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The Season of Winter is a Time of Renewal

This 75-minute Masterclass and mini-course are taught by our resident Star Priestess, Shannon LaMere. Your class recording, course and downloads are yours to keep forever for future study and celebration.

The season of Winter is a time on Earth when everything slows down to rest, recover and renew preparing for the rebirth of Spring. The mini-course teaches you about the sacred season of Winter, Winter Solstice, Winter Power Animals, the direction of the NORTH, Immunity-boosting acupressure treatment and more!

Your Masterclass

Your Downloads

Honoring Winter Mini-Course Checklist


Audio Version of the Masterclass


Moon Dream Pillow


Winter Solstice Dream Journal


Guided winter meditation
with Solfeggio frequencies


BONUS RECIPES: Winter Dream Tea, Winter Dream Balm,
Rose Cardamon Egg Nog and Holiday Potpourri Gift


But wait!

Be sure to join us in our Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group to get super tips every lunar cycle and recommendations during this sacred season of Winter.

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