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Gypsy Moon Reveals Galactic Center Messages…

New Moon in Sagittarius at 26 degrees on Sunday night, December 17, 2017 at 10:30 PM PST. This is one degree from the Galactic Center, the dark black crack in the center of the Milky Way. Sagittarius vibration calls you to step into your divine cosmic Higher Mind to travel this Spirit-Human path. Expect messages from the unseen world, as Sagittarius’ Ruler ~ Jupiter expands the Scorpio waters of the Underworld. Saturn sits at its’ last karmic hurrah in Sagittarius for 29 years! Things will be super interesting as Saturn shows up at the New Moon and the Full Moon in Cancer in January! There is no escape from the Great Teacher. Bow your head in reverence, for this is a blessing!

Luna’s Journey as the Gypsy Moon:

This Luna cycle takes you on a journey from the Gypsy’s Moon to the Shaman’s Moon (Balsamic phase 01/14/17). The Moon guides you as a free spirit traveling the roads of Truth. During this luna journey the vision for you is to evolve into your Shaman Self so that you can carry the wisdom and medicine for yourself, your family, your community and your world.

New Moon time is about setting the intentions for your evolving growth as a Soul having a human experience. New Moon energy is created when the Sun and Moon are exact together in the skies. The New Moon is dark as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is guided inward to a place of stillness. This is the energy required to powerfully set intentions. Just like Nature, we operate in this cycle. Aligning and acting as Nature, gives you the most natural power to harness for your personal growth.

Potent Players:

Saturn and Mercury (15 degrees) are heavily involved with this luna cycle. Saturn is at the Karmic Ingress degree of 29 Sagittarius. Mercury has passed through this vibration and will go direct (12/23/17) and out of the shadow zone(01/11/18) during this cycle. Saturn changes signs and returns home to Capricorn bringing with him the glory of Winter Solstice. Saturn also shows up with the Full Moon and Pluto, too. Venus (21) brings in her Gypsy Soul to dance with the Moon and free your Higher Mind.

All this is happening under the wise guidance of the Galactic Center (27 degrees). When you align with the Galactic Center, expect gamma wave level downloads from the heart of the Universe. The synapses in your brain will fire and your chakras will increase their spin. This awakening will lift you into a higher dimensional awareness of Reality and accelerate your evolution on a body, mind and Spirit level. Be present. Wow!

The Sagittarius lunation trines Uranus in Aries and North Node with Ceres (Retrograde) in Leo. A square to Chiron in Pisces offers you an opportunity to heal old Soul wounds with the Archer’s bow of aiming higher towards Star Knowledge. Mars in Scorpio with Vesta comes to aid your Wounded Healer with life-force, redemption and resurrection power. Mars is sextile to Lilith in Capricorn who waits for Saturn in the castle at 4 degrees Capricorn .

Sabian Symbol Storyline:

The Sabian Symbol for 26 Sagittarius is “A SCULPTOR AT WORK”. The Keynote is “The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to the materials.” Your Keyword is: SELF-EXPRESSION INTO MASTERY.  This alignment invites you to creatively express your individuality. The “sculptor,” represents a creative intent to leave your mark upon the world. This is your ability to transform raw materials into your personal vibration. Take the materials of your life’s purpose and shape them into your Soul Purpose.

The Polarity axis point to this lunar cycle is 26 degrees Gemini. The Sabian Symbol is awesome! The polarity axis point is “A GYPSY EMERGING FROM THE FOREST WHEREIN HER TRIBE IS ENCAMPED.”  The Keynote is “Reaching out toward participation in a larger whole of mind-structured existence.” Your Keyword is INNER TRANSFORMATION. This is the process of seeing where in your social tribe do you not express your true nature. This image says to leave behind the tribal instinct of your earthbound existence. Ascend into your higher consciousness to see what lays beyond societal norms. As you do, you emerge into a more ancient concept of who you are. This more “wild” nature yearns for a new state of consciousness so that you and your earthly existence accelerate beyond illusions of the fear-based mind. Totally AWESOME!

How to Engage with the New Moon:

First you will want to slow down. This keeps you in harmony with Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon phase of stillness.

  • Look to find your Sagittarius and Gemini-ruled houses. This is where the lunar cycle is focusing in your life.
  • Sagittarius is a Fire element so utilize candles when setting sacred space. Light your candles when you are ready to begin to go inward to listen to your inner guidance.
  • Read a passage from your favorite book to align your mind in a higher vibration. Sagittarius New Moon intentions want to come from this Bigger Picture Mind.
  • Align your intentions with the themes of the Houses in your chart that are Sagittarius and Gemini-ruled. This is your main focus.
  • Other areas of life Sagittarius is great at helping you align with their manifestation into the material world is long journeys, multi-culturalism, global mindset, joy, expansion, spiritual teachers, law, truth-seeking, and setting your sails for an adventure!

Look for my post on Saturn going into Capricorn and Winter Solstice for sacred ways to celebrate with Nature the Return of the Sun. Now is a festive time as the royal Oak King returns home to his domain of worldly success. Lord of Karma brings good tidings to teach you the “chop wood, carry water” strategies for personal achievement in the public world.

Show up and give your Soul Gifts Fulfill your divine purpose in 2018 and be more powerful than you ever thought possible! Stay tuned…

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