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Healing Radiance for Your Inner Star ~ Lunar Eclipse Cancer Full Moon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse “Sea Mother’s Moon” at 20 degrees Cancer on January 10, 2020, at 11:21 AM PST/12:21 PM MST/1:21 PM CST/2:21 PM EST


Welcome to the winter Lunar Eclipse Full Moon! Six months ago, you set into motion a 19-year cycle of remembering and reconnecting to the Great Mother Matrix. This Full Moon lunar eclipse is the answer to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer last July 2nd, 2019. Then you were being called to heal your divine Mother-Daughter wounds– worldwide! Uranus stations towards direct motion being super-empowered by the Sea Mother Full Moon’s magnetic energy. This is unstable energy because of the timing and expansion of the Full Moon. If there was ever a time to be grounded, now is the time!

WTF:  Uranus and Jupiter – KAPOWWW!

Jupiter merges exact with the South Node to unravel and open the door to the Sun-Saturn-Pluto mega conjunction. Take this legendary moment to realize the richness of your life. Take a moment to stand in awe at how the divine intelligence of Life knows how to enrich you. It helps others be more aware of the constant presence of a change in their lives. Savor and enjoy the present moment Now. Attune yourself to the tremendous amount of abundance around you, and tap into it.

Uranus is triggering a lightning Yod into Mars with the power of the Full Moon. Mars sits at the foot of the Hierophant to seeking divine wisdom. Your divine Masculine energy is activating your search of Truth. Uranus is confronting and testing your spiritual self-confidence. But realize that Mars is ready and willing to do the work. YES!

Venus assists Uranus as She readies herself to ascend into Pisces. At 26 degrees Aquarius, Venus opens your connections with yourself and your reality. Your future Self is adjusting your frequency to match and merge a new vibration. Be aware of any disharmony and discord in your Aura. The most effective way to recalibrate disharmonies is through feeling the love that is all around you. This is magic that brings harmony to everything.

Jupiter assists Mars to become the Adept. Jupiter teaches how the rational (male) mind is supported by the irrational (feminine) mind. Purify and cleanse your mind of all darkness by connecting to the Great Mother Matrix. The logical mind manifests in a cold, detached way that actually separates itself from life. Jupiter assists you to bring your mind back into wholeness by always seeing everything with love and forgiveness. Be soft and give others breaks. Tell your inner Masculine, that softening is humbling, for it serves a higher purpose and is never weak.


: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle – Putting YOU Together : – :


The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Capricorn’s intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your intentional Soul power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. In July 2019, there was a Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon ~ where you set into motion many layers of healing within your relationship to the Divine Mother. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. You have been gifted a 19-year cycle of growth, evolution, and transformation to become your True Self and embody Sophia Christ Consciousness.

“Sea Mother’s Moon”:  Full Moon in Cancer


Sea Mother’s Moon is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, ending old ways of rejecting the Great Mother Matrix. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands the awareness of your “Sea Mother’s Moon” who comes to calm you during difficult times. Find yourself in the center of any storms in your life. That is where calm and peace reside. Being too far out in the external fringes leaves you susceptible to the turbulence of collective unconsciousness. The Cancer Full Moon shines potent power and is singing to you, her great-great-great x 1000 grandchild. This Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse creates an electro-magnetic moment in the Universal fabric that shines a light on the need for a social revolution. It’s time to put your foot down and demand that old, outdated values be raised to the frequency of love. The Capricorn Sun is unwinding the past with the South Node to assist in your ascent in consciousness to the highest realizations of your spiritual values. Take full ownership and power of your emotional energy that can dissolve like tsunami waves. Be like water and follow the path of resistance when you choose to go with the flow.

9th Lunar Mansion:  “The Pitcher”

The 9th Lunar Mansion is known as “The Pitcher” and is guarded by Pluto and Neptune. The 9th Lunar mansion offers to heal the Healers this week. From a Pitcher, the Moon pours rich maternal waters to help you learn how to love yourself completely. North Node and the Full Moon are filled by the Great Pitcher to pour onto the masses the power of nurturing Love. You are being called to LOVE so that you can be in Service to Others and fulfill your mission on Earth. Celebrate your calling to be a Lightworker, a Healer, an Artist, an Empath with this Full Moon! Release all that no longer serves your greater goals and knowledge of who you wish to be with the power of the Lunar Eclipse, too. Let yourself be surprised by what the Universe deems the most joyous way to show you to the world. Bask in the inner sunlight of your Soul as the Full Moon brings you home to you. Stand under the rainbow waterfall of the Great Mother Matrix pouring unconditional Love onto you. Learn more about how to expand your lunar powers when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Moon Opposes the Sun:  Lunar Eclipse

: ~ : Cancer Full Moon : ~ :

20 degrees Cancer:  “High up on a mountain an eagle’s nest.”

The Cancer Full Lunar Eclipse “Sea Mother’s Moon” has you connecting with the great Animal Spirit Eagle. Eagle is a Spirit Guide for North America, while Condor is the Spirit Guide for South America. Eagle energy is fierce and strong. Great Mother Moon calls upon the Great Eagle spirit to help you feel protected. Eagle has the ability to view life from a higher place to see the whole picture more clearly. Eagle’s ability to fly lifts you up to stay above the chaos, confusion, and negativity below. This is protection indeed! Eagle and the Full Moon know that you have to function in the world. They are empowering your aura to be a field for insulation from discord. Fly with Eagle to gain an exalted perspective of your life this year. You will gain clear insights into all situations. Practice turning negatives into positives to find your benefits. You are being nurtured and uplifted. Remember, there are places beyond the mundane that you can fly towards!

*Read one of my favorite poems:  The Desiderata to help you reposition yourself into a place of empowerment in 2020.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer. The North Nodal wave takes over to show you the future. You are being helped to find the most efficient ways to use anything and everything for the purposes of nurturing. Keep in mind as the South Node in Capricorn is assisting Saturn and Pluto mega-conjunction to dismantle, there is an agenda in place that is desiring you to be afraid of change. This darkened force field wants you to be afraid. But, the Great Mother Matrix is much stronger and She offers you beautiful Cosmic music, singing that change is what allows you to live, grow, and flourish. Knowing that change or separation is only a part of the cyclic process of death and rebirth and not the permanent ending of things. Look through the illusion of change/death/separation, and enjoy the beautiful music of Life.

: ~ : Capricorn Sun : ~ :

20 Capricorn Sun:  “Thousands of messages sent by light beams.”

The Capricorn Sun shines a light on the big mega stellium. The message is the past can be appreciated and accepted it for what was. How you change the past is by freeing yourself from its influence. You will find that as you move through the passageway of time in your life, there is a helping force that encourages you to move forward. Sometimes you may encounter a force that stops or holds you back. What’s fascinating is that often the force seemingly trying to hold you back is the one that helps you forward! You are free to respond to whatever force field you want and you are free to shift, change and go with the flow, too. The Universe is completely non-judgmental and in every instance helping to find the way that leads you to your highest good.

Saturn, now with Pluto, Mercury, and Ceres, is in the MEGA CONJUNCTION creating a new era of the next 30-34 years. With this energy, so much is being broken down now. The greatest rewiring is happening on the Astral Plane – or 4th Dimension. So you have to rest to be able to enter into the Astral Fields to recalibrate with your Angels and Guides. Deeply sense that external reality (that which is outside of you) is an illusion that attempts to hide the true nature of things. You are being guided to develop your intuition so you can feel and know what is really going on. It is time to become consciously aware of its powerful psychic abilities. That is why I have chosen to learn with Francine Marie-Sheppard in The Seers Way training. I invite you to develop your clairvoyance so you can effectively manage your life and be fully engaged in your Soul’s mission at this time. There is a deep desire coming from the Universe for all humanity to be in communion with the Great Web of Life that unites us all.


Wrap Up:

You are tasked to find what is good and useful in unexpected places. Fill yourself up with Galactic Goodness so you can help others be of service, too. You are here to communicate this truth, “Change is nothing to fear. Change is actually beautiful!”  If you do not understand how to see this, look to Nature. The changing of the seasons, the Moon waxing and waning, Sun rising and setting — you are surrounded by a myriad of changing energy that nurtures your Soul every day!

Once you have completed your vibrational tasks, you set the foundation for greater ease and functioning in the 2020s. Find your pathway that is the road of your Legacy.  Be intent on exploring new areas of your life and to be of service to helping others to find their way, too. You are building new pathways, as an act of love that strengthens humanity. Be the heart of both the giver and the receiver. It’s why you volunteered! Watch this lovely 8-minute video that shares so many wonderful spiritual teachings ~ enjoy!

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