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Humanity Unite! ~ Aries New Moon 2022 Zodiac Year

New Moon in Aries at 11 degrees on March 31, 2022, at 11:24 PM PDT/2:34 AM EDT on 04/01/2022 – The 2022 Zodiac Year officially begins!

The Aries New Moon and Sun begin a brand new cycle for Humanity as we journey through the stars. The Zodiac Year of 2022 has officially begun! Let’s ignite our spirits TOGETHER!

The New Moon and Sun meet up in the Fixed Star Eta Cetus, the Sea Monster. Cetus was sent to devour Princess Andromeda. Something wild this way comes! In this dynamic at this degree, the Aries lunation brings you liberation from past life karma. You are being charged up with a personal power to ignite whatever you have been working on within yourself. It is a time of tremendous personal growth if you will allow it. This degree is ready to spread your wings and take on the world!

The 2022 Zodiac Year begins in the 2nd Decan of Aries. This decan is ruled by Leo. The Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries and rules the sign of Leo. You get a double charge to shine your light into the world now. Definitely make plans now for when the Sun transits through Leo (July 20-August 20, 2022).

Mars & the Sun Exalts ~ Fire + Air

Mars is the planet that rules the sign of Aries. The Sun is the exalted ruler of Aries. The Mars-Sun cycle sparks your divine “I AM” Self into action. Mars at the time of the New Moon is 19 degrees Aquarius. Mars brings the power of conviction into your life. Watch for divine messages from your Higher Self. They will most likely come from spending time outdoors soaking up the Sun’s light. Where are Mars and the Sun’s degrees in your Natal Chart? Find this area of your Natal chart and receive the power of the Mars-Sun power in your life! If you need more guidance and extra support, schedule a 1:1 Astrology Session with Shannon.

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2022 Zodiac Year!

The 2022 Zodiac Year begins with powerful celestial alignments.

  • New Moon in Aries: March 31 – April 1, 2022. The lunation happens through April 29, 2022.
  • Venus into Pisces – EXALTED: April 5, 2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week: April 8, 2022
  • Mercury into Taurus: April 10, 2022
  • Jupiter conjuncts Neptune: April 12, 2022
  • Mars into Pisces: April 14, 2002
  • Full Moon in Libra: April 16, 2022

Mercury & Chiron ~ Bookends

Mercury and Chiron form two bookends to surround the New Moon and Sun. Mercury rules the lower mind and Chiron rules healing your wounds. Together they form a medicine bundle to heal wounding around your personal will and spiritual identity. Two Goddess Asteroids lend their wisdom and support to this dynamic duo. Vesta in Aquarius and Ceres in Gemini. Vesta is the High Priestess in charge of your spiritual service to the divine. When she travels through Aquarius she helps you focus your energy on humanitarian causes. She wants personal freedom and liberation for you so that you will ensure that for others. When you follow her lead you set into motion an ecstatic future. Ceres is the Great Mother Goddess and looks after humanity with great care. In Gemini, she wants your mind to grow and fosters your development from child to adult. She is a great teacher, so be wise and listen to how knowledge shows up in your life. This is a form of telepathy between you and Ceres. When you pay attention to the Goddess’s guidance, your integration of Mercury and Chiron will be accelerated for your ultimate benefit.

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  • New Moon at 11 degrees Aries Week: 03/31-04/05/2022
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion #1 “Two Signals”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #21 – “The Treasurer”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A Flock of Wild Geese”
  • Crescent Moon in Gemini “Little Sister’s Moon”: 04/04-07/2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in Cancer “Weeping Moon”: 04/08-15/2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion #9 – “The Pitcher”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #39 – “Provocation”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Sabian Symbol: “Gondoliers in a Serenade”

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“A Flock of Wild Geese”

Involvements lack meaning unless they lead eventually towards spiritual liberation.

The New Moon and Sun appear at 11 degrees Aries to light a spiritual ignition switch for humanity. When you stop and look around at the human collective, ask yourself, “Where are we heading spiritually?” 2022 invites you to move forward into the future together with a common spiritual vision for humanity. The wild geese of this degree show you that the answer to humanity’s common vision is our natural, wild, instinctive connection to each other and the Earth. The truth being emanated now is that the one thing we all have in common is an innate desire for freedom. The wild geese exclaim, “This absolute indomitable freedom-urge speaks to our immortality and our spiritual heritage through the innocent imperative quest for independence!”

The Earth positions at 11 degrees Libra and emerges from deep within the 2nd Dimension to help humanity with freedom, too. The Earth pronounces, “Freedom is in the ever-curious mind and the wilful spirit that changes what isn’t working.” To be curious is courageous now. It takes considerable strength of your character and indomitable self-confidence to live like this.

The “Infant’s Moon” passes through the 1st Lunar Mansion known as “Two Signals”. The 1st Lunar Mansion is powerful and carries two signals, better yet, Two Swords. This is a dynamic duo of “destruction and creation” energies. Let your inner Warrior heal and your resolve to be able to stand amid chaos be strengthened. The Human Design Gateway and Gene Key are in Gateway #21. This gateway is known as “The Treasurer”. This Gateway is very aware of your resources. While your watch over your physical resources, make sure your internal energy is resourced, too. You can love your things but ask yourself what spiritual meaning and value your physical resources give you. There is your power!

If you need help finding your life purpose and passion as this new year beings, schedule a 1:1 hour-long session to guide you through this process.

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