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“Healer’s Moon” Dissolves Disconnection & Division ~ Full Moon Possibilities

The time has come for all those
who need healing, to be healed!

The shadow of Leo’s broken heart and the pain of a separated society is ending. The Pisces Full Moon dissolves disconnection and division. And officially ends the Summer Eclipse Season! Whew!

The Healer’s Moon arrives in the mystical waters of Pisces as the wellness energy of the Virgo Sun connects with you on August 26, 2018, at 4:56 AM PST/7:56 AM EST, at 3 degrees. The Full Moon opens the door for Mars to follow, going into direct motion on August 27, 2018, too! Your Leo New Moon intentions expand the power of your Joy into the fullness of the Cosmic Ocean this week!

Let’s breathe a collective sigh of relief, as your week at the Healing Spa begins. 

Before we begin, let us pay homage to your Mars in Aquarius retrograde journey. Your journey began June 26, 2018 and set you upon an adventure of evolving your consciousness to Human 2.0.

What have you experienced within your own journey?
What have you noticed happening in the Collective, Mainstream Society?

The Full Moon in Pisces will shed light upon your journey and reveal more to you as you read on.


The Power of “3”

This 3-degree Full Moon carries into the world the Power of Three. You all have heard “Three is the magic number,” right? The Power of Three harnesses the power of Creativity and Growth. Three represents the Triad: Mother, Father, Child – the three planes of existence: physical, mental, and spiritual – and Nature:  heaven, earth, and water. The Power of Three moves energy and overcomes duality. Three is the number that contains the Whole: beginning, a middle, and an end. Three is birth, life, and death. Three is a complete cycle unto itself. It is past, present, future.


Full Moon Energetics ~ Fruition

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other in the sky. A Lunar Cycle (New Moon to Balsamic Moon) is a wave of creation that brings revelation and the potential for body, mind, and Spirit healing. The Moon as Mother reflects the Light of the spiritual Father Sun to flower the seeds of Creation. The Full Moon’s energy is designed to bring your New Moon Intentions to their fullest state of expansion and fruition.

Full Moon energy can also draw to the surface deeply buried emotions for cleansing, purification and release.  What is being expanded and drawn up from within you during this Full “Healer’s Moon” in Pisces?


Healer’s Moon ~ Connecting to Source

The Full “Healer’s Moon” in Pisces draws your arms up to the sky to connect with Source. This is how true healing happens. Like Reiki, it is the energy of Universal Qi, a divine intelligence, that flows through the practitioner to be received by the one calling forth the healing energy.

This is your week to draw forth from the unlimited forcefield of Life to fill up and overflow with divine Love. Sometimes, you can become drained from life’s pushes and pulls. But now, you can remember that all it takes is a belief that you are already One with Creator, and that all you need is readily available and ever present for you.

~ The Story of the 2018 Healer’s Moon ~

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and I love that he now presents himself for a Lunar Healing. Chiron in Aries Retrograde triggers a lightning bolt YOD to the Sun in Virgo. What this means is that your personality is karmically being cleansed to hold a higher vibration of Spirit. Virgo energy returns you to a state of Wholeness and well-being. Aries energy is focused on the “I AM” God-presence within every cell of your body.

Make a spiritual connection to your emerging Self.  Purify your blood and the vibration of your cells with powerful positive “I AM” statements. Say aloud with conviction and passion, “I AM a divine child of the Universe. Light courses through MY veins. I AM loved beyond measure.”

Neptune rules this Pisces Full Moon’s energy. Neptune flows with the Full Moon and sings a song of Harmony to Jupiter Scorpio. Heavenly inspiration flows from the Music of the Spheres to expand your deepest desires. The potent power of your “I AM” statements breathes life into your most wildest dreams.

Take advantage of Neptune’s power as Lightning strikes twice and sends waves of Enlightenment into your mind while a YOD connects with Mercury, now direct. You have the opportunity to release your primordial nature into the creative Matrix. Speak, again, words born of beautiful and loving thoughts. This is your time to creatively self-express. Take your Leo Super New Moon intentions and “ROAR!” with Joy!


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Sabian Symbol Soul Medicine

~ Moon & Sun ~

The FULL MOON lights up the night sky at 3 degrees Pisces.
The Sabian Symbols’ Lunar Medicine brings you this image to heal with: 


KEYNOTE: The mobility and intensity of interchange
which characterizes and makes possible complex social processes. 

This image invites you to have your social interactions take on new forms. What is needed in the world now are more fulfilling and dynamic relationships, especially between strangers. Human beings are complex, emotional and social creatures. In our true humanity, we act more like Dolphins who desire to live joyfully together in pods. Or like dogs who want to live as one amongst the pack. Feeling too isolated and separated from one another turns communities into restless societies. This lack of connection breeds distrust and creates barriers. The symbol of the “Isthmus” and heavy traffic takes you deeper into the need for human interaction, leisure time, and the desire to not seek escape from your reality. Tune into this concept for yourself and feel into ways that you can reconnect with others in your community.


The SUN shines his bright sunlight at 3 degrees Virgo.
The Sabian Symbols’ Sun medicine appears as this image: 


KEYNOTE: The overcoming of socio-cultural prejudices. 

Freedom from cultural and racial bias and separation, expands your heart and enlightens your consciousness to bring you onto your Path of Love. The Human Family is like branches of One Tree. We are all each other’s brothers and sisters.  The Sun says that every human being should be seen, approached and warmly met as a “child of God.” In truth, there are no strangers.

As you evolve and expand into this image, allow yourself to include, not only every human being, but every form of Life: plant, animal, mineral, and element.


And if that wasn’t enough, there’s more!

As we celebrate Mars’ forward motion, a great Grand Earth Trine Kite forms with the glorious masculine planets: Sun, Saturn, and Uranus. The Druid Shaman (Uranus), Oak King (Capricorn, Ruler of Saturn), and the Medicine Man (Virgo Sun) join together to walk with the Mars “Spirit Warrior” back to the future to merge with the higher mindset of Aquarius Human 2.0.

All these lovely male energies are being supported by the lovely Pisces Healer Moon! Isn’t that amazing?!!

Tune into and ground your inner masculine Self with deliberate, wise action steps. Embrace your power and your passion for change by being accountable and respectable to all Life on planet Earth.

As you nurture the divine Masculine, a beloved Goddess Fire Trine descends upon you as a spiritual gift. Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, now in the Heart Chakra of Leo, celebrates with her sister Vesta, Goddess of Sacred Service who now recognizes the truth of your higher path and guides you on your Soul adventure in Sagittarius. Eris, Goddess of Change, completes the Trinity by offering you gifts of inner power and Life-force Qi to stand ten feet tall.

These “Three Graces” dance in your Feminine space, honoring who you are and celebrating who you are becoming!



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