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How High can you Fly? New Moon Lunation in Libra

New Moon in Libra arrives October 19, 2017 at the magical timing of 12:12 PM PST. The Sun and Moon kiss at 26 degrees Libra. This Libra lunation carries lunar ancestral memories as your Ancestors return through The Veil. Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, All Saints Day and Samhain honor our dearly departed and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. Venus and Mars tango in Libra balancing your relationships. Mercury communicates with Jupiter about your depths in Scorpio (via the lessons around Relationships we learned in 2016-2017 from Jupiter’s journey there).

New Moon energy: 411

Here’s the lowdown on what to do to align with New Moon energy. Get low and down to the ground. The secret of setting your intentions is silence and stillness. New Moons are a time of planting seeds, setting intentions and allowing the birth of something new to begin. Libra is an Air element and rules relationships. Focus on communication, fairness, kindness, truth and justice to achieve balance and harmony. Venus rules and she wants elegance, style, and appreciation of The Arts. Definitely play your favorite classical music or go to an Art museum to set your intentions.

Libra Lunar Cycle:  Hidden Messages of Truth

New Moon and Sun at 26 degrees Libra ~ Sabian Symbol Story:  “AN AIRPLANE SAILS, HIGH IN THE CLEAR SKY.” This image welcomes you into the friendly skies to assess any difficult situations in your life from a higher vantage point. Duality can cause a lot of stress to a Spirit that is born of Oneness. Here you can gain a new perspective on human problems and find solace from your Being-ness. Your invitation is to align with the realm of unity beyond polarity.  KEYWORD: TRANSCENDENT REALIZATION.

Sun/Moon oppose Uranus at 26 degrees Aries exact (Retrograde) ~ Sabian Symbol Story: “THROUGH IMAGINATION A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED.” Your  ordinary mind has become weary by all you have to accomplish. You may feel you have failed in some way. But when you let go of “thinking” and take a bold step forward into your Higher Mind, you will emerge into a new level of personal growth. First “imagine” what you want to experience. This will align you with your true powers of creation.  KEWORD:  UNDAUNTED FAITH

The Sun/Moon and Uranus octave form a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto becomes your focus point to resolve out of balance vibrations from the Libra-Aries octave throughout this lunar cycle. What House does Capricorn rule in your Natal chart? Need help to find out here. Read about Pluto is  Aries Full Moon’s post : “A REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM.” 

Mars YODS Uranus as he goes toward Ingress (final degree of 29 = Karmic Destiny). A YOD is an alignment of Light that needs to be grounded through your spiritual connection to its truth. Mars at 28 degrees Virgo is: “A SEEKER AFTER OCCULT KNOWLEDGE IS READING AN ANCIENT SCROLL WHICH ILLUMINES HIS MIND.” To over-come the inertia of the past, outdated power structures need to fall. This is done through understanding the Divine Truth of Humankind’s role in the universal Order of Life. ; or else it merely re-embodies in a superficially altered manner the very things it has destroyed. The Seeker must take to task to find these inherent truths with devoted determination. Each individual, community, culture or species must discover their foundation to rebirth anew. KEYWORD:  ROOT KNOWLEDGE 

Two Mountain Tops:

As you take to the friendly skies, two mountain tops form with Pluto synchronizing with Saturn/Lilith and Part of Fortune in Sagittarius. The harmonic water trine of Jupiter in Scorpio aligns with Neptune/Mercury in Pisces. The watery nature of the Moon is happy about this. The mountain tops are formed by two T-squares:  one to Pluto (Mountain Top #1 from New Moon/Sun and Uranus (R) and one to Saturn (from Chiron in Pisces (R) with Mars in Virgo).

Mountain Top #2:  Saturn at 23 degrees Sagittarius is: “A BLUEBIRD PERCHED ON THE GATE OF A COTTAGE.” The bluebird is a symbol of happiness and depicts your spiritual awareness. A cottage theme represents a place of serenity. The way of successful living is the development of a consciousness in which peace and happiness dwell, where your mind is focused on your blessings in life. KEYWORD: GOOD FORTUNE

Saturn’s gifts are joined by Part of Fortune at 25 degrees and Lilith at 27 Sagittarius. The key to accessing the gifts of Part of Fortune is do align with its opposing harmonic:  25 degrees Gemini. Guess what that is? “FROST-COVERED TREES AGAINST WINTER SKIES.”  Here archetypes to be sought revolve around pure forms of individual selfhood. Begin your process of removing superficialities from your life to reach the essence of your Being. KEYWORD:  ESSENTIALIZATION

Lilth’s story is awesome at 27 degrees Sagittarius:  “A FAT BOY MOWING THE LAWN OF HIS HOUSE ON AN ELEGANT SUBURBAN STREET.” Lilith, the “Wild Feminine” wants you to attend to everyday tasks that increase your social standing, preserve beautiful forms in Nature and  an appreciation of your esthetic values. Move your body to avoid too much self-indulgence in the conveniences of modern-day living. KEYWORD:  SOCIAL RESPECTABILITY

Lastly, Chiron’s Gift:

Chiron (Retrograde) makes a karmic 90 degree angle to Saturn and Mars revealing the Soul wounding of our Collective. The Sabian Symbol storyline is:  “WATCHING THE VERY THIN MOON CRESCENT APPEARING AT SUNSET, DIFFERENT PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THE TIME HAS COME TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS.” Our global human family is being confronted with the opportunity to expand their energy in new ways. Everyone needs to discover this within themselves, identifying what is their response to urge to evolve. The essential nature of our Being is to actualize our potential, Look beyond hierarchal control methods to become more and more Self-governed. KEYWORD: THE FALLACY OF TOTALITARIANISM

The Takeaway:

This Libra lunar cycle (10/19-11/17/17) focuses on your relationships. The Moon creates a mirror to look at them to see the totality of yourself. Humanity is being asked to expand in its awareness of Being. Fly into the clouds to view your life, the lives of others and that of old power structures from a vantage point high in the sky. Reach the summit of your mountain peaks with social responsibility, seeking root knowledge with undaunted faith to achieve your transcendent awareness. Grow. Balance. Harmonize. Authentically align with your Spirit/Soul. Om Shanti.

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