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Imagine your Life into Being ~ Cancer Full Moon 2022

Cancer “Sea Mother’s Moon” Full Moon @ 16 degrees ~ January 6, 2023, at 3:08 PM PST/7:08 PM EST

The Cancer Full Moon is bringing forth the power of how you create as a divine being. This week your Capricorn New Moon plus your Cancer New Moon intentions from June 28, 2022, are coming to fruition. During that time the Cosmos set into motion the power of mirrors and reflections. Whatever you focus on within yourself becomes the mirror of who you are to others in the outer world. Dust off your inner mirror in 2023, so that your true, eternal, and bright light can shine forth.

In 2022, the Cancer lunar experience has taken you from 7 to 16 degrees. This is calculated by the Cancer New Moon and the Cancer Full Moon. Both moons embody the 1st and 2nd Decan of Cancer that brings in the power of the Moon and Scorpio. Scorpio is about trust, intimacy, and setting healthy boundaries. The Scorpio wisdom is: “Deep involvement in life comes from plumbing the depths of our experiences.” Get to know your core Self in 2023. It’s imperative for a bountiful life!

The Capricorn Sun shines an afternoon light on your Soul’s desire to be free of the constraints of modern social conditioning. There is a renewed desire to reconnect with the freedom of your inner Nature Child. Who doesn’t long to run barefoot in the woods or bathe in a forest fairy pool in the hot summer sun? Capricorn wants you to strip yourself of old and worn-out limitations that you have put upon yourself. Let go of the ways you have limited your true self from being seen. Free yourself from worrying about what others may think. It’s time for you to be a wild child!

Uranus Rx is the harmonic key to the Full Moon’s astrological alignment. Uranus is getting ready to make a power move in the Cosmos as he goes direct the day after the Full Moon on January 7th. This is the spark of Light that sets the Charioteer into motion. Fast-moving, multiplicity power will be yours for the taking. Get yourself ready by clearing out the old junk in your energy body. Uranus says start from your Crown Chakra down to your Earth Chakra. Make sure your lower Chakras are grounded to the Earth and your upper Chakras are connected to the Source of Love. You will be more than fine!

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Full Moon Sun Medicine: Mercury Rx

Mercury RX is one day before the Inferior Conjunction with the Sun on January 7, 2023. In the sign of Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury Rx start a new manifestation cycle around who you are as an adult wise old soul in the world. Mercury reminds you to be a creative optimist. This is your ability to make lemonade out of lemons or something out of nothing. I love the old adage, “A witch has everything she/he needs within 50 feet of her/himself.” Mercury joins forces with Pallas Athena to form an octave of harmony. Together their frequencies generate opportunities for you to work with others who hold a similar passion for a better world.

Uranus Rx is in trine to Mercury Rx and the Sun, the Sky God who liberates material abundance. Uranus reminds you that the power of recreation generates the energy you need to create and/or reorient your life into more joy. Liberation from the limitations of the 3D world can be found in your spiritual journey this year. Uranus frees your mind to remember that it is about the journey and not the destination that becomes your greatest reward. It’s not what you do but how you do it that matters in 2023.

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Asteroid Pallas Athena: Conjunct Full Moon

At the time of the Full Moon, the Asteroid Pallas Athena is conjunct by 2 degrees. The great Goddess of Wisdom declares that you are required by your Spirit Team to make known your most sacred vision for the world. As you bring your vision to the world, you see who else is united with you. Together many people can manifest a higher reality by dreaming and working together.

The Full Moon is harmonized by the Asteroid Vesta at 16 degrees Pisces. Vesta is the Keeper of the Eternal Flame of your divine Soul. She stands at the altar of your Soul as a watchdog to ensure that you are protected and guarded. She reminds you that it is discipline and devotion that leads you on your Soul’s path to freedom. As you protect, guard, and be devoted to your inner world, this will be your projection out into the world. What resurrected light will you be showing in 2023?

For more support and guidance on working with the medicine of the Full Moon in Cancer, schedule a 1:1 reading with Shannon.

Chiron Rx: T-Square Medicine

Chiron builds tension power to free and liberates your Axis Mundi. In the “7” spiritual year that starts officially with the New Moon in Aquarius, the Axis Mundi in the body is the spinal column. Your holy body is a sacred vessel of Light. Allow the energy to flow freely through your energy centers. Your energy centers are known as Chakras or “wheels of light”. Energetic chiropractic care like Network Spinal Analysis is a great healing modality for 2023. I also recommend learning Chakradance, too. Whatever modality you resonate with that heals and empowers your Chakras, do that!

Chiron is being assisted by the South Node in Scorpio in the last degrees of the 2nd decan. This karmic assist is fueled by Pisces’ compassion. The energy that helps you unwind energy this year is knowing what your soul is loyal to. Once you reconnect to these passions, become more and more devoted to making this a big part of your spiritual practice.

Tarot Lesson: The Chariot and The High Priestess

In the Tarot, Cancer and the Moon are represented by the Chariot and the High Priestess in the Major Arcana. The Chariot card is the 7th Major Arcana in the Tarot deck and is the ruling energy for 2023 (20 + 23 = 43 = 4 + 3 + 7). The Chariot governs triumph in worldly matters. The Chariot is the energy that drives success energy forward with strength and speed. He reminds you that success can destroy you quicker than adversity. To handle this energy requires self-nourishment and an ability to feel empathy for others. This Cancerian card is the Mother Energy (ME) of the Zodiac. To embody the power of the Chariot, nurture yourself so that you are available to look after others. When the Chariot is ready, he gets instructions from the secret knowledge held by the High Priestess.

The High Priestess is the card of the Moon, ruler of Cancer. The High Priestess is the ruler of what’s hidden and is the Keeper of secret knowledge. She is the essence of what happens behind the scenes and knows what really goes on. The High Priestess does not reveal her secrets to the foolish and superficial. She waits for you to be ready before she reveals what you need to know. She holds the keys.

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“I feel WATER and AIR to RELEASE the power of my divine Heart!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions to fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On June 28, 2022, was the Cancer New Moon at 7 degrees ~ healing your emotional Soul body. Has your life transformed since then?
  • The Cancer Full Moon is the “Mother’s Moon“: January 6-13, 2023
  • The Cancer Full Moon passes through the 9th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Pitcher”
  • The Cancer Full Moon passes through the 53rd Human Design Gateway ~ “Starting Things”
  • Hint:  look to your Cancer and Capricorn-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Moon and Saturn, plus your 4th & 10th Houses for your answers.
  • The 3rd Quarter Libra “Judge’s Moon”: January 14-20, 2023
  • Next New Moon in Aquarius: January 21, 2023
  • To personalized support: New Client Session or 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.
  • Recommendations: Natal Oracle Reading, Natal-Progression Reading, New Client 1:1 Reading

FULL MOON SABIAN SYMBOL: 16 degrees Cancer

“A germ grows into knowledge and life”

Whatever we pretend to be is what we yearn to become.

The Cancer Full Moon shines emotional light on your ability to grow at lightning speeds. With the speed of the Chariot and the quickness of the Year of the Rabbit, whatever you focus your heart and mind upon will manifest as your reality. Make sure you are clearing your chakras and your imbuing your soul with the power of Love this year. Whatever you yearn for will be in 2023!

The Cancer New Moon reminds you that your reality is established by how you imagine yourself from within. The Year of the Rabbit will elicit potent imagination powers this year. What you focus on will multiply and double fast! This New Moon energy from June 28, 2022, echoes the Full Moon power of how fast germs can propagate!

The Capricorn Sun is helping you reconnect to your original essence. The wisdom of the Sea Goat says that no matter what, at the core you are who you are. Over the next six months, realize what the ego covers within you, and let it go. Shed your old skin and allow the power of the life force within you to birth a new you.

Get ready for the New Moon in Aquarius happening on January 21, 2022, celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit!

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  1. Hi, thanks for your January 2023 update – very informative. One question – you said the New Moon in Aquarius in on Jan 7th? I thought it was the Full Moon in Cancer on that date? Thanks for all you do!

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