Harmonize your Body & Soul with Full “Monk’s Moon” Blessings!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is called the “Monk’s Moon” and happens on May 29, 2018 at 7:19 AM PST/10:19 AM EST. The Sun and Moon go opposite and flow into their deepest harmonic. This is one of Lunar Ladies’ favorite Full Moons because we are blessed to have our own resident Tibetan Buddhist Lama Monk to bless us! Receive the Lama’s blessings during the Full Moon Power Puja Prayer Circle this month (see below)! Mercury ruler of the Gemini Sun’s energy is at 29 degrees Taurus giving you a karmic celebration/release gift from Taurus for your New Moon intentions! Are you ready to release and receive?

Monk’s Moon:  Higher Mind of the Centaur

The Full Moon in Sagittarius expands your faith and opens up your Higher Mind to seek the truth of everything! Sagittarius holds the container for the world’s religions but the archetype of Sagittarius is the Centaur. This ancient symbol dives deeper into your internal Universe of being both a body and a Soul. Your natural, instinctive drives align with your physical body’s intelligence. Your thirst to expand your Mind in search for the abstract knowledge of the Universe drives your Soul towards ecstasy! Since this is more a masculine frequency for the Full Moon, the Sun holds more of the truth you are searching for this week! [Hint:  see more 411 below.]

Mercury and a Water Trine:

Mercury at 29 degrees Taurus is the “Peacock Parading on the Terrace of an Old Castle”. Mercury brings you your inherited gifts from Mother Earth Gaia. The beautiful Peacock and all his royal feathers is the bird dedicated to Venus (ruler of Taurus). Mercury whispers to tune into the biological and spiritual gifts of your ancestors during the Full Moon. A massive shift in your “wealth consciousness” will occur when you thank all your Ancestors, great and small.

Amazing yumminess abounds with a Water Trine Earth Tail Kite flying through the Heavens. Venus is with her Priestess sister Pallas Athena in Cancer holding a 120 degree angle of the Divine Mother forcefield. Neptune (16 Pisces) stirs the Cosmic Crystal singing bowl to resurrect Self-renewal while Jupiter (Retrograde 15 Scorpio) with Verte (18 Scorpio) excavate the deeper recesses of you inner Gold to uncover your divine truth.

Mystical Rectangle ~ Secrets to the Alchemy of a Mystical Rectangle are found in harmonizing the octaves. The Full Moon and Sun make the first octave. Guess what makes the next? Share and Like the magic to read on!

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  1. Fabulous Post Shannon, and I am so very grateful our Paths have crossed on FB. I look forward to another Ceremony to be part of with You, Lhapka, and The Community Gathering for Full Moon in Sagittarius Celebrations. Grateful and Much Love <3 to You and All <3 <3 <3

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