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Identifying your Interconnectedness:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

We are all affected by the Collective Unconscious – that sphere of thoughts enfolding our planet. It’s that constant dialogue chattering away inside your head. Sometimes, the thoughts are your own and sometimes, they are not. Gearing up for this Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon in the frequency of Libra at 5:01 AM PST March 23, 2016 has us very much unconsciously connected in relationship to one another.

This Lunar Eclipse is the last of a two-year series in the Libra-Aries octave. So as lessons come, this is our Final Exam in the “Relationship Axis – Self & Others”. Eclipse energy symbolizes beginnings and endings and Eclipses act like a sliding door or two mirrors facing one another — opening one reality and closing another. As Saturn is slowing down into a Retrograde phase, we are finding ourselves in the Cosmic Classroom taking a final exam on “Self-Assertion (Aries energy) and Compromise (Libra energy)”. For a review see my post on the Aries-Libra Axis.

While reviewing your current state of your relationships (to self, intimate, friend and family), the Full Moon also highlights how you truly feel about them rather than what you think about them. Libra focuses in on balance, compromise, harmony and beauty. Take an emotional list of where you are with these Libran themes. Use the light of the Full Moon to see what is there, if not the powerful magnetic pull will tug at your heartstrings and make you look.

This is a “Stop. Look. Listen.” type of energetic moment. The starring players are: Aries-Libra octave, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Ceres (The Great Mother), Chiron (Wounded Healer), South Node of the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius (The Hierophant). This unfolding Oscar-winning film is about bringing light to the energetic emotional wounds of our hearts hidden in the shadows of our relationships, to self first and others second.

This lunation began with a New Moon + Solar Eclipse in the deep emotional waters of Pisces, drifting us in the seas of psychic Soul growth. Both Pisces and Libra are idyllic vibrations that yearn to see the beauty in all things. But Eclipse energy wants to show us our shadows so we can truly transform from the depths of our souls.

Ceres, The Great Mother, asteroid is aligned with Chiron and the South Node (past karmic lives) during this unfolding drama. The Wounded Healer and The Great Mother are offering us healing of our past, karmic soul wounds. In the highest sense, this is a time of healing our relationship to Mother Earth and healing our relationship to our own bodies. The outcome is a relationship of self-nurturing and compassionate kindness.

The final player is Saturn going retrograde in Sagittarius. Saturn rules Capricorn, Lord of the Earth element. Saturn is slowing down so all our structures and relationships to the Earth must slow down allowing us to move into the frequency of “Creative Philosophical Rest”.  This is a test because the Sun shining in Aries wants to move forward with fire! But the wise Teacher within says to take Time and focus on acceptance and choose Love. This is the name of the game now:  Self-Acceptance and choosing Love.


Eclipses can ignite conflict, hatred, discord, divergence, power struggles and oppression in the Collective Unconscious. This is clearly being seen in the Trump phenomenon. The medicine for this is managing your own inner conflicts. Meet your inner tyrant in the Libran Halls of Justice. Start your journey by actively focusing on these areas:

  • Gentle acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Understanding

Here is your AUMwork:  1) Take time out to rest (very important!). 2)  Forgive yourself on a perceived failure in your life. 3)  Encourage one other person to see the beauty in their life and love who they are.

Namaste Sacred Earth Compassionate Activists! Thank you for contributing to The Field in consciousness Mindfulness, Compassion and Kindness for all Life on planet Gaia.

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