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Healing the Mother-Daughter Wound: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Cancer New Moon at 10 degrees on July 2nd, 2019 at 12:16 PM PST/4:16 PM EST/8:16 PM UK Total Solar Eclipse


This New Moon in Cancer aligns with the first of two Eclipses in July 2019. This powerful energy is even more empowered with the appearance of the Nodal Axis:  Waves of Destiny in the Cancer-Capricorn axis (both signs of the Eclipses). The Total Solar Eclipse Galactic New Moon Nodal Axis Wave is setting into motion a 19-year cycle of growth, evolution and transformation. Cancer and Capricorn are the Cosmic Parents and come to heal childhood wounding. There are many adults walking around who are really traumatized 5-year olds. Venus and Lilith offer Goddess medicine to heal Mother-Daughter wounding. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node come to offer solace and wellness from Divine Father to heal Father-Son wounding, too. Each one of us will receive a parental rebirth coming from the heart of the Universe.

And then this happens, too!

The New Moon and Sun send a lightning bolt to Jupiter RX to light up your energetic fields, too. This powerful Eclipse vibration will come out of fruition and into ACTION on January 2, 2020 (01/02/20). This is the length of time this lightning bolt reverberates in your system! That day, January 2, 2020,  the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter will be all three conjunct creating something very old and very new at the same time! Patriarchal structures will get a rebirth for sure (don’t worry if they have to fall down first)! The Summer Eclipses will come into full form on Christmas Day 2019 and then move into action on January 2nd-3rd, 2020.

Here comes Good Karma, too!

This new moon July 2019 Solar eclipse is fabulous for creating new, good karma and healing relationships since Saturn is conjunct the South Node of the New Moon. This Solar Eclipse will blot out the suns’s rays and the shadow will be most striking in Chile, Argentina, and Easter Island. What?! Easter Island! How cool!

Easter Island is a mysterious and last visible vestige of Lemuria, the Land of Mu. Giant head carvings, or Moais, made of volcanic tuff peak out of the grassy hillsides. Many believe these heads are connected to large bodies underground. They keep watch as Ancestors for the Rapa Nui people and as visual landmarks for seafaring visitors. They hold the lost knowledge, mysteries and secrets of Lemuria. With the positioning of the Total Solar Eclipse + Nodal Wave Axis of Destiny moving through this sacred place on Gaia, who knows what mysteries may be revealed as ancient memories resurface in the mind and hearts of modern day humanity. There are people alive today that carry the Soul Matrix of Lemuria ~ I feel they will remember who they are and why they have come to Gaia at this time of the Ascension!

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse is like a Galactic New Moon. Normal New Moons gestate new intentions in the fertile soil of Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field. But with an Eclipse, the Moon acts like an interruptor of the flow of energy. This powerfully breaks apart repetitive behavior patterns and acts like a cosmic computer reboot.

The Moon shuts down masculine-left brain energy during an Eclipse. The feminine-right brain is flooded with Anima intuitive energy. This awakens unconsciousness ~ like the feeling of a lucid dream where you become hyperaware. It’s the energy of being able to do anything in the dream state. It’s the power to fly! Solar Eclipses then balance left and right brain to gift you much bigger insights that develop over 6 months. Solar eclipse energy shows you where you are imbalanced, too, and how much centering you need create new habits around.

Nodal Wave Axis: 19-year cycle of Destiny!

Lunar North Node:  The North Node nodal axis sets into motion a cycle of 19 years. This wave of Destiny focuses your senses to be more attuned to the harmonies of the Universe. Prepare yourself to execute creative tasks that will have long-term effects. Gently interact with your power and be not afraid of it. Allow yourself to move gracefully through all difficulties and uncertainties. When you do this, you automatically allow others to do what they do without judgement. Be vulnerable to contact the depths of your personal power.  When you do, you can release your deepest fears and desires from your unconsciousness.


~ Time to Break it ALL down! ~


New Moon Dynamics:

New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions to put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul to free You from ego attachments.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact same degree in the sky. The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater forces of the Galaxy. Find your Cancer-ruled House in your Natal chart to see what wants to take shape in your life. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to support  your personal development and acceleration and discover where the Mother’s Daughter Moon is empowering you in your life!

“Mother’s Daughter Moon”:  Nurturing the Divine Child

Cancer governs the sacred space of the womb. This is your memories of your experience in utero, being born, and growing up in your family’s home. The Cancer New Moon is called “Mother’s Daughter Moon” and invites you to bring forth the energy of your childhood nurturing. This vibration can open up wounds from childhood where you did not receive the nurturing that you needed and your relationship with your mother was not an easy one.

This lunar week is a great time to remember your childhood and draw upon joyful memories. Look at your family’s lineage, history, and stories. Pull out old photographs to help jar your memory, too. If your memories are painful, you can use the Eclipse to end old cycles of abuse still lingering in your adult life experiences. Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Cancer-ruled House. Feel into what new cycle needs to be created. This is powerful; take hold of the wheel and be in the driver’s seat. Connect with Shannon if you need personal 1:1 Coaching. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to experience supportive and safe group coaching with other women who are growing their Souls.

Moon & Sun reside in the 8th Lunar Mansion ~
“The Gap”

The Mother’s Daughter Moon passes through the 8th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic mansion is guarded by the Moon and Pluto. The 8th Lunar Mansion opens you up to the power of Heart guidance. This is the ability to connect to the intuitive guidance of your feelings which is a merging of reasoning and love. This energy is victorious when it is allowed to flow freely. This is “Soft Power” at its finest with the transformative energies of Pluto to alchemize any situation with love and reason. Emotional freedom is the victory to be attained when you align yourself with the power of the 8th Lunar Mansion. It hosts the frequency of the Solar Zodiac or Summer Solstice which increases its vibration as the heart of GOD-GODDESS. This energy is meant for Collective use to dismantle old, out of date oligarchy/patriarchy structures with compassionate tidal wave forces. This tidal energy frees stolen power of the Elite and returns it to the Greater Good.


Moon + Sun + Total Solar Eclipse = REBIRTH

“A hidden treasure waits to be found.”

The Cancer Moon and Sun appear as your hidden treasure. When you remember stories about hidden treasures, these stories come with trying to find it. Ask yourself what is missing in your life. Where do you feel less than? When you find something that is missing from your life, you become awake to whatever that “thing” is. Now you have a choice – to devote yourself to your own evolution or carry that missing piece as a burden. Cancer Sun and Moon are telling you that your treasures ARE THERE. You must practice patience and relax as the unfolding happens. Can you hear the Sun and Moon telling you to have your Soul Purpose Chart read by Shannon??

The Cancer Trio trines Neptune RX: You are constantly aware of the inherent joy and wonder of life. Neptune wants you to share that awareness with others. Even when life is difficult and chaotic, keep celebrating your growth. Your emotional healing helps others clear traumas out of their astral bodies. This is how the Divine works with little conscious awareness of what is happening. The effect is helping yourself and others become more in touch with their inner self. This medicine is soft and gentle and brings renewal and reconnection.

Healing Mother Daughter Wounds:

Venus is in the Balsamic phase to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. She appears to assist last week’s Survivors Moon. Venus offers you this medicine to help you dissolve past pain and suffering. This degree is about immersion in the dark aspects of self and reality and exploring extremes. The end result is a fuller understanding of the light and the potential of enriching others in unexpected, unusual, and wonderfully imaginative ways. You love to delve into whatever captivates your attention to the deepest depths possible, hoping to reach beyond the farthest imaginable limits. Your deep sea diving can bring back valuable information, marvelous truths, and enriching energies.

Black Moon Lilith offers this as she trines the Solar Eclipse:  Feels an inner spiritual certainty that cannot be shaken, broken, or worn away. Your Soul never forgets the truth and knows that nothing can ever be taken away. Knowledge is eternal – beyond time. The light of your Soul’s truth is more powerful than all the shadows and darkness of this world out of balance.

In Closing

Over you next 6 months of this Eclipse window, hold onto your focus on your sense of purpose. This is the BEST TIME to have your Soul Purpose read by Shannon. This focus will ward off anything that might attempt to disturb your inner peace. Deeply understand that your Truth is free of corruption. Let go of anything or anyone who tries to tell you differently. Your Truth is the light inside of you that needs to be turned on to rekindle the flame of Love in the world. You behold it! Light your Soul on FIRE by being in alignment with your authentic True Self!

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