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Healer’s Moon – Full Moon in Pisces “Let your Soul Speak!”

Full Moon Pisces “Healer’s Moon”. Just add Neptune 12 (R) = 

Goddess Frequency 13

The Healer’s Moon at 13 degrees Pisces happens September 6, 2017 at 12:02 AM PST/3:02 AM EST. (In Hawai’i, Full Moon happens on 09/05/17 at 9:02 PM HST.)

Pisces-Virgo Axis:  Compassion & Sacred Service

Virgo is the self-help and self-analysis sign. Pisces is the selfless service to all Life sign. Mutable Earth and Water come together in a dynamic balance of taking care of oneself for Wholeness to be able to serve compassionately from Soul. Practical methods and healthy daily routines tills the soil for cosmic Compassion to grow infinitely. To find the axis, balance body, mind and Spirit with wellness and goodness.

Karmic Hello from Neptune…

Neptune 12 Pisces (R) “Ancient Sword, used in many battles, is now Displayed in a Museum”.  Neptune is an “outer planet” and holds a vibration for our Collective experience. Neptune’s story now is a karmic return of how you use your Will. It is time to cleanse your ego’s use of will and evolve it towards Spirit’s use of Will. This happens when you add GOD/GODDESS power to the equation. “Not my will but Thy Will be done.” is a great biblical passage from the Book of Matthew. But one of my favorites is, “One with GOD/GODDESS is a majority. And majority rules.”

Goddess 13 in the House!

We are being blessed with a 13 degree Full Moon! The number “13” is the number connected to the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. According to Mystic Mamma, “…13 has a secret divine power and esoteric frequency of the Mother essence to transform all things.” The Moon and Sun opposition are at a 13 degree Octave:  13 Pisces “A Lady wrapped in a large Stole of Fox Fur” and 13 Virgo “Aristocratic Family Tree” – Root Power! Here the Sabian Symbol Story has the Moon teaching you about your innate intelligence that can adapt to any situation when using spiritual will and the power of resilience. The Fox’s spiritual medicine is clever, quick and wisely discerning. Fox is a master of camouflage. Here you are invited to use protective shielding amongst energies that are not “rooting” for your success.

Adding to the harmony of this octave, is the Sun in Virgo’s story. The Aristocratic Family Tree has deep roots of power. Here you are asked to look at the deep roots of your past. Since this energy is found deep in the soil of your lineage and what you are ancestrally rooted into, success will come from returning to those roots. Here you can produce the seeds to flower what you want. Dig deep and discover your roots. [Hint:  You can backtrack and observe the flowers of your desires. Ask what kind of root power produces that?]

Venus Yod to the Moon

Venus reinforces the “Return of the Feminine“at 13 Leo as “A Human Soul Seeking Opportunities for outward Manifestation”. Venus is the stabilizing force of the “Healer’s Full Moon” and Neptune in Pisces as She also makes a sextile of harmony to the Virgo Sun. Oooo this is my favorite! Venus wants to hear your Soul speak! To access this transformative release, speak the Soul language of your Heart chakra – ie: your Joy. Allow the power of the true vibration of your Being to resound with joyful accord!

Moon and Sun form a T-Square

T-square alignments have great power when you focus your attention upon the focal point. The focal point is Saturn 21 Sagittarius “A Chinese Laundry”. In Saturn’s current story you are asked to observe the roots of culture and how it differentiates one group of people from another. How do you maintain your personal integrity within a cultural set of agreements and outside of the culture? The key to accessing Saturn’s gifts is to be self-contained and have a good sense of humor. Be like The Fool in the Tarot and dance upon your spiritual pathway happy go lucky!

Grand Fire Trine Kite still Active!

Jupiter 22 Libra “Chanticleer’s Voice Heralds Sunrise” – reconstruction energy of the Great Solar Eclipse. Here you are at sunrise and the Tail of the Kite rises in the east. Be the trumpeter and give voice to what is yet to be manifested from the divine beauty of Creation. Sing your song of what is coming into your life. Know that the act of “creation” is really about revealing what is coming. It is the vivid recollection of the unknown into the known. What you want to create is really remembering your GOD/GODDESS given Vortex of Well-Being and Grace. Let us all hear what your song of Creation is!

Moon Medicine Master Class is here!

I am so very excited to begin Lunar Ladies Master Class series with a 2-part Master class on Moon Medicine. These lunar infused recipes are designed to support you during the 6-month Great Solar Eclipse window (8/21/17-February 2018).  You will learn how to make six lunar-empowered medicinal recipes – three for the Full Moon in Pisces and three for the New Moon in Virgo. The Neptune-inspired Moon remedy will help dissolve past hurts, wounding from this life and past lifetimes. This recipe has been referred to as “Lightning in a bottle”.

You will also receive instructions and recipes to make New Moon in Virgo infusions to be used on 9/19/17. This New Moon recipes require two weeks to create. The infusion will build powerful strength for you to use with yourself and your loved ones. This 2-part Master class promises to be totally AWEsOMe!! Class #1 is 9/5/17 and Class #2 is 9/14/17. Both classes are presented via Zoom. Attend live or available to watch as recordings, too.

The class is $197. Members of the Lunar Ladies Circle Club receive the Master Class free as part of their monthly membership plan. If you are a member of the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group, you get a special $100 off coupon code! Act now and sign up today!

Happy Full “Healer’s Moon” in Pisces!

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