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“I AM” Fearless ~ 1st Quarter Aries Moon

1st Quarter Aries “Brigand’s Moon” at 0 degrees on December 21, 2020, at 3:41 PM PST/4:41 PM MST/5:41 PM CST/6:41 PM EST

The waxing 1st Quarter Aries Moon arrives to empower the Winter Solstice Super Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. At 0 degrees, the Aries Moon adds more fire into your experience to help you integrate and get into action!

The Aries 1st Quarter Moon is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Chiron sits at the Zodiac Year 2020 New Moon degree of 4 Aries. Chiron reminds you that 2020 is the Year of Devotion. As you move into “Reflection Mode” at Winter Solstice, begin to see that what has been stripped away, taken down, and locked away has really helped you to walk a spiritual path.

Many of us have been down on our knees in prayer experiencing some level of loss. A loss of loved ones, a loss of employment, a loss of finances, a loss of freedom, or all of the above. This sense of loss has a direct consequence of turning to God, Spirit, or Creator for help. Reflect upon what has been taken from you, and take action to reconnect to your divine “I AM” Presence to support you to have more courage, passion, and fearlessness.

Mars is the sponsoring Agent of Change to assist the waxing Quarter Aries Moon at your core root Self. Mars is at the alchemical degree of “23” and brings to you this message: “Personal attainment is evidenced by the spiritual state of abundance.” Take time this week to see how rich in Spirit you are as a result of this tumultuous year. This act alone redirects the energy to work in your favor. At the same time, it strengthens your ability to experience the spiritual abundance of the Jupiter-Saturn super conjunction, too!


1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

“I free FIRE and EARTH to CHANGE old patterns to breakthrough my obstacles this week!”

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Aries Moon forms a square, or 90-degree angle, to the Capricorn Sun. This waxing square builds CARDINAL universal Qi to increase your power. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns in the Inner Circle. Join us! 

“Brigand’s Moon” – 1st Quarter Aries

The Brigand’s 1st Quarter Moon is taking the Bull by the horns and getting you into ACTION! But first, you have to do your personal work. Tune into those parts of yourself that feel less enchanted, more grumpy, and sarcastically annoyed. Learn more about how the Moon is guiding you to shift your perspective to change your life when you join the Inner Circle.

1st Lunar Mansion – “Two Signals”

The Aries “Brigand’s Moon” aligns with the 1st Lunar Mansion this week. This powerful cosmic mansion is guarded by the power of Mars and Saturn. This Aries lunar mansion carries two signals. Together they work as the energies of “destruction and creation”. Learn more about how the Moon is guiding you to shift your perspective to change your life when you join the Inner Circle.

25th Gateway – “Love of SPIRIT”

The Aries 1st Quarter Moon moves into the Love of Spirit. In this gateway, the Moon initiates your inner Core Self to be embraced by the sweet loving energy of the Cosmos. When you live in this space, there are no more shocks to your system. It is similar to living in a lullaby of pure love. Learn more about how the Moon is guiding you to shift your perspective to change your life when you join the Inner Circle.

Aries Moon vs. Capricorn Sun

: — : 1ST QUARTER MOON : — :

The 0 degree Aries Moon moves you through resistance: EMERGENCE
“A Seal embraces a Woman rising out of the water.”

The Aries 1st Quarter Moon awakens your primal spirit to come forth. The Moon carries this message: “Potentially, anyone can take advantage of every moment”. As you experience the waterfall of the Love of Spirit, your animal nature (the Seal) raises in frequency to the energy of the Divine Feminine. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.

: — : CAPRICORN SUN : — :

The 0 degree Capricorn Sun moves through resistance: RESPECT
“An Indian Chief demands recognition.”

The Capricorn Sun appears to shine a light on this message: “Authority requires and demands respect – most effectively through an uncompromising inner integrity.” The Sun is lighting up your uncompromising integrity to be fearless in this world. To receive respect, give respect, and be respectful. This is how you gain higher ground when you practice what you preach. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.

Get to know your Chart when you Join the Inner Circle!

Inner Circle

JUMP INTO ACTION as you find your flow connecting to your true, divine Self. Join us in the Lunar Ladies Inner Circle this week to get the tools you need to take quick action on the energy available. The Moon and Sun, along with the power planetary players, carry the frequency tools for you to use to grow and evolve. Connect most powerfully with these lunar insights when you know where it is happening in your Astrology chart. Knowing your chart reconnects you to your Universal Flow and natural harmony. Are you ready to be there now? No better time than now to act! Right here and right now!

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