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Great Solar Eclipse – “It’s Darkest before the Dawn”: Alchemy of Heart and Soul

New Moon Solar Eclipse – 28’52” to 29 Leo. The global human family is taking part in an “Ascension Moment” as our Earth, our Sun, our Galaxy and our known Universe is shifting its vibration towards more union with the Prime Source Creator gamma wave consciousness. The USA has been selected to experience the totality of this vibrational shift at this time in history. Why? Because it is needed. From the onset, the “white privileged race” has dominated, destroyed and decimated life on Turtle Island. It received an enlightened document that started with “We the People”. It has yet to fully integrate this higher Aquarian consciousness. It lives on hemp paper desiring to be a living document in the hearts and minds of the Souls who find themselves here and now.

Enter Stage Left:  Regulus, New Moon & Solar Eclipse

The New Moon, the Sun and the fixed star Regulus are at 28’52” Leo. The Sabian Symbol for Leo 29 is:  “A Mermaid Emerges from the Ocean Waves Ready for Rebirth in Human Form”. Out of the Cosmic Ocean of Intuition arises a desire that wishes to take form in the material world. The Mermaid is representative of our Cosmic/Conscious Self.  According to Lynda Hill, the message of this symbol “is the inner marriage – the alchemical marriage… we can find our own sense of ‘immortality’ through the indwelling light of our own essential nature.”

Relationship is Key:  Jupiter + Part of Fortune in Libra

The Sun, Regulas and New Moon are part of a Grand Fire Trine Kite with Jupiter and Part of Fortune in Libra as the Tail. The tail of a Kite is the “guiding force” or the rudder for how this benevolent harmonic energy will move in our time-space reality. Our collective society worldwide must focus their attention upon the Jupiter-Part of Fortune tail to steer this ascension energy where it needs to go — into the hearts and minds of humankind.

The Sabian Symbol of Jupiter is “A Sunday Crowd Enjoying The Beach”.  Again there is the ocean theme song playing. The ocean symbolizes the “Mother Matrix”, the basics of our original existence in the Sea of our collective unconscious. Crowds gathering portrays the need and desire to integrate together into community. Being at the beach, bathes you in positive ions and is good for your mind. A day at the beach refreshes your Soul and connects you once again to your deeper feelings of unity. Consciously participate with Mother Nature and social togetherness during the Great Solar Eclipse.

Part of Fortune’s story on 28 Libra is “Mankind’s vast and Enduring Effort to Reach for Knowledge transferable from Generation to Generation“. Part of Fortune is the energy where you find your path to joy, your inner aspirations for harmony. Here the Sabian Symbol says there is value in community. Community is the energy that destroys loneliness. When you consciously participate and commit to society to bring more truth for the betterment of all, you say, “Yes!” to becoming a living community that will cosmically evolve together.

Here’s where it gets really interesting! In order for the path of Joy to harmonically align within the Part of Fortune vibration now in Libra, it’s counterpart or octave must be in balance. You want to integrate this energy. Out of balance, it pulls the harmony away and only creates dissonance. The octave to 28 Libra is 28 Aries! Guess who is there?? Uranus Retrograde!!! The Sabian Symbol for 28 Aries is “Music of the Spheres”! What??!! The key to the Song of Life now is attunement to the Cosmic Order.  According to Dane Rudhyar, “the message to the seeker is to listen to the Voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny – yet a significant part, for every note of the universal Chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning.” So even those notes that feel like noise, have their part in this moment in our collective history. Take this time to tune into your place in the vastness of humanity’s evolution and  see how others are doing the same – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Your Formula:

Tap into the truth of who you are in your relationships. Are you being responsible for the energy you bring into the space? Find your Libra-ruled House for the deepest layers of your personal alignment. Gather at the beach or find a body of water to join hands with others. Music brings us together. Celebrate one another. Dance to the rhythms of diversity. Find the joy. Find the laughter. Focus on Love. Grab a hold of the Fire Kite’s tail and be one with the its guiding force of unity, balance, harmony and Joy!

New Moon. New Beginnings. New chapter in Humanity’s history.


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