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Great Galactic Mother Draws down the Power of the High Priestess! Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Scorpio “Priestess’ Moon” at 17’20” degrees on May 7, 2020, at 3:45 AM PST/4:45 AM MST/5:45 AM CST/6:45 AM EST


Welcome to the week of the Full Moon in Scorpio ~ the “High Priestess’ Moon”! The Taurus New Moon is ready to receive all the divine blessings of the Great Galactic Mother! The High Priestess Scorpio Full Moon draws down this blessed and sacred energy onto the planet. With the help of the Festival of Wesak, many people around the world are celebrating in prayer. This creates a forcefield of GOOD for the masses to use this powerful moment to make a difference.

Mars is in a T-square with the Sun and Full Moon, therefore becoming the focal point of this week’s lunar chart. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and his position in the chart leads us into the times of the pre-1930’s (when Pluto was discovered). Mars at 26 degrees Aquarius carries imprint energy of future blueprints for the greater good. Mars symbol at this degree is “Love steadies an irregular heartbeat”. In the era pre-1930’s, the world did not know of the dangerous power of atomic bombs. According to Dolores Cannon, the act of dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima sent an SOS distress call throughout the Universe. This call was for Souls throughout the galaxies to come to Earth to seed the planet with higher consciousness.

Mars brings the awareness of the disharmonies present in our collective consciousness today. What needs to shift to change the future for the better? The most effective energy to help humanity make a change is Love. Love is magic. When you choose Love over all else, you are laying a foundation for greater and smoother functioning of the future. Even though the way may be difficult in our current situation, you have this amazing opportunity to explore how life can be when you make this shift towards Love. Every act of Love, no matter how great or small, strengthens the heart of both the giver in the receiver.

Neptune, the planet of the Great Mysteries of the Universe, offers a gift of harmony to the Full Moon. Neptune blesses you with the eternal magic of synchronicity. Tune into how the Universe is flowing through you and around you. This awareness helps you create your environment to be one of pure bliss. Use this energy to transform old pains, wounds, and betrayals. You are being guided to make your dream world a reality here on planet Earth.

Festival of Wesak:

Wesak is widely celebrated as the Festival of the Buddha. It is the high point of the spiritual year when forces of enlightenment flow from the higher worlds into the minds of humanity. Wesak marks the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha. At the exact moment of the Scorpio Full Moon, the Buddha is said to return momentarily to Earth. The Buddha is synonymous with Christ’s consciousness and is brimming with vitality and blessings on behalf of humanity.

The Buddha is known as a great Revealer, returning the mind to a “clean sheet of glass” in order to see the reality of Oneness. His techniques of neutrality, detachment, and discernment help to sweep away all that veils and hinders recognition of this reality. The underlying message is simple: before we can truly see we have to free ourselves from the many forms of desire that impede our vision. A new world can be conceived by many when the eye of the soul is opened. The Third Eye chakra can see more of the world than is revealed by the five senses. The annual Wesak blessing plays a crucial role in the coming of that light each year during this time of the cycles.


The Taurus Sun aligns with Mercury, the Messenger. Mercury rules the Gemini energy of the upcoming Venus’ retrograde and the Nodal Wave’s path of destiny. Mercury also begins to prepare for his own retrograde experience journey from June 18th to July 12th, 2020. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury direct creates a new cycle of possibilities that begin in the Quantum field of the divine mind. Mercury’s message is there is more to your mind than just a positive attitude. The secret elixir to empowering your subconscious is attuning to Joy. Joy is the panacea especially being supercharged by the Sun’s energy. This level of joy doesn’t come just from words but from your heart that communicates a different language to others. This language speaks of love and comes through the power of spontaneity. That is why it is very important to not hold back from sharing what is truly in your heart and Soul. Let that energy out because it heals, empowers, and uplifts.

The Nodal Waves have changed to Gemini/Sagittarius. Venus, the ruler of the Taurus, is at 21 degrees Gemini and sits in the “Destiny energy” awaiting her Retrograde instructions. She is stationed and ready to go. Sitting with Venus is Vesta, the High Priestess of the Eternal Flame, at 18 degrees. Together they are getting the downloads for the next 18 months and will offer it to you during the Full Moon. The Full Moon will cast a spell and call upon the magical powers of regeneration to assist you in your Becoming and in your Unfolding. Make sure to read my downloads on the Venus Retrograde journey. Think “Ex Machina”. 


: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces: – :


The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During this Full Moon Phase, your Taurus New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your Soul power of Harmony. The Universe loves to create with you for your highest good. Release all that stands in your way of experiencing divine relationships with yourself and others. Utilize the Scorpio Full Moon’s power to transmute betrayal and surrender to trusting your true authentic Self. Celebrate your passion and ecstasy with the Universe instead!

“High Priestess’ Moon”:  Full Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Full Moon is called the “Priestess Moon”. Invoke your inner Priestess to feel and birth your power. Scorpio rules the Sacral Chakra so connect deeply to your Shakti energy. This energy is a healing elixir. Allow yourself to move into a calm and balanced state. Deep breathing, prayer, and rhythmic dancing help you receive the blessings of Heaven now. As you move into the depths of the Scorpio Full Moon, you will discover great truths. In the deep darkness of Scorpio, your power lays in wait, sleeping while awaiting your return. As you reconnect and touch this ancient part of you, you fulfill a promise to the great Original Goddess to draw her light down into your sacred womb of Gaia to rebirth all life on the planet. At this moment you become a Keeper of the Mysteries, a Guardian of the caves of Gaia. You return Medusa to her rightful place of protecting the sacred mysteries of the Goddess. Take note of your Taurus and Scorpio-ruled Houses in your Natal chart to receive messages from the Full Moon. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to put what you learn about yourself into action with others!

*SUPER TIP:  The shadow of Scorpio shows up as betrayal, mistrust, suspicion. TEXT Check your Scorpio-ruled house, your Natal Mars, and Pluto plus your 8th house in your natal chart. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon.

18th Lunar Mansion:  “The Sacrifice”

The Priestess Moon passes through the 18th Lunar Mansion this week. This Cosmic Mansion is known as “The Sacrifice”. Guarded by Mars and Jupiter, the 18th Lunar mansion blesses you with the awakening of healing within you. Create your own protected self-healing sanctuary while traveling through the 18th Lunar Mansion. You are being called to understand the priceless value of your health. Do not sacrifice your health and well-being! It is the most precious gift you own. Do not pass up this powerful opportunity to realize the value of your well-being. Scorpio’s true well-being nature is rooted deep in the emotional body. Clear your body of old sexual attachments. Tune into your 2nd Sacral chakra to see what hidden “enemies” reside there that may be robbing you of your life force. Do not sacrifice yourself to predatory energies invading your space unconsciously. Be conscious and take full ownership of your body.

Moon Opposes the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ : Scorpio Full Moon : ~ :

“People holding hands around a table; a candle burns in the middle.”

The Scorpio Full “Priestess’ Moon” is aware of the desire for the feeling of connection. The Moon shines a light on a group of people holding hands. This is a form of connection and a way to heal through touch. The Full Moon is a ripened energy that brings people together. Scorpio wants to transform and share resources together. What is calling you together to be with others is a call from Spirit. Groups of Souls may feel a very deep resonance with connecting with those who they trust to transform with. Now in this current tide of being physically separate from others, you are allowed to override that edict and connect via your energetic Self. Let yourselves be linked together through soul power that is bigger than time and space. Your togetherness creates an impenetrable forcefield that transforms and transmutes. Use group power to release the ties that bind. Share your resources and join together to help those less fortunate. This is a powerful time of sharing and caring from healing energy to monetary resources. You are being guided to combine your forces together to be unstoppable!

TIP:  A burning candle brings in a focus point of light. Try Candle gazing during this Full Moon to focus, ground, and center yourself. If you feel brave, contact dearly departed family members and ancestors to bless you as you journey into the unknown of 2020.


  1. When you nurture and protect yourself, you discover new energy that stirs you into higher consciousness.
  2. Connecting with others with spiritual intent puts everyone in touch with tremendous power.
  3. Feel the urge to grow and overcome emotional restrictions. Dedicate yourself to this deep healing.
  4. When you connect with others to expand light, you nourish each other and create abundance.

: ~ : Taurus Sun : ~ :

“A woman with hundreds of breasts.”

The Taurus Sun appears as a “woman with a hundred breasts” to show you the unlimited nature of divine Mother energy. Like in Nature, this energy flows to you in rhythms and patterns. When you are tapped into the fruit of the vine, you overflow with resources that you can give selflessly to others. This becomes a “thank you” to the Divine Mother to give what has been given. Take on a Saturn-like mastery of responsibility to do this. As you do, the giving becomes an ecstatic celebration of gratitude and blessings. You may become so drunk on the Milk and Honey of the divine Mother that your life changes forever, for the better. This magnetic Earth energy roots you to living inside “the need” – meaning that when those who hunger and thirst cross your path, you are prepared to offer them what they need most. And that is to be reconnected to the Divine.

TIP:  Make it a daily practice to fill up with Divine Mother energy and get your needs met. Make this the secret to your mastery of the 3D physical plane.


  1. Let the energy of Spirit pour down into your body, mind, and spirit to help you overcome difficult situations.
  2. Simply commune with Nature and you will be aligned with a vast and abundant source of energy.
  3. When you are mindful of other people’s sensitivities, you join with them in peace.
  4. Tap into the fullness of divine Mother energy and allow your creativity to flow forth spontaneously.


Retro Planetary Prep:

Prepare for the next wave of Planetary Retrogrades starting with Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter.  The Full Moon is opening and clearing debris from your subconscious to take this powerful time of review deep inside yourself. This is TRANSFORM energy. “Transform or die, or both,” says Scorpio. You have three incarnations to choose from:  Scorpion (most dense), Eagle (Mid-point), and the Phoneix (Spirit). Each of the planets will be assisting you in their specialty areas of life. Saturn will help you with rules, governance, and life lessons. Venus will help you with your values, love, worth, and relationships. Jupiter will help you with your spiritual path, bigger picture, and higher truths. Stay tuned!

Wrap Up:  EnLighted UP and be FREE!

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