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winter solstice

Happy Yuletide Blessings! Winter Solstice arrives 12.21.15

Happy Yule and blessings be upon you! Winter Solstice arrives in the North heralding the return of the Sun and a new beginning for you and the Earth. This is a sacred time of the year when the Goddess gives birth. Hold this moment still in your heart for all of Nature is in prayer honoring the “Great Turning of the Wheel”.

What is so beautiful about this time of year is that in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the return of the Light. In the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate the harvest the Sun has brought since June 21st (the official Winter Solstice of Down Under). I love that one hemisphere feeds the other in this enduring cycle of the Great Goddess, Gaia. In the North, the days grow longer now and in the South, the days grow shorter. The North is waking up and ready to give birth in the Spring and the South is contemplating Gratitude and moving towards a peaceful, restorative slumber in the Fall.

Set your intentions now for your 2016. The Light is brand new and fresh. Align yourself with the timing of the Wheel and focus on what you want to experience in the coming new year. This Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2015 arrives during a 1st Quarter waxing Moon under the frequency of this lunation that began Dec. 11th in the vibration of Sagittarius. Now is the time to take “Action”!

Take note of the House that is ruled by Sagittarius in your Natal astrology chart. This is the House that will be prominent for you in 2016 and take heed and be wise to harmonize your intentions with your Sagittarius-ruled house themes.

For example, the 19 degree Sagittarius New Moon fell in my 6th House and Sagittarius is the ruler of my 7th House. So I get a “2 for 1” deal in 2016. The 6th House is about Health, Wellness and being of Service to Others. As I make this my spiritual quest (Sagittarius energy), I ignite a revolution to occur in my 7th House of Partnerships as well. Can we say more spiritual passion and ecstasy in my intimate relationship? Ooo yeah!

Contact me to help you find your Sagittarius-ruled House and help you set your “Big Picture” goals for 2016. Life is so much more fun when you are in alignment with your true Self. Happy Winter Solstice!!

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