAITING can you understand the true patterns of your belief systems. MAJOR FIRST STEP ON YOUR NEPTUNE RX PATH! Ready to find out more? Like and share to unlock the secret codes! [sociallocker id=6424]

Here’s Where it Gets Interesting!

The Moon sends a lightning bolt into Mars (8 degrees) with the South Node (6 degrees) in Aquarius releasing a Soul Pattern of dysfunction in the Masculine paradigm. Mars in Aquarius (Rebellious Son) must formulate a healthy, spiritual connection to the Divine Mother (Moon). Without this spiritual grounded medicine, the inner Masculine energy will not enjoy this journey. But at the same time, adversity, obstacle and blocks will give a huge opportunity to grow! Look to Chiron at 2 degrees Aries to help you understand the nature of where you are being asked to grow. Chiron, the Wounded Spiritual Warrior, brings healing to your ability to create the future you want based on harnessing the power of your feelings. (Silly Masculine, you thought power was born from Logic! LOL!) This time is prepping Mars to go on His own Retrograde journey, too, on June 26-August 27, 2018.

Venus in Leo (5 degrees) with the North Node (6 degrees) initiates “Soul Expansion” to assist the Feminine energetic by sending a second lightning bolt into Saturn retrograding through 6 degrees Capricorn. The Mother/Feminine paradigm holds the floor to set The Father/Masculine paradigm into right action and balance. Do not mess with Mother Nature, little boys! Look to the Virgo Moon and Uranus in Taurus help you soften the blows! Keeping in mind, this is for your own good.

Sabian Symbol Story:  Moving Pictures

Neptune begins your Third Eye Reflection as 16 Pisces:  “AN EASTER PARADE.” KEYNOTE:The capacity inherent in all great sociocultural Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.” Neptune has you focus on the unifying power of cultures and groups’ use of story/myth and symbols. The Image of Easter holds within it the power of Resurrection and the rising from the dead. This is the emblem for self-renewal for Christians and springtime for Nature. Groups of people have an opportunity to come together to value and celebrate life’s enduring cycles.  This symbol shows you how the Collective force field can open up more heightened experiences together rather than one can do alone. How do you participate in Collective peak experiences?

Your Neptune journey ends on November 24, 2018 at 13 degrees Pisces with this image: “A LADY WRAPPED IN A LARGE STOLE OF FOX FUR.”  KEYNOTE: The use of intelligence and mental subtlety as a protection against storms and trials. In this Symbol the Fox represents the “intelligence,” able to adapt to any life situations. The use of your spiritual will and your Innate intelligence can be the most precious forcefield to face challenging situations. What is being shown is your self-protective way of meeting inclement weather, actual or psychic, which shows up as you lead your life consecrated to the vaster Whole. You are learning that unnecessary risks can be avoided as you quest is to understand the power of PROTECTIVE SHIELDING.

Neptune = Third Eye Kaleidoscope

This 5-month spiritual journey has Neptune moving through four deep layers of your and The Collective Psyche. The layers show up as these images:

  • “AN EASTER PARADE” on June 18, 2018.
  • “A LADY WRAPPED IN A LARGE STOLE OF FOX FUR” on October 23, 2018. This is where Neptune was on February 9, 2018. Use your intuition to look back to what was happening in your life that your Soul wanted you to see. 

Retrogrades create karmic journeys for you to reflect, review and renew. Neptune’s retrograde in 2018 is THE ideal time for a spiritual quest to seek the truth. No time like the present! Shift your gears to follow the light that is leading you towards greater fulfillment.

If you were born with your natal Neptune in retrograde, according to the Astrology King, “this is strongly rooted in a tragic past life experience such as torture, where your only option to escape physical pain was to transcend from a physical to a more spiritual plane of existence. These experiences of spiritual pain relief were probably so intense and overwhelming that it became imprinted in your soul memory and the DNA of every cell in your body.”

Take this spiritual journey to release the ties that bind you to illusions. These ties can be from this lifetime or past incarnations. Look at your Natal chart to find your Pisces-ruled House. Do you have your natal Neptune retrograde? (40% of people do!) If so, this Neptune journey is especially vital to your spiritual development. Book a private 1:1 Reading with Shannon and invest in yourself. The Lunar Ladies Club will be taking its VIP members into the depths to come out the other side of Glory. Join us in releasing old shadows of the Collective, develop your protective shielding and be inspired in the quiet study of your Soul!


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