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Happy New Year New Moon in Aries!

Are you feeling this new year, new life energy? The Sun burst forth into Aries with the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2017. Now the Moon rushes in with her birthing of a 7 degree Aries New Moon on March 27, 2017 at 7:57 PM PST.

The Aries New Moon is conjunct (within 10 degrees) the Sun and Venus Retrograde. Lilith, the archetypal asteroid of the Goddess as the Wild Feminine, trines in and lends her free-spirited energy to release your authentic nature. The Aries lunar cycle is about “You”! Aries rules the First House of the physical body, head, personality, life-force, spiritual passion and spontaneous Action! Ask yourself, “What do I need this year to free my authentic Self?” 

Did Someone say “Fire”?:

This New Year starts with so much “Fire” energy in the skies with the Sun and Moon in Aries connecting with the sojourn of Venus Retrograde in Aries (with a deep dive into Pisces). Mercury joins the trio in Aries and Saturn is in Sagittarius. As the Zodiac year begins anew once again, Venus has been busy remaking herself into her Divine Powerful Self.

Retrograde Gifts:

Starting the year with the main Feminine planet in retrograde is very interesting. Venus rules love and money and does it so well in her home signs of Libra and Taurus, who are balanced and stable. But Aries is impulsive, fearless and spontaneous! Here you are somewhat saved by that masculine passion for Action because your inner Venus is reviewing who you are beneath the surface of everyday reality. Past life loves can enter into your life now. The key here is to wait and see what the gifts are. Try tempering those old flames with patience and focusing on yourself first before saying yes to dancing with these past-life loves.

Aries will also tempt Venus to spend lots of money on her desires. Doing so without contemplating your long-term savings goals may cause regret especially with large impulse buys. Just “hold your horses” until April 15th when Venus arises as the Morning Star, fresh and renewed to attract true wealth and real love into her field of harmony.

Therein lies the Paradox:

This New Year and Aries lunar cycle has planets in the Underworld creating a paradoxical energy. Aries is all about driving forward in action fast, while the Retrograde energy says slow down. It may feel like the gas and break pedal are both being pushed down at the same time. This “start-stop” frequency redirects our attention inward towards being in the world but not of it.

Saturn will descend into the Underworld on April 5th during the First Quarter Moon. Mercury will greet Venus as she makes her way out on April 9th as the Full Moon arrives in Libra. Gather together your disciplined Higher Mind and everyday thoughts to focus on the nature of all things from a spiritual point of view. If you do, you will be going with the flow and unearthing more of your authentic divine nature. If you don’t, you could very well feel like you are constantly dragging a 1,000 pound boulder uphill feeling exhausted, frustrated and thwarted. Who wants that?

“Just do it!”:

Spiritual discipline, reflection upon your bigger picture of life and the deeper meaning of why you are here will propel you into “Right Action” this year. Start it off on the right foot with going in so you can take control of your reins to drive your passions in the highest direction possible!

Lunar Ladies, know how to find their personal connection to Aries energy by knowing their Astrology chart. See what House Aries rules in your chart. For example, if Aries rules your 11th House, dedicate yourself to a social cause that fosters humanity. If your 5th House is ruled by Aries, inspire your creative self-expressed Inner Child. Not sure where Aries is for you? Get your Natal chart and in-depth Astrology report or better yet, have an Intuitive Astrology Soul Reading with Shannon to empower your 2017 and unleash your wild Authentic Self!

Why not? You deserve it! And the world is waiting for you….

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