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I am LIONESS, hear me Roar!

This new Lunar Cycle (August 14 – September 13, 2015) opens a powerful portal for Lion Medicine. Venus, the Moon and the Sun are all traveling in the constellation vibration of Leo, the Lionheart. During the next 29.5 days, bring forth and invoke your highest expression of Love. The Lioness says, “Drop deep into the Feminine.”“Be the love you wish you see in the world”

Sekhmet, the Egyptian Sun Goddess was the fierce protector of the Pharaohs. Isn’t it interesting that a feminine Goddess was chosen as their Protector? Her presence creates:  the power to stand your ground, protection and She is the bringer of Justice. This is the energy of “Stand up for the World and let nothing stop your Roar!” Reflect on how powerful this is as we are experiencing the global outcry of Cecil the Lion.

“This is ‘In-Your-Face’ energy!”
Venus is our archetype of Love and Relationships. She is now half way through her Underworld descent and she is holding a flashlight on what you want and don’t want in relationships. Cut through the chains that bind you and drop what no longer fits.

The courage of the Lioness asks you to let the Fire of knowing your deep, inner Truth burn within you and around you. Ask yourself these 3 Questions during this lunar cycle:

  1. What does my heart truly long for?
  2. What are my deepest desires?
  3. What gives me passion and sets me on fire?

This is intense energy because of the nature of Leo – Fixed Fire! Don’t be surprised if a Diva or Drama Queen makes an appearance (it’s all good!). Remember, too, the “light-hearted” side of Leo. Make time to play, laugh, be charming and experience Joy to lighten your mood! Rrrooaarr!!!

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