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Sacred Marriage

Hieros Gamos “Sacred Marriage” New Moon in sagittarius

The fires of transformation have been lit with this New Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius on November 29, 2016 at 4:18 AM PST. According to Kabbalistic thought, the number “418” is the mystical number of God’s house. Did you know that? Well, when I saw the timing of this insightful and prophetic New Moon, I knew it was special.

Before I move on, let’s all take a collective sigh as we made it through the intense Scorpio lunation. The Moon is ruled by Cancer who enjoys pondering the past. So let us not forget what happened during the last lunation that started when the Veils were the thinnest on Oct. 30, 2016. During the Scorpio lunar cycle, we experienced the Election…dun dun dun DUN!

For some, our worst nightmare was realized. For others, the return of white supremacy was saluted. I for one have been aghast at the reflection of our American society. But in deepest gratitude, I am beginning to see the bigger picture of what does this all mean. Thanks to the energetic free-loving optimism of Sagittarius resonating through the Moon, my emotions are calming down and seeing the potential of what lays beyond the dark, stormy clouds.

True to form, DT has drained the swamp just like he promised on his campaign trail. What he didn’t reveal was that he was going to hire them all as his cabinet choices. But, alas, DT is playing the proverbial Trickster and showing us the current state of ourselves in the choices he is making. America, as a whole, must look deeply into this mirror to acknowledge its vicious, violent past, drop our heads and fall to our knees to pray for the Light to come.

What does All this Mean?

The shockwave of the potential new leadership has sent out a very loud alarm to wake us up. The echo coming back is a mobilization of like hearts and like mind gathering together. We are seeing mass movements towards solidarity at Standing Rock, protest marches of the President-elect and invitations to join the Resistance and the Revolution. Talk about Uranus in Aries + Eris Rising!

The next act of the play is happening with the New Moon. The Moon, Sun and Juno – archetype of Partner/Wife are all showing up together as a trio now. When in the vibration of Sagittarius, their collective mindset is lit on fire and Spirit comes alive. Juno asks, “Who are you as a spiritual partner to the Bigger Picture?”

Sagittarius is a mutuable Fire sign. Fire is direct, passionate, hot and spiritual. Mutable signs are flexible, adaptable and love change. The Moon is your emotional subconscious Self. The Sun is your personality/identity conscious Self. Juno is the face of the Goddess who is Partner. In partnerships, being flexible, adaptable and changeable is key to staying committed and evolving towards union. So here we have it. An opportunity to marry your spiritual self; to experience Hieros Gamos, Sacred Union.

Time for Spiritual Discovery:

What makes this more evident that the timing is now to marry Spirit, is the New Moon trio is the focal point of a T-square between North Node in Virgo (Spiritual Servant) and Neptune in Pisces (the dream of Unity consciousness). The T-Square creates tension, like pulling a rubber band taut or similar to a vice that restricts breathing. The focal point is where the tension is resolved and the squares come into a deeper harmony seeing each other as one in the same.

The New Moon trio is the key but guess what else is supporting our upcoming spiritual nuptials? Verte in Gemini creates a Kite to the New Moon! Verte is the archetype of Divine Truth and in Gemini truth must come shining through our thoughts, words and deeds. Your actions now will tell the Truth. Verte forms the Kite shape and gives flight to the New Moon. Just imagine Benjamin Franklin’s kite in the sky being struck by lightning and electricity was discovered. This is happening now in our energetic emotional matrix. We are about to discover the power that lies within our true selves. Exciting!

One More Awesome Story to Tell:

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Along with the New Moon dream, Pluto and Venus in Capricorn are the focal point of another T-square in the skies! Here more power is being swirled for Women to truly rise in leadership, power and wisdom. Pluto is the planet of transformation and Venus represents the Feminine and how we express our love. In the vibration of Capricorn, she leads and transforms the Earth element through the Three-fold Flame: Love, Wisdom and Power.
Pluto and Venus resolve the tension between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus/Eris/Ceres (Retrograde) in Aries. As we look to the powerful transformative force of the love that burns bright within the hearts of women, we resolve karma as a collective. Jupiter in Libra expands justice and equality into gold. Uranus/Eris/Ceres carries the torch of the Revolution, Resistance and spiritual freedom for Self, Earth and the Great Queen – The Goddess. As the tension is resolved, Uranus/Eris/Ceres trines or sends a harmonic tone towards the New Moon Trio. Isn’t that beautiful??!!

The reverberation of the two T-squares resolving sets Vesta in Leo on fire! Vesta is the face of the Goddess as High Priestess, Temple Keeper. In Leo, she becomes the devotee of the Heart. Her joy and pure bliss of coming into union with Spirit creates a new world born of love and connection. AUMEN!

Are you ready to do this? 1, 2, 3! Let’s go for it this lunation!

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