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Ground, Assimilate, Repeat: 3rd Quarter “Merchant’s Moon” in Taurus

3rd Quarter “Merchant’s Moon” at 19 degrees Taurus on August 11, 2020 at 9:45 AM PDT/10:45 AM MDT/11:45 AM CDT/12:45 PM EDT

The 3rd Quarter Taurus Moon gives you a boost from Uranus as she harmonizes you with Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn this week. Meanwhile, the Leo Sun generates a “lightning bolt” YOD to Jupiter retrograde at 19 degrees. Neptune retrograde joins this spiritual party and sends a boomerang YOD back to the Sun from 20 degrees Pisces. This week of reflection should be very powerful!

Uranus and Mercury are in a Fixed square position at 13 degrees Leo and 10 degrees Taurus. Chiron retrograde offers a fiery harmonic trine to support Mercury’s alignment with Taurus. This boosts Mercury’s energetic power to match with the energy of his elder brother Uranus. Expect awakenings and surprising “aha’s” as you merge your higher and lower minds together to align with a higher form of logic to understand your current life experiences.

Mars and Lilith co-join at 22 degrees Aries with Eris holding the door open for their power to join with hers. Eris sits at 24 degrees Aries that begins the alignment to the South Node in Sagittarius who is broadcasting the Galactic Center bigger picture helping humanity rise above the current drama trauma.

Pluto retrograde at 23 degrees Capricorn joins in the mix with Mars, Lilith, and Eris in a Cardinal square formation building the Soul threshing power. Just to review, the concept of “threshing” is “the process of loosening the edible part of grain from the chaff to which it is attached. It is the step in grain preparation after reaping.” Isn’t that interesting?!! Over the next six months, as Mars transits through Aries matching power with these planetary energetics, you are experiencing your own “reaping” to separate the divine from impurities. As you let go of what no longer serves your highest good and part forward, remember that this is a “good thing”. Give thanks and praises as you move forward embodying more and more light. Homo Luminous, here we come!

Moon and Sun Power:


Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon embraces the powers of letting go, releasing, and forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on your external wounds. Draw yourself inward with the Moon to explore who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. Taking an honest look at yourself gives you your power back.

“Merchant’s Moon”: 

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your inward personal journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Taurus in this dynamic is called the “Merchant’s Moon”. Taurus is about financial well-being and the Merchant’s energy is geared towards the pursuit of wealth. The Moon is asking you to reflect upon your connection with money. What energetic ways do you spend and make money? Reflect upon any needless waste created by the unconscious use of the Earth’s resources. Regard what you choose to spend your wealth and abundance on. Think about the next seven generations. Tune into the Merchant’s Moon and deeply reflect upon how you spend your money, invest in resource sustainability, and what businesses to support. Choose very wisely because your dollars make a difference.

4th Lunar Mansion: The Stone

The Taurus “Merchant’s Moon” receives power from the 4th Lunar Mansion this week. This cosmic mansion is guarded by the power of Mars and his “just do it” energy. You are now firmly rooted in the powerful Earth energy. Earth energy moves mountains, especially when seismic waves are released. When big energy moves, you may initially feel fear. However, the truth is, you can ride the waves like a Maverick surfer! Understanding the nature of the wave will enable you to tune and merge with its power, achieve your goals, and accomplish your endeavors. The 4th Lunar Mansion looks down on aggressive and impulsive behavior – or anything that is underhanded. Instead, honor the beauty of Mother Earth’s plants and flowers. You will make Uranus very proud and he will bless you with gifts! Plus bring in the energy of Mars in Aries to support your experience of the 4th Lunar Mansion.

HD Gate 23: Assimilation

The 3rd Quarter Taurus “Merchant’s Moon” passes through the Gate of Assimilation. This gate recognizes what in your foundation splits you apart from your Higher Self. This Gate teaches you that you can upgrade your foundation by adopting new thoughts and awareness. In order to evolve and transform, you have to allow yourself to change. Gate 23 helps you assimilate what is changing within you and help you come into a peaceful place to await your correct timing of metamorphosis. Can you trust that what is happening to you is in the divine right order? If not, begin the process of upgrading your personal foundation to be alignment with your evolutionary desires as a Soul. Feel into the energy of “the time is right”. When you feel that spiritual uplift, take action, and go with the flow. Stand in great confidence with your knowingness.


Moon at 19 degrees Taurus: 
“Wisps of clouds, like wings, are streaming across the sky.”

The 3rd Quarter Taurus Moon brings the energy of swift changes into play. With the presence of Uranus with the Moon, things can change quickly if not suddenly. This week’s Sabian Symbol message reinforces that potential. There is a forward push from the heavens to get you moving in the right direction that has meaning and value for you. Spend a lot of time cloud watching this week to receive messages from the Cloud beings. As you lay on the ground, you are connected with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. As you look up to the skies, you are connecting with the electron field of Heaven. Get your answers in this way and always give thanks first. This opens the doorway to your heart to receive your answers with a fuller understanding. This deeper way of receiving messages will sustain you as you move through your life over the next six months. Mars in Aries is empowering you to be brave and courageous. It’s much easier when you are grounded and guided.

Check your Taurus-ruled House. Where is this happening in your Natal chart?


Sun at 19 degrees Leo: 
“American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun.”

The Leo Sun’s message is about gathering together to respect and reconnect with the power of Nature. Be introspective this week to see clearly how the power of Nature affects your life. Does the Sun grow your food, warm your home, and give you a boost of vitamin D? Give thanks for what the Sun provides for you. Raise your arms to the Sun and offer yourself to its shining light of love and warmth. This symbol is helping you attune to your feelings rather than your logic. Leo rules the Heart chakra in the body, and so this becomes the place within that you can find yourself this week most powerfully. Celebrate what makes you happy, joyful, and filled with the spirit of creativity. Honor how you identify with Self in your most glorious ways. Rediscover what in your culture, background, or identification that you most love. Celebrate and honor that this week. This will help you prepare to have an entire lunar cycle in Leo to reignite your creative self-expression and move you deeper into living a heart-centered life.

Check your Leo-ruled House. Where is this happening in your Natal chart?

NEXT LUNATION: LEO 08/18-09/16/20

Inner Circle

This week the Moon helps you empty your ego to return to your sacred womb. This return sets you up to experience the next lunation on August 18th. This promises to be a very powerful opportunity to clear stormy emotions so that your inner rainbow can appear. There is a “ray of hope” and a new dawning that wishes to bless humanity!  Join us in the Inner Circle and Lunar Ladies Club to get the full personalized experience!

Here is the overview of July 20th to help you:

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